Jam Chart for the state of VT (221 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
1984-10-23 Makisupa Burlington, VT 0:00 Debut. Recording does not circulate.
1984-11-03 Jam Burlington, VT 4:34 In the pre-Page days, a rocking, guitar-driven jam with a Grateful Dead-like sound -> into the debut of "Bertha."
1984-11-03 Whipping Post Burlington, VT 15:54 First known performance with Jeff on vocals and no Page yet. The Phish take on "Whipping Post" follows the Duane-era structure, with a first verse > first jam that is largely intense and straightforward, then a second verse and a second, more open, improv-oriented jam. Lots of Trey shredding here, and some great Mike after 12:00.
1984-12-01 Makisupa Burlington, VT 7:26 -> in from "Fire On The Mountain" ("FOTM"), and some "FOTM" jamming continues in the first part, until finally everyone is playing "Makisupa". The jam has a nice reggae feel and some fun banter. The playing is very standard, however; this mostly sounds like some very talented college kids goofing off, but the version is worth hearing for precisely that reason.
1984-12-01 Slave Burlington, VT 6:00 First known performance. It's all guitar in the jam section, as this was the pre-Page era.
1984-12-01 Cities Burlington, VT 6:15 Debut at Nectar's in Burlington, VT.
1985-02-01 Antelope Burlington, VT 0:00 First known performance of "Run Like An Antelope." No recording available.
1985-03-08 Sneakin' Sally Burlington, VT 0:00 Debut. No recording available
1985-03-16 Mike's Burlington, VT 0:00 Debut. No recording exists.
1985-04-06 McGrupp Burlington, VT 12:16 Debut. The lyrics are narrated by Trey, rather than sung, and Page had not yet joined the band. A fairly intense, mostly straightforward Jeff and Trey guitar jam follows the lyrical section. (Circulates as filler on 3/4/85 Hunt's).
1985-05-03 Mike's Burlington, VT 7:20 First known recorded version. No Page yet, although he sat in later in this show. Jeff was still in the band. Tempo is slower than later versions. The jam features solid, fairly intense soloing by Trey. Following the descending closing chords, there is a brief, lyrical outro.
1985-05-03 Whipping Post Burlington, VT 18:19 Page is a guest at this point, but he makes a strong contribution to the uncharacteristically (for the ABB or Phish) settled first jam from, 5:30 - 11:45. This is a much different, more chill version than the typically fiery variety. Unfinished with a -> to a strong early "McGrupp."
1985-05-03 McGrupp Burlington, VT 12:03 -> in from "Whipping Post." Again, the lyrics are narrated. Page sat in as a guest for this show, and he begins make his presence felt, adding color to the excellent, guitar-driven jam, which has moments that sound similar to "Drowned". Eventually getting back to "McGrupp," this version slowly winds down with a > to "Makisupa."
1985-05-03 Antelope Burlington, VT 6:08 First recorded performance. -> in from "Makisupa." Jam section only of "Antelope" is played at a slower tempo, but otherwise has crescendo building characteristics similar to modern versions. -> to the debut of the Grateful Dead's "The Other One."
1985-10-17 McGrupp Burlington, VT 9:26 The entire band breaks into a jam where Page would solo in later versions. Although the recording ends before the jamming section concludes, the nearly 5 minutes captured on tape give a good flavor for the open-ended nature of these early jams in "McGrupp."
1985-10-30 Hood Burlington, VT 10:52 First known performance. Song structure today is remarkably similar to this initial version, but this one also has some added jamming before and during the "Mr. Minor" section. The main jam segment has the same melodic flow as today.
1985-10-30 Possum Burlington, VT 4:59 Debut. Both Page and Jeff Holdsworth perform in this version, during a brief crossover period before Jeff left the band. The jam includes a Page section and Trey-led part. Jeff leads the vocals.
1985-10-30 Sneakin' Sally Burlington, VT 7:10 First recorded performance available. Solid version with an excellent vocal jam.
1985-11-14 Makisupa Burlington, VT 5:03 Acoustic! Trey introduces Page, and then the song drifts and > "Piggies."
1985-11-14 Piggies Burlington, VT 2:31 Bacon in the "Makisupa" sandwich.
1985-11-14 Makisupa Burlington, VT 3:34 -> in from "Piggies." Trey remains on acoustic guitar. There's a very good accelerating jam, reminiscent of many of Trey's early compositions, starting at 0:40. -> "Drums."
1985-11-23 Whipping Post Plainfield, VT 27:26 Labeled "Whipping Post Jam" in the Setlist, little of this 27 minute open-ended improv session sounds anything like the song. It's more of an early example of the band's inherent improvisational nature. Even if not superb music, it's worth the journey back in time to hear where it all came from.
1986-02-03 YEM Burlington, VT 10:30 Revolutionary poet ZENZILE on violin.
1986-04-01 Bag Burlington, VT 5:09 Debut -> in from "Slipknot" and includes a short intro section that continued through 1988.
1986-04-01 McGrupp Burlington, VT 7:27 Trey speaks the lyrics in a "Dylan-esque" manner, while the jam portion features a soaring Trey guitar solo.
1986-05-17 Halley's Plainfield, VT 0:00 Debut, with Richard "Nancy" Wright on vocals. (Does not circulate.)
1986-10-12 Wilson Plainfield, VT 6:40 First recorded live version at Goddard College has a snappier beat, and a goofier vocal delivery than the more bombastic, arena rock version we've come to adore. At the first instrumental break preceding "Mike Christian", the band gets almost silent, the small audience claps the beat, spurring a spritely, fusion jam unlike any modern version of Wilson you've heard.
1986-10-12 Halley's Plainfield, VT 7:47 Nice little rocking jam at the end of this early version.
1986-10-12 Possum Plainfield, VT 5:48 -> in from "Halley's." First version with Mike taking the lead on vocals, without Jeff, and with the familiar Trey-led jam.
1986-10-15 McGrupp Burlington, VT 7:57 Jeff has left the band at this point, and his departure is noticeable as Page plays a prominent role throughout (great recording too). The jam has an upbeat, Grateful Dead-like tone, and includes the whole band despite Page's leading role.
