Jam Chart for the state of MA (210 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
1988-09-24 Divided Amherst, MA 13:08 First full length version is a real standout. Trey teases the "Popeye" theme several times and his trilling throughout is amazing. It's also one of the longest jam segments until late 1994.
1988-11-03 Possum Boston, MA 7:06 > in from "Fluffhead." Solid early version with great playing by Trey, especially near the conclusion of the jam.
1988-12-10 Foam Amherst, MA 7:26 Strong early version has the three essential components of the "Foam" jam: 1) Page-oriented solo; 2) Trey-oriented solo; and 3) band build-up to a peak before the final verse and ending riff from Scott Joplin's "The Entertainer."
1989-03-24 Mike's Boston, MA 6:48 This fiery version marks the first instance of the 2nd jam, separated from the 1st jam by D, E, and F# chords at 5:22. While only 20 seconds in duration, over time, the 2nd jam would at times become significant. The 2nd jam concludes with a repeat of the D,E, and F# chords, followed by the closing chords.
1989-06-30 Possum Northampton, MA 7:46 Cool twangy playing by Trey early on, then he just rips. Great recording quality.
1989-06-30 Fluffhead Northampton, MA 13:36 A strong, rocking Fluff's Travels sets the table, and while Trey gets slightly tripped up in The Chase, he makes a strong comeback. This recording is a good one if you want focus on Fish, who, more than anyone, is the key to holding this complex composition together. Awesome Mike bass action during Page's solo in Clod - Check It Out! Mike's pronouncement, "Come On Fluffy!" launches a full-power, Fish and Trey-driven Arrival.
1989-11-16 Reba Northampton, MA 10:33 First version without "Don't Get Me Wrong" segment.
1989-11-30 Foam Boston, MA 8:53 > in from "AC/DC Bag." Really great Trey soloing, and a high power build-up.
1989-11-30 Antelope Boston, MA 11:34 Fierce, dissonant and improvisational jamming including several times when the jam grinds to a near stop, then picks up tempo again.
1989-11-30 SOAMelt Boston, MA 8:27 Great version which includes some "DEG" teasing in the latter part of the jam, which works well with "SOAM."
1989-12-01 Possum Boston, MA 8:26 Quite a few guitar playing styles on display here in this rousing, encore slot version. Great way to end a show.
1990-04-28 Antelope Dorchester, MA 15:01 Breaks from the standard at about 5:30 into a dissonant and somewhat jazz-like foray with excellent Mike and Fish. No real return to "Antelope" before the "Rocco" section, which is nicely extended, cool and funky.
1990-05-10 Hood Northampton, MA 11:56 Big Red lulls us with some beautiful soloing, before training the machine gun at the audience and firing at will.
1990-09-20 Possum Somerville, MA 10:21 Quality jam includes experimental melody lines from Trey, signals, and multiple rolling peaks before the big one.
1990-09-20 McGrupp Somerville, MA 8:51 The audience really gets into this one, clapping along with the band as they all rock it up with Page in a high energy and super fun version.
1990-09-20 Antelope Somerville, MA 12:25 The jam breaks beyond "Antelope" several times and keeps circling back. Nice screaming by someone (Fish?). Fish is awesome in this version which also has many signals (see Setlist).
1990-09-21 YEM Somerville, MA 18:45 Excellent jam segment; "Sweet Emotion" tease (Mike).
1990-09-22 Magilla Amherst, MA 5:46 Mike dominates this version which features a swinging vibe, a "Chariots of Fire" tease, in addition to strong playing (and solos) from Trey and Page.
1990-11-17 Suzy Somerville, MA 6:27 Includes a full band "Low Rider" jam and subsequent tease from Trey.
1990-11-17 Fluffhead Somerville, MA 14:57 Passing through the shoals of Fluff's Travels, The Chase and Who Do? We Do! relatively unscathed, Mike really steps it up in Clod, offering powerful counterpoint to Page and Trey, and rhythmic support of Fish. A groovy Page solo in Clod, replete with a schoolyard taunt, and a solid run through Bundle of Joy gives the band good reason to blow it out in a big way, once they arrive.
1990-12-07 Bowie Amherst, MA 13:19 Although essentially "Type I," this is a sick puppy with mind-numbing tension, "DEG"-like jamming and a "Mo' Better Blues" tease in the intro. Trey is on fire in the trill section.
