Jam Chart for the state of MI (82 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
1992-05-06 Brother Detroit, MI 4:49 It's shorter, but it's pretty damned sick!
1992-05-06 YEM Detroit, MI 17:17 Long B&D segment! -> to "Shaggy Dog" during the vocal jam.
1992-05-06 Shaggy Dog Detroit, MI 1:25 -> in from "YEM." Hysterical vocal version of "Shaggy Dog" is performed during the "YEM" vocal jam and includes great dog howling sounds.
1992-12-10 Reba Kalamazoo, MI 12:22 Wonderful, somewhat restrained drumming (even the vocals feel hushed) creates a terrific pace and works to steer the jam, which seems carved from space, with Trey creating an incredible droning, echo-like effect atop some really great bass. The band, ever dynamic, modulates intensity, with Page way up in his register, and Trey, like a machine, repeatedly running through a set of notes wholly melodic, and expertly placed.
1992-12-10 Maze Kalamazoo, MI 9:48 Strong early version. Page whips things into a frenzy before Machine Gun Trey blows the roof off.
1992-12-11 Possum Ann Arbor, MI 11:56 "Flat Fee"-like playing early, then the jam takes off, getting more and more rocking with multiple peaks. Intense ending.
1993-04-17 Stash Ann Arbor, MI 11:53 Trey hits on a cool little riff which he incorporates into much of this very good, unusually less dissonant jam.
1993-04-17 My Friend Ann Arbor, MI 7:26 A nice "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da" jam/tease occurs following the final refrain.
1993-04-17 YEM Ann Arbor, MI 24:38 Jam on "I Wish."
1993-04-18 Possum Ann Arbor, MI 10:55 The beginning of the jam is different and improvisational. Grows mildly dissonant as it progresses even while Trey shreds.
1993-04-18 Mike's Ann Arbor, MI 8:14 A somewhat dissonant, straightforward 1st jam morphs into nice melodic play before breaking into some cool and unusual "Low Rider" jamming in the 2nd. With no formal return to "Mike's," the jam concludes with a great -> into "Ya Mar."
1993-08-11 Runaway Jim Grand Rapids, MI 8:50 Jam gets well beyond "Jim" into some interesting exploration. It's August '93, what else would you expect?
1993-08-11 My Friend Grand Rapids, MI 8:36 A wacky but improvisational outro jam occurs, including a "YEM"-like vocal jam.
1993-08-11 Stash Grand Rapids, MI 11:31 Insane, tension-filled, extremely improvisational "Stash." This is a vicious animal. Totally awesome!
1993-08-11 Mike's Grand Rapids, MI 12:14 The 1st jam includes a unique repeated riff from Trey and Mike. 2nd jams in 1993 were often a bit odd, even bizarre. That description fits here, as the 2nd jam is very improvisational, but also unconventional, including "Games Without Frontiers" vocal quotes from Mike.
1993-08-11 Weekapaug Grand Rapids, MI 11:49 Much of the jam is decidedly "Type II" and unsettled in nature, but the return to typical "Weekapaug" at the end is quality as well.
1993-08-11 JJLC Grand Rapids, MI 9:31 Nimble and delicate piano action from Page. Then Trey cranks the energy up several notches with blistering blues work.
1993-08-11 Antelope Grand Rapids, MI 10:38 A jam on the Simpons signal and lots of gnarly, improvisational stuff including rhythm and tempo changes in a semi-evil jam.
1993-08-12 Bag Rochester Hills, MI 7:40 The old intro is played although it was largely abandoned after 1988. Odd little outro jam tacked on to the back as well.
1993-08-12 Reba Rochester Hills, MI 15:20 Syncopated grooving that departs the "norm" and features a fun, intense breakdown, with truly remarkable full-band exploration, a la "David Bowie." The playing almost gets pushed back to "Reba" territory before collapsing totally into improvisational "Bomb-Facotry-esque" wonkiness.
1993-08-12 SOAMelt Rochester Hills, MI 12:04 Excellent version that weaves back and forth, back and forth between super tight but typical "SOAM" playing and exploratory jaunts.
1993-08-12 Landlady Rochester Hills, MI 3:10 An unusual "The Landlady"/"Tweezer" combination, with both songs weaving back and forth.