1986-10-15 Mike's Burlington, VT 7:09 Very melodic, Grateful Dead-like vibe to the jam. Trey is great, nicely complimented by Page. Fish becomes increasingly prominent as the energy builds. A brief percussive section precedes the closing chords, followed by a short lyrical outro.
1986-10-31 Jam Plainfield, VT 5:45 A really good Trey-led jam opens Set II. Rocking and blues-infused, this offers a glimpse at early improvisation. > to "Bag."
1986-10-31 Bowie Plainfield, VT 10:05 Earliest known live version. Jam is played at a slowed tempo initially, but picks up speed and intensity as it develops.
1986-12-06 Jam Shelburne, VT 3:15 Following "Camel Walk," a bluesy and rocking jam with an Allman Brothers Band vibe and "Ramblin' Man" jam > to "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot." On PhishTracks, the "Ramblin' Man" jam occurs in the first 3:15 of "Chariot."
1986-12-06 Skin It Back Shelburne, VT 6:44 -> from "GTBT." The third known version is well-played and has a bit of an extended intro. It's highlighted by a mini-jam of "The Sloth," which wouldn't debut for another eight months, starting around 5:35. -> into "Cities."
1986-12-06 Mike's Shelburne, VT 8:34 Played at a slower tempo (or possibly a tape issue), the jam is fairly open ended, working through several progressions, including some "DEG"-like jamming. -> to a cool and first known Phish performance of the "Little Drummer Boy."
1986-12-06 Whipping Post Shelburne, VT 12:01 The first jam features some nice Page organ action. The second jam begins in customary style, then settles around 7:20 into some mellow and low-key grooving, including some great Mike after 10:10.
1986-12-06 Bowie Shelburne, VT 3:51 "David Bowie" -> "Clod" (Section of "Fluffhead") > "David Bowie." Jam is similar to debut, but with some jamming that sounds similar to the Allman Brothers' "In Memory of Elizabeth Reed." Intense ending.
1986-12-06 Clod Shelburne, VT 6:45 -> in from "David Bowie." This section of "Fluffhead" is played in the middle of the "Bowie" jam. > back to "DB."
1986-12-06 Bowie Shelburne, VT 5:32 > in from "Clod." This section of "Bowie" has an Allman Brothers-like vibe and an intense ending.
1987-02-13 Suzy Johnson, VT 9:18 Debut. The Dude of Life on vocals. The Dude sounds kind of frustrated and angry in this version.
1987-02-21 Boogie On Burlington, VT 5:17 Debut. Mike's bass playing is noticeably strong and funky even in this first version.
1987-02-21 Ya Mar Burlington, VT 5:40 Debut.
1987-04-24 YEM Burlington, VT 13:14 Cool segue into "Dave's Energy Guide" out of the vocal jam ("VJ").
1987-04-29 Makisupa Burlington, VT 7:25 This version features a short jam with nice interplay between Page on the organ and Trey starting after 2:30; it's lilting and pretty. Then it sort of plods along for a few minutes, but a nice second jam emerges at about 5:30. Good -> "Antelope," too.
1987-04-29 Timber Ho Burlington, VT 7:15 Debut. First version includes a four minute jam before the final verse with that familiar dark vibe to it.
1987-04-29 McGrupp Burlington, VT 7:30 Another early version with a jam following the lyrics and composed sections. This one is quite rocking and has a great vibe to it.
1987-05-11 Makisupa Burlington, VT 9:01 Slow, slow tempo. What sounds like a harmonica is played in the early part of the jam, maybe by Page? The jam then gets spacey with echo effects employed; it's kind of a dumb jam but enjoyable nevertheless, and in that sense, captures the spirit of "Makisupa" beautifully.
1987-05-11 Divided Burlington, VT 4:26 First known performance. All performances until 9/24/88 were short, about 4 1/2 minutes long, and contained most, but not all of the composed portions of the complete version.
1987-05-20 Antelope South Burlington, VT 11:02 Good dissonance and great shredding by Trey in a spirited early version.
1987-08-09 Curtain With Burlington, VT 10:46 The debut includes both the highly composed section we now think of as The Curtain, as well as the flowing and spriralling instrumental section familiar to us as the With jam. Melodies and musical ideas from this classic would later be incorporated into "Reba" and "Rift," while songs which debuted subsequently, especially "Mockingbird" and "Esther," both seem to draw inspiration from With.
1987-08-09 Fee Burlington, VT Debut. No recording available.
1987-08-10 Possum Burlington, VT 8:24 -> in from "AC/DC Bag." The first 2:10 is the transition jam between songs. Great recording quality and typical of many early versions in which Trey's solo is followed by a Page-led solo. Also one of 8 "Bag" -> "Possum" pairings in '87 - '88.
1987-08-10 Fee Burlington, VT 4:58 First recorded version includes the lyrical section and a very brief closing following the final refrain.
1987-08-10 YEM Burlington, VT 14:33 Screaming maniacs VJ.
1987-08-10 Bowie Burlington, VT 15:49 First extended, "Type II" version. The jam veers away from the standard at about 7:50. Has moments similar to sections of "Fluffhead," "DEG"-like jamming, and a bluesy, Allman Brothers-like vibe. A strong early version that any "Bowie" fan ought to check out.
1987-08-10 JJLC Burlington, VT 7:15 Debut establishes band's structure for covering this ZZ Top song, with a Page solo after the second verse, a Trey solo and building jam after the third, and a final, closing verse. Great organ playing on this one.
1987-08-29 Sneakin' Sally South Burlington, VT 7:21 Great, rocking version with an extended vocal jam that includes crazy, animal-like screaming.
1987-08-29 Makisupa South Burlington, VT 11:26 Long, playful jam. The highlight is an absolutely gorgeous solo by Trey around 7:20-9:40.