1990-12-31 Runaway Jim Boston, MA 6:47 > from "Coil", "Jim" offers a nice, stark contrast, illustrating the band's versatility. Mike's line (later picked up by Page) is fun and infectious, before the song's sustained and collective calm explodes into incredibly fast play - even for early Trey.
1991-05-03 Tweezer Somerville, MA 10:00 "Sweet Emotion" quote/jam.
1991-05-03 Runaway Jim Somerville, MA 6:49 Another example of what makes the band so special. Tight, full-band play, featuring truly dynamic percussion "within" wonderful phrasing and a wild, vivid, yet wholly controlled array of notes from Trey. Cools > "Tela".
1991-05-03 YEM Somerville, MA 17:55 Great VJ!
1991-07-19 Tweezer Somerville, MA 11:32 Giant Country Horns, and Fishman vocalizations (and improvised lyrics) over the jam, help make this an atypically fierce version.
1991-11-21 Esther Somerville, MA 9:42 An especially thoughtful and busy intro sets the foundation for a strong version featuring dynamic playing and impressive modulation, with particularly strong contributions from Page and inventive soloing from Trey.
1991-11-21 Weekapaug Somerville, MA 10:12 First "Weekapaug" to really break out into an extended improvisational jam, with significant exploratory play, an excellent tease/jam of "On Broadway," signals, a fiery peak, and multiple endings.
1991-12-31 Stash Worcester, MA 8:37 Another great early version that stretches the "Type I" boundary and is well-played and loaded with tension.
1991-12-31 Llama Worcester, MA 4:35 > in from "Esther." Page is sick; Trey is very demented.
1991-12-31 Runaway Jim Worcester, MA 7:30 Eons before there was life upon a "Soul Planet", there was "Runaway Jim". > from "ALS", this New Year's rocker blends some imaginative aspects of the year's strongest versions, before, as was so often the case, bleeding into crazy, frenzied play from Fish and Trey. A fitting finale for one of 1991's finest songs.
1991-12-31 Tweezer Worcester, MA 13:00 Highly praised, this version's jam features Trey mellifluously leading on his 'doc.
1991-12-31 Mike's Worcester, MA 7:42 The first jam is solid but typical for this period. But the 2nd jam, which breaks into a great percussive and rocking groove is really the first noteworthy instance of the 2nd jam. In nearly all prior versions, the 2nd jam had been little more than chaotic, dissonant playing.
1992-05-10 YEM Amherst, MA 16:49 Strong jam segment.
1992-05-16 Runaway Jim Boston, MA 8:42 Running 8:42, this "Jim" is one of the longest versions to date, and the band capitalizes upon every possible moment. Anchored by typically strong percussion, Trey swings through two separate, yet equally strong runs, his inspired play complimented by great bass and on-point Page.
1992-10-30 Stash Boston, MA 9:53 Excellent and unusual version. A great quiet section and good improvisational playing.
1992-12-30 Bowie Springfield, MA 0:57 The intro -> the only performance of "Timber (Jerry)" between 1990 and 1995, and it's a strong version.
1992-12-30 Timber Ho Springfield, MA 5:17 -> in from "David Bowie." The only performance between 1990 and 1995 is sandwiched inside a solid "Bowie." This fine "Timber" packs the usual Trey shredding, great Fish and strong Page and Mike. > to "Bowie."
1992-12-30 Bowie Springfield, MA 11:22 In addition to the bonus "Timber (Jerry)" sandwich, this version includes a solid if earthbound jam, with spiraling tension and very cohesive interplay by all four. Some excellent Trey shredding before and during the trill section.
1992-12-30 YEM Springfield, MA 18:25 Auld Lang Syne tease in opening.
1992-12-31 Weekapaug Boston, MA 9:39 Beginning around 4:00, the jam settles into an improvisational section with excellent contributions by all four. After returning to the standard, the jam features intense and top notch "Type I" rocking.
1993-07-24 Stash Mansfield, MA 10:29 This is a sick, sick puppy. All kinds of improvisation combined with a generally mean-spirited sentiment.
1993-07-24 Mike's Mansfield, MA 9:20 The 2nd jam begins with a rocking, percussive tone, then cycles down to dream-like, easy going melodic play that sounds akin to "Blue Bayou." The energy then ramps up, with "Crossroads"-like playing as it returns to "Mike's" proper.