1993-08-12 Tweezer Rochester Hills, MI 12:20 Get Back signals, a Simpsons signal, and several measures of "Landlady."
1993-08-12 Landlady Rochester Hills, MI 0:22 > in from "Tweezer." A few measures of "The Landlady" are played at the end of "Tweezer."
1993-08-12 Tweezer Rochester Hills, MI 0:34 > in from a brief reprise of "The Landlady" to complete this song combination.
1993-08-12 Possum Rochester Hills, MI 10:24 Like 8/8/93, another improvisational version. "Possum" isn't exactly a "Type II" vehicle, but there are brief moments in this one that come close. Includes a "Tweeprise" tease, a solid low-key start and a rocking conclusion to the jam.
1994-06-19 Stash Kalamazoo, MI 11:51 The jam gets out there well beyond "Stash." The tension is cranked up repeatedly with great pounding by Fish.
1994-06-19 Antelope Kalamazoo, MI 13:49 Typically great '94 thrashing "Antelope" stuff until 6:25 when the jam breaks into a good settled section that percussively rebuilds with wild dissonance and buckets of tension.
1994-06-19 Reba Kalamazoo, MI 13:44 Strong, Mike-driven version, featuring great percussion. Trey's playing is as fast as Page's fills are delicate, and the band works through several ideas and progressions to build a jam that, at points, sounds like "David Bowie."
1994-06-19 Makisupa Kalamazoo, MI 8:23 Excellent version. Reggae sounding and effects laden jam around 2:20 that goes on for a few minutes. A jam resembling a "DDL" jam (which doesn't actually include any loops) emerges around 6:30 out of the vocal reprise, and eventually works its way back into a second vocal reprise.
1994-06-23 SOAMelt Pontiac, MI 11:17 Noisy, thrashing and chaotic version with some good exploration later in the jam and a cool ending.
1994-11-14 My Friend Grand Rapids, MI 7:37 Another evil sounding outro jam.
1994-11-14 Maze Grand Rapids, MI 11:44 Fish gets the intensity so cranked up during Page's turn that Trey only needs a match to blow this one up. Instead, he adds the flame thrower.
1994-11-14 Cavern Grand Rapids, MI 5:34 > "Lawn Boy", this fun and spirited version retains elements of the Page "standard", resulting in a unique mashup of sorts while, at times, radically altering "Cavern's" set composition.
1994-11-14 Bowie Grand Rapids, MI 25:50 3rd "Big" '94 "Bowie." One of the most exploratory and improvisational versions ever. Includes some wild and crazy interaction with the audience.
1994-11-14 YEM Grand Rapids, MI 20:31 Great jam!
1994-11-16 Reba Ann Arbor, MI 14:37 Thunderous percussion running throughout the composed section is offset by a protracted period of sustained and pretty calm incited by Trey, which Page sustains for some time. This idea is again assumed by Trey (very cool) before Mike drives the jam forward. Trey's tone is great as he plays with - and off - Fish, the jam then breaking down a bit and the play becomes truly dynamic as the band builds towards a powerful peak, filled with wonderful and warm sustain, and then slashing Trey (who seems intent to rage).
1994-11-16 Stash Ann Arbor, MI 14:54 Incredible journey of exploration well beyond the standard. The second section, at about 8:30, includes quite of bit of "DEG"-like jamming, followed by some quiet moments and a killer return to "Stash."
1994-11-16 Simple Ann Arbor, MI 32:47 This is what "Type II" is all about, folks. Stunning. Magnificent. Released by Kevin Shapiro on "From the Archives" #17.
1994-11-16 Antelope Ann Arbor, MI 11:50 A thrilling ripper with lots of improvisational jamming. Following "spike, man" they tease or start into "Have Mercy" but quickly bail.
1994-11-18 Bag East Lansing, MI 8:15 > in from "Rift." This Bag is musically tight, yet slightly structurally different than other type I Bags. There is a litle funky piano breakdown at around 4:00 before blues-Trey rears his head in for some of the more traditional buildup-and-release jamming. At about 6:25, Trey sustains a note, and the Bag takes off before a return to the ending coda and > to Julius.
1994-11-18 SOAMelt East Lansing, MI 11:33 Great, uptempo playing early on becomes increasingly frenetic and dissonant. Returns with a jarring ending.