1987-08-29 Curtain With South Burlington, VT 12:02 Fish and Mike are noticeably strong in The Curtain section, despite some minor precision issues from Trey and Page. After the anthemic repeat which would evolve into "Rift," this With jam really takes off into some stunning and inspired playing by Trey, strengthened by colorful and delicate Page counterpoint. Trey's spirited melodies from about 10:25 - 11:00 sound remarkably similar to the as yet unhatched jam in "Mockingbird." The cathartic settle seems the perfect ending.
1987-08-29 McGrupp South Burlington, VT 8:30 Nice rocking vibe to the jam, with Page and Trey sort of trading licks at moments. The jam keeps on rocking, with no return to the "McGrupp" closing, and neatly -> to "Possum."
1987-08-29 Timber Ho South Burlington, VT 9:36 Strong early version. Some serious Trey raging on this one.
1987-08-29 Mike's South Burlington, VT 9:04 The jam has a great swinging, rocking vibe to it at first, and is very unlike the typical modern "Mike's" jam. Fish is noticeably strong as the energy of the jam builds. First time that "Hydrogen" follows "Mike's."
1987-08-29 Bowie South Burlington, VT 16:20 Leaves the standard fare at about 7:20, then meanders back. At 10:00, the jam makes a clean break for good. Some early space jamming, followed by an excellent blues jam at 13:15 that sounds like George Thorogood's "Bad To The Bone." Unfinished with -> to "JJLC."
1987-09-02 Makisupa Burlington, VT 10:35 This version is slower than 8/29/87, with crashing percussion throughout most of the jam; it remains pretty spacey throughout. Around 6:20, an ethereal jam develops, built around a Trey solo and some lovely accompaniment by Page. Much of this version sounds like screwing around, but the best part has some real power.
1987-09-02 Timber Ho Burlington, VT 8:22 Fierce playing by Trey on this intense version. Don't be fooled by the early date - this is an awesome version.
1987-09-21 Antelope Burlington, VT 12:25 Great tension and energy building early in the jam, then there's a funky, rhythmic, 3+ minute section before "Marco."
1987-09-21 Makisupa Burlington, VT 10:32 As is typical in this era, a very pretty jam begins around 5:40 and lasts for a few minutes. Gorgeous version, one of the best.
1987-10-31 Jam Plainfield, VT 8:06 A free-form jam, apparently played together with the band the Joneses opens the show, with Trey on drums at first. The jam structure improves once Trey jumps to guitar, and includes some "Low Rider" teases. -> to "Whipping Post."
1987-11-18 Wilson Burlington, VT 4:24 In the first of what would become a frequent pairing in the years 1988-89, Trey uses the "blat" here as a sort of vocal segue into the opening drum fill of the classic Zappa cover "Peaches en Regalia".
1987-11-18 Fluffhead Burlington, VT 14:57 Although primal iterations of some of the constituent parts had been performed as early as 1984, this performance marks the first known recording of the full, seven-part modern "Fluffhead." Even from this early date, the joyous, trill-filled Arrival section suggests the band's satisfaction that it had safely and successfully navigated the trap-filled, harrowing musical obstacle course that is "Fluffhead."
1987-11-19 McGrupp Burlington, VT 8:38 First "McGrupp" to feature Page on the keyboards following the composed sections, rather than a whole band jam. Page's solo is dark and somewhat ominous, with nice background support from the others. Rather than return to close "McGrupp" formally, the jam continues and -> to "Sparks."
1987-11-19 Hood Burlington, VT 11:30 Exceptionally powerful early version with excellent Trey/Page interplay and a huge peak. A very moving "Hood."
1987-11-19 Timber Ho Burlington, VT 7:20 Soaring guitar soloing by Trey. Recording quality is quite good for the period.
1987-11-19 Jam Burlington, VT 1:13 Fun little bluesy jam opens Set III and precedes "Suzy." Includes Trey banter referencing the "Mike Gordon Band."
1987-11-19 Whipping Post Burlington, VT 14:02 Trey deploys some cool, spacey, Duane-like tecniques (almost like he is playing with a bow) in the more open-ended second jam section.
1988-02-03 Bowie Waitsfield, VT 18:12 Straightforward, somewhat dull jam up until the trill, but THEN, the band embarks on 6 minutes of exploration that gets well beyond "Bowie" proper before circling back to the basic theme.
1988-02-07 Timber Ho Burlington, VT 7:48 Frenetic high-paced playing by all. Fish is great keeping chaos in check.
1988-02-07 Curtain With Burlington, VT 15:30 This impressive version begins with a nearly flawless Curtain section, led by intese Fish action. In With, Trey's tone is measured and confident, bolstered by strong support from Mike and Fish. After reaching a peak, the jam takes on a more rocking, almost "DEG"-like vibe, beginning at about 12:55, sounding very different from the typical With jam, before ending with the traditional diminuendo conclusion.
1988-02-08 Wilson Burlington, VT 7:28 Intro is slightly extended, providing some groovy interplay between the band members. The band finds time to sneak in brief passages of inspired improvisation between sections, with some particularly jazzy work from Page.
1988-02-08 Hood Burlington, VT 13:55 Insane trilling from Machine Gun Trey as the jam reaches a peak, but also a very strong version all around.
1988-02-24 Sneakin' Sally Waitsfield, VT 6:25 John Carlton on drums and Fishman on trombone. Fish is actually pretty damned good! Awesome vocal jam. Check it out!
1988-05-15 Curtain With Hinesburg, VT 13:10 Although The Curtain seems to hit a few minor bumps, these are offset by a strong, lift-off type jam in With. Beginning with a light, weightless sense, the jam becomes more grounded and intense as it develops, with Trey's spiralling soloing reaching an intial peak. "Fly Famous Mockingbird" debuted in February, 1988, and if you listen closely from about 12:40 - 13:30, you'll notice striking similarities between these instrumental sections.
1988-05-24 Curtain With Burlington, VT 13:53 A well-executed Curtain - not spotless, but few, if any, are. This With jam is evocative and captures a sense of weigtlessness, soaring above the musical clouds. Many of these early With jams move beyond this uplifting section, exploring more dissonant, rocking terrain. Not so here, as the band seems content to let this one gracefully recede, following a soaring peak.