1993-07-24 Weekapaug Mansfield, MA 7:04 The jam is brought down to near-silence before kicking back in with a bluesy section and returning to traditional "Weekapaug" to close.
1993-12-31 Reba Worcester, MA 13:17 Phish caps 1993 with a fan favorite. Trey dazzles, his playing incredibly fun and infectious, matched by Fish on his blocks. A festive, celebratory groove ensues, before building to a shredding peak. An exclamation point on a terrific year for "Reba."
1993-12-31 Tweezer Worcester, MA 12:15 Trey repetitively hits a lot of notes in staccato-fashion in this jam (that Mbird Board and Working Group member Drew Hitz adores, and thinks I'm an idiot for underrating in '94 when I reviewed this version). While definitely an above "average-great" version (it sure ends well!), this jam IMO just isn't competitive with versions I've rated 7/10 and higher in the legacy jam chart. It's listed in this current jam chart in Drew Hitz's honor.
1993-12-31 It's Ice Worcester, MA 8:50 "Peaches En Regalia" teases and Random Note signal in this version.
1993-12-31 Possum Worcester, MA 12:30 "Peaches en Regalia" teases, good on-the-spot variation, a great rhythmic breakdown midway, and a fiery ending add up to another top notch '93 "Possum."
1993-12-31 YEM Worcester, MA 22:04 Sweet theme in the jam.
1993-12-31 DwD Worcester, MA 3:38 Jam segment only following "Auld Lang Syne" (Released on Live Bait Volume 3).
1993-12-31 Hood Worcester, MA 13:20 The jam starts with an "Auld Lang Syne" tease and delicate soloing, which builds into a frenzied guitar-led jam.
1994-04-16 Fee Amherst, MA 6:02 Trey and Page carry the lead while the rhythm section starts and stops several times before grinding to a halt.
1994-04-16 Stash Amherst, MA 12:45 Jam breaks into an upbeat, melodic but intense groove. Then, nasty old "Stash" makes a roaring comeback.
1994-04-16 Antelope Amherst, MA 11:56 Bad-Ass jam with power jamming, rhythmic shifts, and more. Fish rocks. The jam winds down instead of peaking.
1994-07-08 Reba Mansfield, MA 12:27 Great jam featuring "Manteca" teasing and super Trey. After the band disassembles their sound, soaring play is once again restored as Trey whips through a series of nasty licks. Arguably a > into "Yerushalayim Shel Zahav" in lieu of whistling.
1994-07-08 It's Ice Mansfield, MA 8:59 A little chaotic, but some really great Mike action on this one. > to an excellent "Stash."
1994-07-08 Stash Mansfield, MA 12:16 A Live One version. Jam doesn't get too far out there, but there is a repetitious section beginning at 7:00 that ratchets up the tension considerably. The ending section is drawn out, furthering this effect.
1994-07-08 YEM Mansfield, MA 12:54 "YEM" -> "Frankenstein" -> "YEM."
1994-07-08 Frankenstein Mansfield, MA 4:45 -> in from "YEM." "Frankenstein" is sandwiched in the "YEM" jam.
1994-07-08 YEM Mansfield, MA 7:09 -> in from "Frankenstein" which is sandwiched in this "YEM." "Frankenstein" tease from Mike in the B&D.
1994-07-09 Antelope Mansfield, MA 12:16 Another strong version that weaves back and forth between "Antelope" and little brief departures.
1994-07-09 SOAMelt Mansfield, MA 14:57 A chaotic, frenzied and twisted version. Plenty of improvisational jamming, yelling and screaming throughout, even a brief Trey major mode solo right before the scream-filled ending.
1994-11-03 SOAMelt Amherst, MA 14:52 Epic, Exploratory MUST-HEAR Multibeast, well beyond simple description. When the jam finally returns to "SOAM" after 13:30, there's almost a welcome relief to be home again after a long, astounding, and mind-blowing journey.
1994-11-03 Hood Amherst, MA 14:49 The jam includes an unusual and very un-"Hood"-like section from 9:00 - 10:50. The build and peak sections that follow are strong '94 fare.