1994-11-18 Tweezer East Lansing, MI 14:26 Fierce, truly inspired version that I grossly underrated in the mid-1990s. I am ashamed of myself.
1994-11-18 Possum East Lansing, MI 11:42 Blistering and rocking version includes "Bathtub Gin," "Jean Pierre," and "DEG" teases and a blazing peak.
1994-11-18 Runaway Jim East Lansing, MI 9:05 "Reverend" Jeff Mosier on banjo. Great exploratory version that gets well beyond standard fare.
1995-10-27 Runaway Jim Kalamazoo, MI 9:07 The recording, while imperfect, does well to capture Trey's signature (95) tone, and Page's strong play. The band creates an excellent passage of sustained "calm", which they deftly rebuild before Trey trills the version to a strong peak.
1995-10-27 Fluffhead Kalamazoo, MI 14:40 Evoking all the great sounds of 1995, from Trey's Leslie-infused watery guitar effects, to Fish's booming drums, this excellent version captures the timeless nature of "Fluffhead" at this important point in the band's history. No surprise that The Chase and Who Do? We Do! provide a few minor road bumps, but generally the playing is intense and focused. Clod features some great piano soloing, while all four coalesce to hammer home a powerful Arrival.
1995-10-27 Bowie Kalamazoo, MI 18:17 Fascinating, extraordinarily intense version with some bizarre gibberish vocalized by Trey for a number of measures.
1995-10-27 Simple Kalamazoo, MI 8:53 Very different jam, rocking at first but with descending and unusual harmony from Page, then becoming very spacey and > to "McGrupp."
1995-10-28 SOAMule Auburn Hills, MI 13:00 Wild Page solo with Trey and Fish joining at times > Trey scat singing and guitar > Page solo with Trey singing along > Page alone on piano > klezmer > wierd extended falsetto singing by Mike > ending.
1995-10-28 YEM Auburn Hills, MI 22:42 Very strong version in a year of mostly awesome versions!
1995-10-28 Frankenstein Auburn Hills, MI 5:55 On the heels of a strong "Mule" and crazed "YEM," beautiful play straddles the line between "Jam" and a perfect -> as "Strange Design" bleeds to breathe life into a wonderfully executed "Frankenstein." An extra spacey conclusion >'s for "CDT" to compliment a gem of a second set.
1996-11-09 YEM Auburn Hills, MI 23:58 Fearsome B&D!
1996-11-11 Tweezer Grand Rapids, MI 15:19 Mike really shines in this great version.
1997-12-06 Antelope Auburn Hills, MI 16:25 From a show known for its indelible second set, this terrific Fall '97 version lights up the first frame in the two-hole with a uniquely funky opening and then builds to full-power with heavy effects use from Trey. Thanks for the head's up from @jmart in getting this readded to the chart.
1997-12-06 Foam Auburn Hills, MI 10:54 -> in from "Bathtub Gin." And, the -> is really top notch. Another stellar '97 version.
1997-12-06 Maze Auburn Hills, MI 15:02 > in from "Fee." Modulation by Page with a crescendo pop gets this version cranked up, and then Trey adds some downright creepy effects to put this one into the mind melting category.
1997-12-06 Tweezer Auburn Hills, MI 22:00 Just spectacular improv. MAGNIFICENT VERSION. MUST HEAR.
1997-12-06 Izabella Auburn Hills, MI 9:27 -> in from a classic '97 "Tweezer." "Izabella" breaks away from the standard at about 4:20 into an excellent and funky groove which -> to "Twist."
1997-12-06 Piper Auburn Hills, MI 14:20 -> in from "Twist." First Piper to really break out into improvisation. Jam is raging at first, mellows briefly, and then gathers fresh steam. There is no closing coda section (which would become more customary).
1998-11-11 Gumbo Grand Rapids, MI 12:32 Jam starts off with some funky Clavinet work by Page before Trey sends the jam into an ambient soundscape with a loop. Slight build up at the end of the jam but doesn't get very far.
1998-11-11 BOAF Grand Rapids, MI 8:54 Machine Gun Trey is back at it in this powerhouse, albeit "Type I" version.
1998-11-11 Theme Grand Rapids, MI 11:31 The sentiment shifts from blissful elation to hard edged rocker in this strong, well played "Type I" version.
