Subject: Drinking 3/8/90 Gin; Aiko's
Date: Wed, 5 Mar 1997 12:53:17 -0500 (EST)
From: benjy eisen
BathtubGinFiles #15 3/8/90 Aiko's; Saratoga Springs, NY
GinStats: Set II Time: 7:28 Hey Now! (Hey now!) Aiko-Aiko all day...This Gin starts at 0:00 (d'oh!) with a seemingly slow begining, some of the usual rolls from Fish. Page jumps in at: 0:10 And at 0:24 there's a MAJOR WHOLE-BAND FUCK-UP...something went awry...or awheat. I can't figure out what happened, and neither can all comes so close to a complete halt, that I'm beginning to imagine Trey proclaiming "You can credit that last one to our drummer, Mister Jonathan Fishman." And then he gets a better idea and they continue onward, Page restarts his fill, this time the right way and with increased vigor: 0:26-> 1:00 Lyrics Segment: 1:01 Really sloooow. Hmm..I wonder if it's just the tape speed, this is DAMNED SLOW. Slowe gin? Um, maybe. With 'ludes... Page Fill 1: 1:35->1:42 So-so. cum-see cum-sah. Straightforward Rhapsody In Blue licks from the depths of a LAZY BOY Recliner...Trey fucks up the rhythm briefly. Fill 2: 2:17->2:34 Rhapsody struts up and down the runway in a cool shade of nonchalance, and with caring indifference. FAUCET: 2:50 Okay, the tape speed isn't slowed down as these notes are all correct pitch. Damn this version is slow! Faucet is fine, except that it came in a little rough initially. SINGING WITH THE FAUCET: 3:37 and it's kinda funny in its laid back insanity. It's like mental patients looking at each other with the mutual knowledge that they've completely lost their mind, but it's the same-old, same-old and the orderlies calmly tell them "We're all in this together and we love to take a *nap*." It actually makes for an amusing and pleasant SINGING FAUCET section. WATER FROM THE FAUCET: 4:57 announced by Trey sustaining a single note until 5:11 when he breaks with it to climb up and down some sustained drawn out Faucet Jamming in the CFL/CFT mode. 5:55 he's just dicking around with it, unharmoniously jumping wide intervals like a rebel. 6:11 Mike really really tries to end it all by saying very emphatically and drawn-out "Bathtub Giinnnnnnn" and continues with this refaining, each time leading the listener to anticipate its end, but Trey's relentless on the CFL, though blandly and uninterestingly. Typical accompaning from Page on the piano. Mike is really WHINING now; he's beginning to sound like the little kid in the back of every family vacationers' car, calling out every few seconds, "How much longer till we get there?" Each time he sings the refrain I want to burst out laughing, it's actually kind of amusing in his paraded misery. Trey continues regardless, trapped within his own Faucet-Flow, never quite breaking out into hose, never quite being released from the constraints of the Classic Faucet Theme until Page and Mike come up with an interesting tease of something*** (see below for HIDDEN AGENDA CONTEST) around the 7:19 mark, and then bring it to an end with the final, last refrain, this time joined in by Trey, as together now they exclaim "Bathtub Gin!" ENDS AT: 7:28 Rating: 61 Proof Still an infant of only 18 months old at this point, the song has a long matuartion process in-front of it. Walk with light my friends, Benjy