1994-12-31 Maze Boston, MA 16:33 Spacey intro with a "Digital Delay Loop" section to lead off. Intense Page. Extended Trey section is really more of a full band jam than as typically presented. Eventually gets back to "Maze" proper for a red hot finish.
1994-12-31 Mike's Boston, MA 8:47 "Mike's" -> "Buffalo Bill" -> "Mike's." While the 1st jam is standard, incendiary '94 material, the 2nd jam has solid, varied improvisational play before the ->.
1994-12-31 Buffalo Bill Boston, MA 1:56 -> in from "Mike's Song." A nice version of "Buffalo Bill" is sandwiched in a solid '94 "Mike's." The -> back to "Mike's" is great stuff.
1994-12-31 Mike's Boston, MA 1:48 -> in from "Buffalo Bill," the return to "Mike's" is several steps better than "normal," well worth checking out.
1994-12-31 Weekapaug Boston, MA 10:35 Typically strong '94 fare includes "CYHMK" jamming, a funky breakdown section with Page on clavinet, strong exploratory play by all four, and an "Auld Lang Syne" tease as this "Weekapaug" heads for home.
1994-12-31 CDT Boston, MA 10:19 Fiery, powerful and precise '94-style jam with an unusual and spacey outro jam tacked on.
1994-12-31 Slave Boston, MA 11:21 Trey and Page add a big exclamation point to end the final frame of a fantastic year for the band.
1995-05-16 Reba Lowell, MA 15:00 The band locks into an incredibly cool groove before Trey, masterfully shaping his tone, leads the band into an extended improvisational passage enchanting and mysterious. A blend of warm sustain and dynamic modulation eventually yields to strong soloing, with Trey building the jam to a soaring, searing peak.
1995-05-16 Theme Lowell, MA 10:42 Debut is an exceptionally well played version. With rich melodic content from Trey and great band-wide interplay, the jamming potential for "Theme" is clearly on display in this first go-around.
1995-05-16 Free Lowell, MA 8:32 Debut. Jam section similar in tone, but less with percussion and with less Page than later '95 - '96 versions.
1995-06-30 Mike's Mansfield, MA 17:38 After a quick, typical 1st jam, the 2nd begins in a driving, rhythmic manner. Downshifting a few of times, the rhythmic pulse remains, but the jamming gets increasingly abstract. By 14:00, a spacey envelope has overtaken, and remains in place until a > to "Contact."
1995-06-30 Weekapaug Mansfield, MA 12:47 Good varied play prior to the funky breakdown section, where Mike and Page again jump out in front, before Trey re-takes the con.
1995-07-01 Ya Mar Mansfield, MA 9:17 Straightforward, but stretched out with great playing by all, especially Trey.
1995-07-01 If I Could Mansfield, MA 9:21 Trey plays the original guitar intro, and the instrumental section is richly melodic.
1995-07-01 It's Ice Mansfield, MA 9:30 Highly unusual jam with Mike on the electric drill and Fishman on vacuum.
1995-07-01 SOAMelt Mansfield, MA 17:31 Venomous, percussive and deranged "SOAM" that gets further and further away from the ranch as it progresses. Despite it's length, the jam here doesn't have multipe movements, sections that vary, etc. It's just sort of continuous chaos.
1995-07-01 Maze Mansfield, MA 13:29 > in from "Wilson." Trey wastes no time easing into this one. More like a scene from the Clint Eastwood movie "High Plains Drifter": Paint the town red and Burn It Down!
1995-07-01 Stash Mansfield, MA 18:36 Dissonant and extremely tension filled jam. Seems to be concluding, but then at about 14:10, the jam morphs into a gnarly, experimental jazz-like foray. Unfinished with a > "Stange Design."
1995-07-01 Hood Mansfield, MA 14:19 Great interplay between Page and Trey leads builds steadily and bursts into a soaring Trey solo and powerful peak.
1995-12-04 Stash Amherst, MA 12:28 Although largely "Type I," this typically strong '95 version is an intense thriller, and has excellent dynamics modulation.
1995-12-04 Timber Ho Amherst, MA 7:04 Set II opener. Another typically strong '95 version that will fry your brain. Dissonance reigns supreme. > to "Sparkle."
1995-12-05 Gin Amherst, MA 23:34 A very exploratory "Gin" jam. At 7:00, the jam starts to twist away from the standard, and works through several sections including driving power rock, percussive '95-style funk, more power rock, and a -> to "Keyboard Army."