1988-05-24 JJLC Burlington, VT 14:27 Preceding the famed Slip Stitch and Pass version by 9 years, and longer by more than 2 minutes, this jammed out version includes Page rocking first the piano, then the B-3, and a great Trey solo leading to an extended band-wide blues rocker. Part of a 3 song set! ("JJLC", "Fluffhead" > "Whipping Post").
1988-05-24 Whipping Post Burlington, VT 26:05 The straightforward first jam section is very extended, to 17:00, and includes great modulation of intensity and lots of Trey shredding. The second jam features Page on the B-3, followed by solid, rocking, but much more in-the-box jamming than some of these versions.
1988-05-24 Ya Mar Burlington, VT 4:24 Awesome version which transitions to a reggae party with Jah Roy.
1988-05-24 Jam Burlington, VT 14:23 With Jah Roy n vocals. An excellent reggae medley is led by Jah.
1988-05-24 Antelope Burlington, VT 14:56 The first truly "Type II" version (beginning about 10:00) has a settled section with some "DEG"-like jamming. This version also has sections of intense, chaotic dissonance and great Machine Gun Trey action.
1988-06-15 Timber Ho Burlington, VT 8:58 With a slowed tempo, this "mellow" version still packs all dissonance, albeit more patiently.
1988-06-15 Whipping Post Burlington, VT 17:07 After starting "Antelope," Trey says "Aw Fuck That!" Good call. The first jam is predictably intense. The second is more restrained, with Page switching keyboards, Mike sounding like Berry Oakley, and Trey only gradually bringing the heat. Great quiet before the final storm - 14:35 - 15:35.
1988-06-19 Curtain With Burlington, VT 16:14 On this recording, Page is more prominent in the mix, which provides a nice audio record of his important role with this song. While The Curtain is generally tight, minor bumps here and there point to the difficulty of performing this highly composed section. The With jam begins with some nice, quiet interplay between Trey and Page. The jam gradually builds energy, but remains largely undulating and uplifting straight through to the downshifting conclusion.
1988-06-19 Antelope Burlington, VT 12:27 Excellent jam that has a very bluesy feel to it, plus nimble and nasty guitar licks from Trey.
1988-06-19 JJLC Burlington, VT 10:09 Very soulful playing by Page, soaring guitar by Trey as the jam builds, and some great jazzy keyboard action.
1988-06-20 Ya Mar Burlington, VT 4:55 Segues into Reggae Fest Vol. 2. with Jah Roy
1988-06-20 Jam Burlington, VT 19:28 With Jah Roy on vocals. Reggae Fest Vol. 2.
1988-06-20 Sneakin' Sally Burlington, VT 9:00 High power bridge with some great Trey. Long vocal jam with more animal-like screams, howls and other weird sounds.
1988-06-20 Bowie Burlington, VT 16:34 Definitely stretches the boundaries of "Type I" jamming, especially after 9:00, then at 12:00 it really gets out there into some interesting exploration.
1988-06-21 JJLC Burlington, VT 11:32 Fantastic Trey as he builds the jam from low-down, mournful blues to church service-like inspirational rocking.
1988-06-21 Whipping Post Burlington, VT 25:26 The extended first jam is unusually improvisational, seems to come back to normal "Whipping Post," then breaks into dissonant "DEG"-like jamming, and then more exploration. The second jam features Page on the B-3 and is more soothing and straightforward than the first.
1988-07-12 Sneakin' Sally Burlington, VT 9:54 Extended bridge with some great Page/Trey interplay. Long vocal jam is "YEM"-like, it gets way beyond "Sally." Must-hear, it's crazy.
1988-07-12 GTBT Burlington, VT 7:10 Loose jam that simmers in a slightly sinister way eventually winds back up for a big finish.
1988-07-12 Slave Burlington, VT 8:39 Unusually long version for this time period. Page is great on the electric piano and organ. Trey shreds impressively in the big, full power finish.
1988-07-23 Jam Underhill, VT 5:26 A really good and rocking stand-alone jam opens the show. Almost has an Allman Brothers or Grateful Dead-like vibe.
1988-07-23 Mike's Underhill, VT 8:43 With an unknown percussionist, there's a cool little intro section. The jam is really the first version that starts to sound similar to the modern "Mike's" jam. There's decent improvisation within the jam section, as well as a nice spirited peak leading to the closing.
1988-07-23 Weekapaug Underhill, VT 6:36 Debut. First version is played at a slightly slower tempo and includes an additional, unknown percussionist. Nice Trey shredding on the first go around, plus a "Mike's Song" vocal refrain and jazzy ending.
1988-07-23 Possum Underhill, VT 8:29 Unknown additional percussionist. The jam begins in a low-key manner, with nice added texture from the percussionist.
1988-07-23 Curtain With Underhill, VT 16:55 An unprecedented and highly improvisational version, which includes an unknown additional percussionist. Following a strong run through The Curtain section, the band breaks into the familiar With jam. However, this jam quickly takes on a more dissonant and frenetic character, with "DEG"-like undertones, although it retains some semblance of With through about the 15:00 mark. After this point, the band breaks for "DEG," followed by some abstract and crazed jamming, a testament to the band's nascent improvisational nature. Eventually, the playing returns to the customary With ending.
1988-07-23 DEG Underhill, VT 3:30 With an additional percussionist. -> in from "The Curtain With." Includes both "DEG" and a lot dissonant, "DEG"-like jamming that makes up a good chunk of this unique, jammed-out version of the "The Curtain With."
1988-07-23 Curtain With Underhill, VT 0:44 -> in from "Dave's Energy Guide" to wrap up this stunning, improvisational version.
1988-07-23 Hood Underhill, VT 13:32 Great version with strong communication and interplay among the four band mates. This one really lifts off after 10:30.
1988-07-23 Slave Underhill, VT 9:20 Great quiet interplay at first between Trey, Mike, and Page. Then at 5:15, Pete Danforth kicks in on saxophone, and the result is a super and unexpected combination, with an impressive and fiery peak.
