Subject: Drinking 4/18/92 Gin
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 1997 21:04:01 -0500 (EST)
From: benjy eisen
BathtubGinFiles #17 4/18/92 Wilbur Field; Stanford U.; Palo Alto, CA
GinStats: Set II Time: 7:34 Several things are to be said of this infamous show - besides the fact that it is from 4/92, a highly regarded month of Phishory, this particular show was also honored by Dean Budnick as a "Phishing Lore" (ie must-have show) in his Phishing Manual. He calls the Gin "enthusiastic" (pg. 223) and indeed it is... After a Magilla and many a "squirt-gun break!", the band decides that hey, they're already wet so why not go the entire 9-yards and get the whole way into the Bathtub for a li'l Gin...0:00 start, some real slip-sliiding "We love to take a bath" entries from Mike and Fish and Page even. Page jumps in at 0:17->0:49 with some especially nice shivers in the 0:34 > compartment. Lyrics Segment: 0:49 Page Fill 1: 1:22->1:40 Trills, shiver shills, and other terms of Rhapsodic endearment. Fill 2: 2:12->2:19 Weaker, but still fun... FAUCET: 2:35 Right-on! Staccatically vs. sustainedly, Trey nails this attempt rythmically, backed 100% by all the others. As flawless as it gets, missing only the usual sustain style. SINGING W/THE FAUCET: 3:17 A little quiet at first but boy does that ever change! After the second attempt at 3:59, it's no longer quite so quiet, and yet we don't even have a glimpse of things to come. WATER FROM THE FAUCET: 4:31 straight into some funky CFT jamming, but yet the singing never stops!!!!!!! Yessssss!!!! Crazier than a run-of-the-mill Scent sing-a-long scat, this ranks with the best of them. Enthusiastic, Dean? I'd say so! The joker comes, he is here, we all must laugh. :) Mike scales as Trey scats and at 5:19 Trey literally YELLS The Note and a subsequent drop off lands us into a whole different area of the bathtub waters, smoothly and yet with all the effect of the feeling of falling down a flight of stairs, as we scuba dive *around*, though not *in* the CFT, Mike stands out LOUDLY in the mix, and PROUDLY in the note choice. He does some seriously intoxicating slides and bass-thump-funk leading me to conclude that he brought "Gordeaux's Gin" into the Bathtub for the band. At 6:08 we come up to the top for air, proclaimed proudly by Trey's return to the CFL waters which bubble atop with the Champagne and candle resting atop the table with the knife, right beside the tub, as serene as it is ominous. At 6:29 like an ambulance siren Trey fades in and out with a trill and naked, but for a dill pickle and the Languedoc guitar until 6:49 when its a cross between a Sloth, Theme reprise and The YEM Build...well this sure as hell builds alright - right into a new HIGHer plateau of BaThTuB SuRfInG. At 7:24 there's a decided return to the Classic Faucet Lick bringing us to the final, sung, "BATHTUB GIN" REFRAIN: 7:34 ENDS AT 7:32, just in time for a squirt-gun break and a (1st and only?) Manteca reprise taboot! This Gin is definately not a dry Martini, and comes complete with its little silver mini-hose adaptor. Rating: 84 Proof A squirt-gun break indeed, and in the words of Dean Budnick, "No apologies neccessary for this show" (223) Walk with light my friends, Benjy