1995-12-05 SOAMule Amherst, MA 13:50 Page solos, then comes Trey on vocals/guitar, but the vocals are very atypical. Page responds with another strong solo, the klezmer starts, followed by Mike chanting and stomping his feet. On the final beat of the song, the band breaks into a high-powered, accelerating jam that lasts for 1:34 until abruptly transitioning to "Lifeboy."
1995-12-05 Jam Amherst, MA 1:34 > in from "SOAMule." A high powered, accelerating jam starts on the final beat of "Mule." Abruptly > to "Lifeboy."
1995-12-05 Hood Amherst, MA 17:12 Multiple rolling peaks that get higher and higher, and the final few, which incorporate an "Entertainer" tease are just sweet.
1995-12-28 Timber Ho Worcester, MA 7:38 Set II opener. The jam has an even more dark and ominous feel than most versions. Fish's playing is fantastic.
1995-12-28 Theme Worcester, MA 12:13 Rocking, tension-filled version with a psychedelic edginess to it, including a dissonant ending.
1995-12-28 Tweezer Worcester, MA 22:00 Another incredible 1995 "Tweezer." Definitely check this one out. Mike practiced part of the "bass jam" he'd engage in the following night.
1995-12-28 Slave Worcester, MA 10:48 Very improvisational version. Both Trey and Page repeatedly voice dissonant chords in the build section, creating an eerie tension. Trey's melody lines are also unusual at times. And Fish's drumming is thunderous.
1995-12-29 Stash Worcester, MA 17:58 Very improvisational considering this version largely stays in bounds. Like many versions from '95, the band stretches the duration, creating a psychological thriller, but the music is less exploratory than '93 - '94. Not a good trend for "Stash."
1995-12-29 Fluffhead Worcester, MA 14:26 Fish is the superhero in this exceptional version. A great Fluff's Travels gets the ball rolling, while safe passage through the Siren-like perils of The Chase leads to a great Who Do? We Do! It's during this section that Fish really cranks up the intensity of his highly precise rhythmic base. From the swift, complimentary snare drums in Bundle of Joy, to the cannon-like power drumming in Arrival, this is a great example of the drummer's talent and importance in holding this complex composition together.
1995-12-29 Gin Worcester, MA 11:06 "Gin" -> "The Real Me" -> "Gin." Fantastic, inspired and rocking version. The "Gin" sections that bookend the Who classic are improvisational fare, but all fit together seamlessly into one flowing jam. -> to "McGrupp."
1995-12-29 The Real Me Worcester, MA 9:08 -> in from "Bathtub Gin." Following their 1995 Halloween costume, the band surprisingly revisits this Who classic in the middle of a fantastic, rocking and "Type II" Gin. "The Real Me" includes more exploratory jamming than its debut 3 months prior. -> back to "Gin."
1995-12-29 Gin Worcester, MA 3:46 -> in from "The Real Me" with more great improvisation before returning to the "Gin" theme to conclude and -> to "McGrupp."
1995-12-29 McGrupp Worcester, MA 9:04 -> in from the historic "Real Gin." "McGrupp" features an airy opening, replete with Trey's signature '95-style, Leslie-infused shimmering tone. Wonderful playing throughout. Page breaks for a dark calm, marked not so much by eeriness, but a general psychedelia, enhanced by an exotic, Eastern sentiment, combined with nice restraint by Trey. Great fills from Fish lead to a powerful conclusion.
1995-12-29 Jam Worcester, MA 8:45 > in from "BBFCFM." An excellent bass duet jam with Mike and his instructor, Jim Stinnett. The duet includes teases of "Keep It Greasy" and Bach's "6th Brandenburg Concerto" (aka the "Masterpiece Theater Theme"), and -> to "La Grange."
1996-12-30 Reba Boston, MA 12:43 Trey employs a warm, "watery" tone, to play with focused precision and remarkable restraint. Truly notable support from Page creates more of an open and spacious canvas of sound (as opposed to "jam"), whose principal characteristics stem from an organic, natural vibe. The version floats evenly and easily for some time, before being shaped to a pointed, emphatic peak.
1996-12-30 Tweezer Boston, MA 14:45 Very good version to be sure.