1988-07-24 Sneakin' Sally Burlington, VT 8:33 Bridge starts with some great Page, then it's Machine Gun Trey's turn. Very good interplay between the two. Another long and excellent vocal jam.
1988-07-24 JJLC Burlington, VT 14:49 Some low down, downright nasty guitar playing by Trey. Great peak with all cylinders firing.
1988-07-24 Antelope Burlington, VT 13:02 Jam builds up in conventional form until 7:30 when it breaks down into a low-key groove with great Mike and Trey. The energy rebuilds into a standard "Antelope" jam, but with an Allman Brothers-like vibe, then the tape runs out near the end.
1988-09-08 Whipping Post Burlington, VT 13:53 The second jam has some great strumming action from Trey, B-3 and keyboard musings from Page, a near stoppage, then Trey sounds like a demon possessed as they bring the jam back to "Whipping Post" to conclude.
1988-09-12 Esther Burlington, VT 9:10 Debut version. Original lyrics alter the song's now familiar structure.
1988-10-29 Foam Plainfield, VT 4:27 Debut. First version contains only the composed and lyrical sections with no jam component.
1988-10-29 Wilson Plainfield, VT 5:23 An otherwise standard-for-the-era version gets a unique boost courtesy of guest saxophonist Russ Remington (of Giant Country Horns and TAB fame.) Unfinished.
1989-02-06 Bowie Burlington, VT 11:52 Mean, nasty and thrilling version that includes the "Theme From Batman" teasing and a great trill section.
1989-02-07 Esther Burlington, VT 10:02 Reworked, "Esther" more closely assumes its now familiar lyrical and musical structure.
1989-02-07 Possum Burlington, VT 7:06 -> in from "The Sloth." Awesome version with excellent and varied playing by Trey.
1989-03-30 Fluffhead Burlington, VT 14:32 Solid execution throughout, especially in the notoriously challenging section The Chase (4:14 - 5:19). During Page's solo in Clod, there is some great interplay with Trey, while the important role of Fish is accentuated in the industrious, non-linear Bundle of Joy. Humorous vocals and a ripping Arrival section will put a smile on your face.
1989-03-30 Mango Burlington, VT 6:48 Debut.
1989-04-14 Esther Johnson, VT 9:32 Great early version which showcases the song's potential, featuring particularly strong playing from Page and great soloing from Trey.
1989-04-15 SOAMelt Burlington, VT 9:40 First recorded performance includes a Fish drum solo preceding the lyrical section "We breathe deep..." The jam is fairly intense but straightforward in structure.
1989-05-26 YEM Rutland, VT 20:08 No bass & drums ("B&D") section. TREY IS ON FIRE!!!
1989-05-26 Bowie Rutland, VT 18:04 Very long intro with hilarious banter from Trey, this is the infamous LAZY LESTER BOWIE, with incredible playing by all. Hear it for yourself!
1989-05-26 Gin Rutland, VT 4:48 Debut. No real jam at all. Instead, the "Bathtub Gin" vocal refrain is extended slightly, and then the song abruptly ends.
1989-08-26 Bowie Townshend, VT 14:21 Musically, this is a very exploratory version, with unusual melodies, rhythm, and includes several distinct movements. Few post-'95 versions have this much improvisation.
1989-09-09 Bowie Bennington, VT 15:03 Great staccato playing by Trey early on. Although it never departs "Bowie" wholesale, the jam is a good one with all sorts of variation, good tension, and a nice "Reba" tease in the intro.
1989-10-01 Reba Burlington, VT 11:55 Debut and different arrangement, ending in a bag it, tag it vocal jam. Dedicated to "the spirit of Nancy."
1989-10-01 Possum Burlington, VT 8:33 Starts with Trey plucking solo, he plays a "Brady Bunch Theme" tease, then this "Possum" picks up a big head of steam.
1989-10-10 Reba Burlington, VT 12:25 "Reba's" second performance sounds like a fun studio outtake with Trey, as if scatting, effortlessly flubbing and making up lyrics along the way. Notable also for the alt-arranged "Bag it, Tag it" bit which, since scrapped, moves nicely into more recognizable, composed, play, Fish impresses before the band breaks for a strong, lilting, airy jam. Pieces of 10/10/89 once circulated on a tape labeled "10/13/89," but Kevin Shapiro determined that this "Reba" was performed at the Front.
1989-10-20 YEM Burlington, VT 15:45 Serious "Small Furry Creatures Groovin' with a Pict" (Floyd) VJ.
1989-10-22 SOAMelt Burlington, VT 8:23 Trey takes an unusual and cool approach with the guitar melody. Fish drum solo as well.
1989-10-31 Bowie Plainfield, VT 20:36 The "Mac 'N Cheese" version (see Setlist). Breaks away from standard "Bowie" at about 9:00 into some jarring jamming similar to "DEG." Another early one that gets WAY OUT there and includes a jam on "I'm A Man" (Spencer Davis Group) at about 16:45. Powerful trill section.
1989-12-03 SOAMelt Burlington, VT 9:22 Improvisational version with good tension and dissonance building, as well as a Fish drum solo.
1989-12-08 Timber Ho Poultney, VT 6:23 An unbelievable amount of tension and dissonance packed into a demented six-plus minutes of Phish.
1989-12-09 Mike's Castleton, VT 8:23 This is a really awesome early version, very different from almost all other versions from late '88 to late '91. Trey's playing is much more melodic and less dissonant. The jam builds to a great peak, and then the short little 2nd jam features sick trilling by Trey.
1989-12-16 Weekapaug Burlington, VT 6:38 Trey shreds the jam in this rip-roaring version which includes a Theme from Bonanza tease.
1990-01-27 Wilson Burlington, VT 3:48 The first of a handful of "heavy metal" versions (see also: 1/28/90, 2/9/90, 2/21/97 as well as 9/29/00's "heavy metal jam.") "Wilson's" intro starts with a power rock version of the verse chord progression courtesy of Trey, replete with coordinated unison accent hits from the rest of the band. In lieu of "blatting" and "booming", the band ends the song by returning to the 80s metal-inflected intro to close things out as the band plays out their then-unfulfilled (not for long) arena rock fantasies.
