From: Stoney <>
Subject: 8-16-96 DWD The Clifford Ball     Total time: 15:55
What a weekend this was. One of the best times of my life, and some of
the best jams I've heard. Especially the 3rd set of this night. This set
is one of my all time favorites. I have listened to this tape almost too
much. So.....
We started off with Makisupa to open the set, then to ASZ (2001), then
out of the spacey ending to ASZ, Mike's echoey bass emerges. The lyric
segment is tight as usual. Mike's bass sounds bubbly. Absoloubtly no
flubs what-so-ever, completely flawless.

The "Riff" fills our ears at 3:21.  This jam is started off with some
feedback by Trey, until he hits a repetitive lick. Mike and Fish
establish an understanding rather quickly, as they lay down the
groundwork.  Trey's notes get higher and higher, making his soloing
excellent. Mike alters his bass line a little just over 5 min. into the
song. At 6:20 Trey is already glorious. I can picture what he looked
like at this moment in my mind. Huge smile on his face, rocking back and
forth to the beat. Mike has been playing some excellent varaiations to
his enitial bass line that started the jam. But Trey is making this an
excellent version right here.

I noticed some nice notes by Page at 7:42. Otherwise he has been
pounding away keeping the jam moving.  Trey is still sounding beautiful
of course. His tone is just excellent.  He starts moving higher up the
fret board once again. Mike starts moving up as well. As Trey's up there
he teases the "Riff", but brings the jam back down. Around the 10 min
mark, the jam  gets a little quieter. Mike hits some nice notes here.
Trey brings us back up again.

YESSSSSS!!!! We are grooving harcore. The band is channeling the music
perfectly.  Trey falls back a little at 12:05, and Page quickly responds
throwing in some nice licks.  I almost hear a Free tease by Trey in
here, then he hits the chords at 13:00. As Trey is chording, Mike is
doing this sliding thing, which turns into an amazing funky solo. Mike
solos for about a minute or so, and then Page takes his turn at 15:20
mark. He is cut off by Trey teasing NICU, which the other band members
quickly pick up on, by 15:55 the segue into NICU is complete.

Of course this version is top notch. If you haven't heard it, you better
get these tapes right now. It's funny how I can still remember that day
so well. Trey's guitar solo will be forever remembered by me picturing
that smile on his face, as the notes flowed through him. He was rocking
back and forth so fast for minutes and minutes. Everytime I listen to
this set, I sit back, close my eyes, and imagine myself floating above
the clouds. Each note taking me higher. God I love this band!