1996-12-30 SOAMule Boston, MA 13:19 Page > Mike on bass > the whole band playing along > klezmer stops, Steven Wright rings bell, klezmer > bell, klezmer > bell, no Mike but straight transition to finale.
1996-12-30 Possum Boston, MA 11:47 A nice extended settled section, some cool "Johnny B. Goode"-like strumming, and a rousing peak in this fun version.
1997-11-28 YEM Worcester, MA 23:59 Explosively funky, and extensive C&P teasing! (No B&D, no VJ.)
1997-11-28 BEK Worcester, MA 9:40 The little brother of 11/23/97. Funky beginning and a great, extended peak.
1997-11-28 Timber Ho Worcester, MA 12:47 Although it sticks with the "Timber" theme throughout, this is an excellent, well-played version. High quality SBD available on the "Spreadsheet."
1997-11-28 LxL Worcester, MA 12:18 Like driving across a mountain range, this version takes you over the first peak, you drop down a bit, then back up again, and again up over the very top, before finally heading down for good on the other side.
1997-11-28 Slave Worcester, MA 12:32 Somewhat unusual mid second set placement, before a serious "Ghost." This one and 8/9/97 have a bit more of the traditional "Slave" dynamic, with a serious peak, rather than a gradual swelling like other '97s.
1997-11-28 Ghost Worcester, MA 18:39 Raucous techno-funk with breakdown jam. [Strong funk through 9:45 when this one uncorks, quiets down to some cool low-key play, then rebuilds to a captivating and explosive finale and -> to "Johnny B. Goode."]
1997-11-29 Wedge Worcester, MA 6:32 Slow and deliberate show-opener, featuring that signature Fall 1997 sound. Cool keys give way to soaring Trey. Fish drives great syncopation and full-band play. Great dynamics, as the sound is textured and nuanced, producing subtle and musical shifts in intensity.
1997-11-29 Foam Worcester, MA 11:45 No free-form improvisation like a big "Ghost" or "Tweezer," but within a self-imposed, rigorous construct, there is a hell of a lot of musical creativity going on in this characteristically '97-style stretched-out version.
1997-11-29 Runaway Jim Worcester, MA 58:49 Longest single Phish jam to date. Contains many different sections, and has been nicknamed the "Jim Symphony." Contains a thrilling "Weekapaug" jam.
1997-11-30 Funky Bitch Worcester, MA 14:44 Atypical version with a low-key funk groove tacked on the end in addition to the usual blues stylings. Unfinished.
1997-11-30 Wolfman's Worcester, MA 31:30 Yin-Yang improvisational version. Following the expected funk, the jam breaks into 9+ minutes of lush, beautiful and delicate playing. But around 15:30, some dissonance creeps into the mix, and the boys then launch into an insane, heavy-metal "Pentagram Death Jam" with "Sanity" and "Esther" lyrics and CK5 dimming the arena lights.
1997-11-30 Stash Worcester, MA 20:33 Has a magnificent, melodic jam in it beginning about 13:10. Pure unadulterated hose at one point. Unfinished with a -> to an excellent "Free."
1997-11-30 Free Worcester, MA 10:36 -> in from a monster "Stash." The only performance in Fall '97. In addition to an excellent, extended version, the band tacks on a nice 4 1/2 minute ambient jam to the back end of "Free." -> to "Piper."
1997-11-30 Jam Worcester, MA 4:40 > in from "Free." A nice ambient jam emerges on the back end of "Free" and -> to "Piper."
1998-11-27 Ya Mar Worcester, MA 10:34 "I Dream Of Jeannie" theme tease in a well-played version that briefly breaks away into a new groove near the ending.
1998-11-27 Reba Worcester, MA 15:46 Staccato Trey, groovy, multi-keyboard Page, a little "Manteca"-like jamming from 8:55 - 9:25, and even some "Fly Famous Mockingbird"-like riffing from 10:30 - 11:10 provide solid content. Adding Trey's blistering, rapid-fire playing at the peak easily put this solid '98 on the chart.
1998-11-27 Vultures Worcester, MA 10:28 Rearranged and redefined (see History), the band offers another strong version, at home in another strong first set. The band breaks again for more ambient play, moored by some serious Trey sustain which fades to cool into a swirling ambient pool. After passing through a passage of concerted "noise", Fish drives the band to a rocking conclusion.