1990-01-28 Fluffhead Burlington, VT 14:41 Page is steady, precise and confident throughout. From his excellent fills and soloing in Who Do? We Do! to subtle runs in Clod's early going, the Chairman is clearly in his element here. Meanwhile, Trey and Mike provide awesome support as the intensity and tension build towards the conclusion. Arrival is a great example of the entire band firing on all 12 cylinders, while Machine Gun Trey aptly demonstrates why he earned this nickname.
1990-03-09 Ya Mar Burlington, VT 6:58 Dave Grippo on alto saxophone.
1990-03-09 Reba Burlington, VT 12:08 With a noticeably faster tempo for the era, the inventive and sustained "Manteca" teasing grabs one's attention at first, but the dynamic modulation and inspired interaction between Trey and Mike is what truly impresses, here. A highly musical build, with Trey trilling and scattering notes - while maintaining the jam's signature theme - further cements this version as an early classic.
1990-03-09 YEM Burlington, VT 15:01 Grippo on sax. Teasefest includes "Frankenstein."
1990-05-13 Reba Burlington, VT 12:13 Very improvisational jamming distinguishes this early thriller. The excellent recording showcases the band sounding fantastic throughout the composed section. Great Mike underpins this version, which finds Trey leading the others through the jam, modifying his tone, and deftly modulating intensity to create some of his most interesting and varied lines to date.
1990-05-13 Possum Burlington, VT 9:29 "Norwegian Wood" teases in the intro and jam. Good quality jam with some interesting and unscripted variation by Trey.
1990-06-16 Timber Ho Townshend, VT 6:46 Incredible Trey. And Page's keys lend added menace to this tense and harrowing early masterpiece. This Mule bites with a vengeance!
1990-06-16 Possum Townshend, VT 9:11 The beginning of this excellent jam is unusual and in minor key. Version released on Live Bait Vol. 5.
1990-06-16 Antelope Townshend, VT 10:18 Kick-Ass version that rages but is also very improvisational. Mike and Trey rock.
1990-12-02 Rocky Top Burlington, VT Dave Grippo and Russ Remington on saxophone. No recording available.
1991-02-03 Reba Burlington, VT 12:01 One can debate when the finest theme emerges, but 7:30 seems to account for "must-hear" playing, with Trey's dazzling, "DEG"-esque soloing dizzying, offset by super play from Mike (who sounds great across the entire recording). More great guitar follows, with Trey working up and down a series of scales, before locking in upon an incredible theme. Brief and compact, the version finds all four members playing with purpose and passion, thus offering something for everybody.
1991-02-03 Bowie Burlington, VT 13:05 A very good jam with several different grooves, well beyond standard fare. Great Mike!
1991-05-12 Magilla Burlington, VT 5:20 Dave Grippo on saxophone. Horns and jazz go hand in hand, and so horns with "Magilla" are a logical and terrific way to add colorful texture to the soundscape. Here, Grippo provides a new twist on this "standard," inspiring strong playing by all.
1991-05-12 Mike's Burlington, VT 6:17 With the Dude of Life on vocals and Dave Grippo on saxophone. The Dude adds several verses and is hysterical. Grippo is excellent, making the jam far more interesting than most versions from late '88 - late '91. Even the little 2nd jam is great. Check it out!
1991-07-14 Reba Townshend, VT 12:33 Trey's poised and passionate soloing belies this stellar show-opening version's early date. After weaving through multiple expressive phrases, he heartily peaks the jam with a strong assist from Fish.
1991-07-14 Possum Townshend, VT 8:45 Awesome and very improvisational version with a different approach to the jam, a "DEG" tease and a roaring peak.
1991-07-14 Magilla Townshend, VT 5:24 Giant Country Horns. This fun version includes great Page soloing with strong Mike backing, then Dave Grippo leads the horn section. And Fish seems to love the jazz drumming action. Other horn versions not included on this chart: 1991 - 2/8, 4/16, 5/16, 7/19, 7/25, 11/20; 1994 4/15, 5/4.
1991-07-14 Hood Townshend, VT 10:30 A little "Theme from Jeopardy" teasing kicks off a strong jam with creative playing by Trey and solid backing from Page and Mike.
1991-11-23 Runaway Jim Barre, VT 7:35 Right around the 3:40 mark Trey alights upon an incredible groove, which he works through any number of nuanced, melodic changes. Incredibly, Page keeps pace, and the version builds not so much to peak as to crest upon the strength of really strong play before, eventually, Trey goes off.
1991-12-06 Magilla Middlebury, VT 3:16 Super, compact, and tease-filled (see "show notes"), Page powers through this fun, dynamic version, which modulates nicely before a > into "The Landlady." A really great version, and a really great pairing.
1991-12-06 Possum Middlebury, VT 16:06 Extended hihat intro, during which the band repeats "Wait" over and over for 5:30, and then play Simpson's language. Fish asks the crowd, "Can I hear you say yes? Can I...Boner?" At 8:53 they return to Possum, teasing "Wait," and engaging in the "stop and start" style of improv, and trey teases "Buried Alive." Version finishes with a "Turning Japanese" tease.
1992-03-12 Reba Burlington, VT 11:07 A fantastic version which finds Trey exiting the composed section and bending a series of strange notes, a means to either augment - or create - a wonderfully strange and demented tone. This section yields to dizzying, relentless playing, which runs though a powerful build up to the "note."
1992-03-12 Llama Burlington, VT 4:44 Anything but "Lazy," this inventive version finds Trey taking a bluesy sort of solo, coloring his play with Deep Purple teasing, before entering customary blistering play.
1992-03-12 It's Ice Burlington, VT 9:03 Another great organ focused jam from the Flynn in Burlington.
1992-05-18 Antelope Burlington, VT 11:51 Fish rules in this pounding, percussive, and intense version with rhythmic gyrations and a "Tweeprise"-like peak.