1998-11-11 Halley's Grand Rapids, MI 24:00 Pretty high octane jam at first. Around 11:00, morphs into a snappy, funky phase. The energy builds as the jam regains momentum and space rage ensues. Jam abruptly segues to "Simple."
1998-11-11 LxL Grand Rapids, MI 13:42 Page solos in the middle of the jam, and then the others gradually join back in to build to a high peak.
1998-11-11 Ghost Grand Rapids, MI 15:47 You enjoy my Ghost while I set fire to this transformer substation leaving behind a smoldering pile of carboniferous goo. [Great groove with awesome funky Page playing with all his toys, then Trey takes the con and leads the jam to an incendiary, multi-summit peak.]
1999-12-02 Boogie On Auburn Hills, MI 8:00 Wah-groove from Trey.
1999-12-02 Gin Auburn Hills, MI 19:07 The standard "Gin" jam morphs around 14:25 into a raging, intense "Piper"-like beast before flaming out and -> to "2001."
1999-12-02 2001 Auburn Hills, MI 15:34 The Space Birds are out in full force. All kinds of originality, none of the cliche riffs.
1999-12-02 YEM Auburn Hills, MI 21:46 Odd glam-rock repetitive jam segment. Silent jam. -> to "Little Drummer Boy" VJ. (No B&D.)
1999-12-02 The Little Drummer Boy Auburn Hills, MI 3:18 -> in from the "YEM" vocal jam. A capella version.
2009-11-18 46 Days Detroit, MI 11:08 Nice funky rhythmic section develops where "46 Days" would typically wind down. Some great Page.
2009-11-18 Taste Detroit, MI 9:37 A damn fine version for any era. Has the four essential ingredients for a strong version: 1) dynamic, virtuosic Page solo; 2) thoughtfully-crafted Trey solo; 3) soaring and spiraling crescendo finale; and 4) stellar rhythmic and harmonic foundation from Fish and Mike.
2011-06-03 CDT Clarkston, MI 10:23 Trey brings the volume way down, and then proceeds with a very gradual, "Possum"-like build that shifts to minor key briefly before flipping back to major at the peak and finish.
2011-06-03 DwD Clarkston, MI 24:18 Inspirational, melodic and far-reaching version which includes a jam based on John Coltrane's "A Love Supreme." Many consider this among the very top jams of 3.0 and proof that "DwD" is as potent now as ever. -> "Fluffhead."
2011-06-03 Bowie Clarkston, MI 15:29 Jam shifts to upbeat, major mode at 7:46 and mostly remains there for some time before shifting back at 10:40. Great one but for some excessive string bending, or perhaps flat notes by Trey.
2014-07-16 It's Ice Clarkston, MI 8:50 Another "Ice" with a solid, funky and rocking jam. Alas, Trey has a bit of trouble transitioning out of the jam and back to the closing section.
2014-07-16 Possum Clarkston, MI 9:51 Resembles a lot of the better versions from '89 - '91, when the "Possum" jam typically included some quieter play and "Type I" exploration, before shifting gears to the high energy finish. The peak could be better here, but still a fine version.
2022-08-03 Everything's Right Clarkston, MI 17:05 As with most "ERs", the band wastes no time in finding a groove. Trey leads and the rest of the band follows. By the 10:00 minute mark, the band is in lockstep which leads to soaring play from Trey which is received with raucous cheers. Heavier play enters the fray later as Mike and Trey engage in interplay. A slow funk groove closes things out.
2022-08-03 KDF Clarkston, MI 14:24 Takes flight around 7:00 with anthemic bliss, later incorporating a tease of "Freeway Jam" at 9:00, then chills out a bit and remains unfinished > "Camel Walk".
2022-08-03 Stash Clarkston, MI 14:35 Dating back to 2021, "Stash" has resolidified its position as a premier jam vehicle, and this version continues that trend with a jam that changes keys and grows in power but remains tense and minor through 10:00, after which major breaks through as the band skyrockets to a big peak.
2022-08-03 Bowie Clarkston, MI 12:19 Interested in modern "Bowie's"? Clarkson, MI, is a safe bet. Part of a weather-blown, Jovi-colored and quite strange show, there's much to appreciate here, as Trey (listen for Page on his piano) takes the band through a few wonderful passages of electric, lightning-infused improv.
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