1998-11-27 BOAF Worcester, MA 8:36 An excellent straightforward version. Trey sounds like he's on a mission.
1998-11-27 CDT Worcester, MA 3:33 Great segue-oriented "CDT" launches and also includes multiple "Wipeout" teases.
1998-11-27 Mirror in the Bathroom Worcester, MA 0:58 -> in from "CDT." Brief jam on this English Beat tune before -> back to "CDT."
1998-11-27 CDT Worcester, MA 4:10 -> in from "Mirror In The Bathroom." The heart of the "CDT" jamming is in this section.
1998-11-27 Dog Log Worcester, MA 1:53 -> in from "CDT." A bluesy rendering of "Dog Log" -> back to "CDT."
1998-11-27 CDT Worcester, MA 0:53 -> in from "Dog Log." And back to "CDT" to wrap up this smoking hot version. > to "Sanity" for a nice cool down.
1998-11-27 Buffalo Bill Worcester, MA 3:33 Short, low-key fade out jam tagged onto the end, which -> to "Mike's."
1998-11-27 Hydrogen Worcester, MA 6:49 Fish begins the "H2" beat -> out of the post-"Mike's" fog, but the other members continue with a lengthy ambient intro before launching into the song fully, and then > to an epic "Weekapaug".
1998-11-27 Weekapaug Worcester, MA 7:52 Stellar version begins with energetic "Type I" jamming and some excellent funk work before a -> to "Wipe Out."
1998-11-27 Wipe Out Worcester, MA 1:38 -> in from a stellar "Weekapaug." "Wipe Out" makes its 2nd of three appearances in a thematic set, released on Live Phish Vol. 6. -> back to "Weekapaug."
1998-11-27 Weekapaug Worcester, MA 1:29 -> from "Wipe Out" for a fast-paced finish to the conventional section of "Weekapaug."
1998-11-27 Weekapaug Worcester, MA 9:06 > in from "Weekapaug." This "Weekapaug Reprise" starts out as a frenetic but typical jam, but quickly goes "Type II," relying heavily on effects to create a spacey groove. > "Antelope."
1998-11-28 Gumbo Worcester, MA 8:44 Unusually melodic and soulful soloing from Trey in the jam.
1998-11-28 Foam Worcester, MA 11:04 Solid Mike and Trey interplay during Trey's solo. Build-up is excellent and razor tight.
1998-11-28 Timber Ho Worcester, MA 9:38 Much different than its '95 and '97 brethren, the jam in this version has that '98 swirly, ethereal tone, and Trey's guitar is far less shrill and dominant than in most earlier versions. Very well-played, especially by Page.
1998-11-28 SOAMule Worcester, MA 9:39 Page solo > Mike solo > Fish solo > Mike and Fish duet > conclusion without klezmer.
1998-11-29 Theme Worcester, MA 11:00 Very fine soloing by Trey and great interplay with Page on this solid, straightforward version.
1998-11-29 LxL Worcester, MA 10:52 Fierce version that ends with a very cool jam and masterful segue into "Catapult."
1998-11-29 Simple Worcester, MA 20:40 The jam swiftly breaks from the melodic and blissful standard to a high-power and dissonant one.
1998-11-29 Possum Worcester, MA 3:36 "Possum" -> "Wipeout" -> "Possum." 30 second "Wipeout" jam occurs at the beginning of the "Possum" jam.
1998-11-29 Wipe Out Worcester, MA 0:30 -> in from "Possum." 30 second "Wipeout" jam occurs at the beginning of the "Possum" jam. -> back to "Possum."
1998-11-29 Possum Worcester, MA 4:10 -> in from "Wipeout" to return to the standard "Possum" jam.
1998-11-29 Gin Worcester, MA 18:25 A soaring, straightforward jam evolves into beautiful ambient space before before building into a rocking and funky groove.
1998-11-29 YEM Worcester, MA 23:54 FUNKASAURUS! (No B&D.)
1999-07-12 Twist Mansfield, MA 11:52 The jam breaks into a nice rocking major mode groove from 8:00 - 10:00 before returning to "Twist."
1999-07-13 Halley's Mansfield, MA 14:34 Following the final refrain, the band immediately shifts into minor mode and a moderately dark groove. Shifts back to major mode for a more upbeat ending and -> to "Roses."