1992-05-18 Llama Burlington, VT 5:08 Great Page section with awesome tension. Trey's playing is so lightning fast here, they should have nicknamed him "Flash." A standout even on this chart. Must-hear.
1992-05-18 Mike's Burlington, VT 8:43 Awesome early version which breaks into a cool, staccato-infused groove. The intensity builds to a fever pitch, with great comping B-3 action and strong rocking play. The little 2nd jam, with solid stop/start playing, is icing on the cake.
1992-05-18 Weekapaug Burlington, VT 7:38 The jam is creative and very different, including solid use of tension and dissonance to help make the peak all the sweeter.
1992-07-25 Stash Stowe, VT 9:22 Mike and Page are awesome! Actually, Trey and Fish are pretty awesome too. A rock solid version.
1992-07-25 YEM Stowe, VT 16:14 Santana jams with the Phish!
1992-07-25 Llama Stowe, VT 5:15 Carlos Santana on guitar and Karl Perazzo and Paul Rekow on percussion. Excellent version. First Carlos, then Page, then Trey. Carlos and Trey both tear it up, but have very different styles.
1993-07-22 Stash Stowe, VT 11:14 Great repetitive and thematic jamming which cranks the tension up several notches.
1993-07-22 Possum Stowe, VT 9:29 Great and varied jam that includes a "Tweezer" jam at the beginning and a nice melodic section. Then it acclerates.
1994-04-04 SOAMule Burlington, VT 6:41 Debut includes a Page solo followed by the familiar klezmer style riff as the whole band accelerates the riff until Mike starts howling, indicating a return to the lyrics.
1994-04-04 Reba Burlington, VT 11:20 Following a few flubs in the first "Reba" of 1994, Trey blasts on through the composed section and modulates intensity. After teaming up with Mike to tease "A-Hunting We Will Go," super soloing dominates the version - listen for Page syncing up to develop extended "Batman Theme Song" teasing - which becomes wonderfully syncopated, with plucky guitar offset by dynamic Fish. This builds into a "heavy metal" sort of frenzy, with the playing becoming exceedingly, and exceptionally crazy, before the jam spikes to a pointed peak.
1994-04-04 It's Ice Burlington, VT 10:24 "Hey Bulldog" teases during an extended jam. Page led at first, but it becomes a full band rocker.
1994-04-04 DwD Burlington, VT 7:41 Debut of the complete song.
1994-04-04 Julius Burlington, VT 6:39 Debut with the Giant Country Horns. Played at a slightly faster tempo than most subsequent versions. Establishes precedent for this song to be a pretty intense, raging one. SBD available on the "Spreadsheet."
1994-04-04 Magilla Burlington, VT 4:32 Incredible, fantastic version. While the Giant Country Horns add an undeniable boost to this powerhouse version, it is Jon Fishman who fuels this colorful rendition, arguably more notable for its scuttling, shuffling beat than the addition of trumpet, sax, or trombone. The version you take to your desert island.
1994-04-04 Wolfman's Burlington, VT 7:16 Debut with the Giant Country Horns. The song was played in a lower key throughout 1994 than all versions from 1995 to present. The jam includes a great horn-infused "Alumni Blues" jam.
1994-04-04 Hood Burlington, VT 11:21 Jam starts with a beautiful, flowing section with great Page and Mike. Then Trey and Fish kick things up several notches.
1994-07-16 Stash Fayston, VT 10:13 Fishman and Page star in this chaotic, noisy version. It's essentially straightforward, but a pounding jam nonetheless.
1994-07-16 Antelope Fayston, VT 8:12 Wild-Ass crazy version from the last show of Summer '94 includes a -> to "Catapult," -> back to "Antelope," hilarious and related Fish/Trey wedding banter, lots of blood curdling screaming and yelling, and belligerent playing by all.
1994-07-16 Catapult Fayston, VT 1:46 -> in from "RLAA." Humorous version with wedding banter provides brief comic relief before -> back to this insane "Antelope."
1994-07-16 Antelope Fayston, VT 8:07 -> in from "Catapult." This wild, crazy and sick version of "Antelope" continues to a fiery and belligerent conclusion.
1994-07-16 Hood Fayston, VT 15:58 Even for 1994, this "Hood" is a very intense one as Trey shreds like crazy in the climactic jam before the closing lyrics.
1994-07-16 CDT Fayston, VT 9:02 "Baracuda" teases. Straightforward, but a stretched-out, well-played, extremely intense version.
1995-07-02 Divided Fayston, VT 17:17 Fantastic workhorse version from the slopes of Sugarbush Mountain in Vermont. Machine Gun Trey burns through the ammo in this one.
1995-07-02 Runaway Jim Fayston, VT 18:30 Breaks away from "Jim" at about 8:45 into percussion-driven exploration. The jam gets way out there, with some tension and dissonance, before morphing its way (->) into "Makisupa." Not beautiful music, but highly improvisational.
1995-07-02 Makisupa Fayston, VT 8:01 Nice segue in from "Runaway Jim". It starts with a typical effects laden jam, followed by a second jam after the vocal reprise, starting around 5:30. Trey uses the same effect as he does in early renditions of "Free." Gets spacey in the last minute as Fish and Page lead a spammy but cool jam that -> "SOAMule." This version has the sound of Summer '95 and is among the very best.
1995-07-02 Tweezer Fayston, VT 13:30 "Tweezer" returns to relative normalcy. I say "relative" because this is still a great version, too.
1995-07-03 Antelope Fayston, VT 12:02 Dark and intense jam with healthy doses of tension and dissonance. Dizzying buildup to the peak with ballistic Fish.
1995-07-03 Bowie Fayston, VT 17:50 Awesome, multi-faceted improvisation that doesn't sound remotely like "Bowie" until the final 3 minutes. Includes multiple teases and "Bowie" -> "Johnny B. Goode" -> "Bowie" in the jam.
1995-07-03 JBG Fayston, VT 3:11 -> in from "DB." A spirited rendition, only the second ever, springs out suddenly in the middle of a monster "Bowie." -> back to "DB."
1995-07-03 Bowie Fayston, VT 9:49 -> in from "Johnny B. Goode." Returns to "Bowie" for some more far-ranging exploration in the epic version.
1995-07-03 Bag Fayston, VT 10:04 At about 6:15, the jam section starts to get a bit beyond the conventional "Bag."
1997-03-18 Hood Burlington, VT 15:40 This majestic and graceful "Hood" is very powerful and moving, with soulful, delicate teaming by Trey and Page. The peak rises to lofty heights without ever losing its elegant beauty. Live Phish Archival Release.
1997-03-18 CTB Burlington, VT 9:23 Extended, jazzy jam with Dave Grippo on alto sax and James Harvey on trombone.
1997-03-18 Suzy Burlington, VT 7:59 Version benefits from excellent contributions from musicians Grippo (alto sax) and Harvey (trombone), but Mike may steal the show, here. Fun, Funky, Phish.
2004-08-14 WotC Coventry, VT 15:19 Jam breaks from the standard at 11:00 into a mellow groove that builds energy and > to "Runaway Jim."
2004-08-14 Runaway Jim Coventry, VT 12:23 Very improvisational, "Type II" version with a -> to a very improvisational, "Type II" "Gotta Jibboo."
2004-08-14 Jibboo Coventry, VT 15:23 The yang to 4/16/04's yin. Tight playing for '04. Dark and grimy up front, but once it pushes through to the heavens this "Gotta Jibboo" is breathtaking.
2004-08-14 Antelope Coventry, VT 13:10 Jam segment rages practically non-stop, and Tom Marshall assists with the "Rocco" lyrics.
2004-08-14 Bag Coventry, VT 20:07 Nimbly textured and surgically precise like the big '97 "Bags?" No. Highly improvisational, well played AND a great listen? Absolutely. This version is MUST-HEAR, like 11/21/97, 12/30/97 and 9/14/99. The Coventry "Bag" is full of "2.0-style jamming," is played very well overall, and it's highly listenable. -> to "46 Days."
2004-08-14 Bowie Coventry, VT 12:57 Trey talks about writing "David Bowie" for 4 1/2 minutes before the song - well worth hearing. The jam itself is pretty decent with a nice little shift to major mode and an intense ending.
2004-08-14 Twist Coventry, VT 16:36 A decent jam develops which has an underlying Mike and Fish fueled groove that continues almost throughout. Trey at times uses a lot of distortion, and his seeming lack of direction gives the jam a disjointed feel. Great -> to "The Wedge."
2004-08-14 Stash Coventry, VT 20:42 While the composed section is far from spotless, the jam is very good and multi-dimensional, including a nice move to major mode followed by some great exploration. Unfinished with a > to "Free."
2004-08-14 Free Coventry, VT 9:54 Some sweet Mike bass, then gets very quiet with just Mike and Trey playing, then Fish and Page jump back in.
2004-08-14 Drowned Coventry, VT 26:06 Very raw in parts (at least Trey), but a serious piece of improvisation nonetheless. At the 7 minute mark, the band gets very quiet and almost stops. Trey plays solo for a stretch, and briefly addresses the crowd. Around 12:30, the other band mates rejoin in a very upbeat and rocking jam that accelerates into near fury by 21:30.
2004-08-15 CDT Coventry, VT 13:46 Extremely improvisational version which leaves "CDT" behind near the end and -> to "Possum."
2004-08-15 DwD Coventry, VT 19:02 Very unusual version. The first jam segment is strange, spacey, and Trey sounds off-key at times. Then there's a second jam following the closing riff (without vocal refrain) which has some interesting moments and is pretty soulful.
2004-08-15 SOAMelt Coventry, VT 31:04 Skip the composed section (ugly) and go straight to the jam (released on Live Bait Vol. 5), which is excellent, extended and improvisational. The final 6 spacey minutes are a combination of sad, eerie and haunting, with a hint of optimism near the end. Unfinished with a -> to "Ghost." One of many great jams from the morass of Coventry.
2004-08-15 Ghost Coventry, VT 17:30 Through a crack in the fabric of space-time a horde of flaming orange locusts cascaded down the fetid slope of manure, became a cyclone of debris, limbs, and offal in the muddy bowl then coalesced into a sheet of light which rapidly withdrew upslope back into the void of infinity. [-> in from a strong "SOAM." The jam breaks into an angry, rocking groove that grows dissonant, tension-filled, and includes Trey's eerie yelling and digi-guitar effects.]
2004-08-15 Piper Coventry, VT 9:25 Blistering, fierce, machine-gun Trey, akin at times to Hendrix at his best!
2011-09-14 Wolfman's Essex Junction, VT 11:14 Some good "Manteca"-like jamming early on, then the jam opens up and Trey layers on some nice guitar melodies before a full-on finish. Mike and Page shine.
2011-09-14 Julius Essex Junction, VT 10:30 Similar to many of the other standout versions, where the band brings the tone and groove down nicely before rebuilding. But in this version, the band gets into an almost jazz-like swing, and Page adds some unusual (for "Julius") chords that increase the jazz mode.
2011-09-14 Carini Essex Junction, VT 11:04 Starting off in a driving, typically ear-splitting mode, the jam shifts into an upbeat, non-raging sentiment. (Part of this jam sounds somewhat similar to the "A Love Supreme"-like jamming in the 6/3/11 "DwD"). Trey adds some nice soloing, and Page some great effects. Gets spacey with > to "DwD."
2011-09-14 Slave Essex Junction, VT 9:56 > in from "DwD." Although shorter, this one starts with delicate, heartfelt playing by Trey, but quickly amps up to pack a full punch from all by the conclusion.
2011-09-14 Character Zero Essex Junction, VT 8:15 To paraphrase @nicobert: One of the skronkiest, atonal, and harrowing "Zero" jams going. Like trying to walk a tight-rope to see how far he can push the song's structure without anyone noticing, typically on-fire Trey is especially incendiary, at one point using his mic as slide to, in a manner of listening, spew magma into a packed school bus.
Jam chart versions are selected because of improvisational and other characteristics that distinguish these from typical versions of the song.
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