1999-07-13 Reba Mansfield, MA 15:24 Excellent version which ebbs and flows, swells and recedes, with Trey seemingly drawing heavily from a "Blue Bayou"-like melody (11:30). Mike alights upon a grooving bass line, which induces relaxed soloing, before Trey abruptly peels away and the jam assumes a darker sentiment. > to "Carini."
1999-07-13 Wolfman's Mansfield, MA 21:18 A funky, low-key, groove-based jam emerges around 8:40 on the heels of "Wolfman's" proper, and continues, growing ambient and spacey after 15:40. > to "Piper."
2000-09-11 Ya Mar Mansfield, MA 13:07 Typically upbeat, rhythm-oriented jam, but Page's solo is extended, with the band almost breaking into a groove, and there are several nice stop/start moments. Covers a lot of ground without ever moving beyond the "Ya Mar" format.
2000-09-11 CDT Mansfield, MA 10:19 A solid, extended version.
2000-09-11 Piper Mansfield, MA 23:16 Ferocious initial jamming leads to a repetitive and funky exploration with a Mike/Fish-led groove similar to "Sand."
2000-09-11 WTU? Mansfield, MA 8:37 Segues out of "Piper." Ends with a really cool little Mike-led jamlet (which doesn't have too much to do with "WTU?," honestly) and > into "YEM".
2000-09-12 Wilson Mansfield, MA 7:45 A rare set closing version, the band immediately gets into a brooding, droning, trance-inducing stomp, with Page adding some shimmering, cosmic layers on the high end. The band starts toying with a more arrhythmic idea, and maintain the evil energy and the strange bop even during the post "BLAT BOOM" riffing.
2000-09-12 DwD Mansfield, MA 26:04 A very rhythmic Fish and Mike led groove springs out of the customarily intense "Type I" section. Trey adds some spacey effects before bringing it back to close, followed by some transition space and a > to "Heavy Things."
2000-09-12 Mike's Mansfield, MA 7:11 Don't be fooled by the duration. Despite its brevity, the band sets a quick tempo, but largely dark groove, and Mike is the champ on this one. Trey's playing is classic Y2K style, sitting nicely atop Mike's out-front bass lines.
2003-02-26 YEM Worcester, MA 23:33 W O W!!!
2003-02-26 Roggae Worcester, MA 8:26 Fantastic version similar to a standout "Taste" or "LxL" with great Page/Trey interplay, and Mike is also great. Their collective restraint and nimble precision, really full-on musicianship, make this a jam of beauty.
2003-02-26 Moma Worcester, MA 14:21 The long jam segment (starts at about 5:20) starts out powerfully, and slowly cools off. Starting at about 7:40, a groove emerges that features light, low key, but consistently funky playing and eventually weaves gently back into "Moma's" proper ending. Outstanding version.
2003-02-26 Maze Worcester, MA 16:06 Trey's section includes an extended, gradual build up beginning at about 9:30 that is essentially a jam on its own. Eventually cycles back for the customarily intense ending. Also includes a "Summertime" (Gershwin) tease from Page.
2003-02-26 Stash Worcester, MA 18:26 Largely straightforward, but with a nice 2.0-style funk breakdown with staccato plucking by Trey from about 9:40 - 12:55.
2003-02-26 Ghost Worcester, MA 14:54 Creepy decomposition into a thick electric groove with a purpose that builds smoothly into a killer "Low Rider" jam. [Improvisational and dynamic version with a bubbly and bouncy groove that explores varied terrain, gradually grows in power, shifts to overdrive and -> to "Low Rider."]
2003-02-26 Loving Cup Worcester, MA 11:09 Magnificent, must-hear, blisteringly-intense, shredfest with a drawn-out ending!
2003-12-02 Piper Boston, MA 15:27 Dissonant high power jam in this 20th Anniversary show version.
2003-12-02 R&R Boston, MA 17:59 Very good, multi-section version breaks from "R&R" into a pulsing, funky and bluesy groove. From there, it settles with solid instrumental effects, before regaining momentum and -> to "Weekapaug." (w/o any "Mike's").
2003-12-02 Boogie On Boston, MA 6:10 20th Anniversary edition. The jam shifts in the last minute to set up the segue into "Cities".
2003-12-02 Maze Boston, MA 16:53 > in from "Cities." Technically "Type I," yes. But this is one of the most unusual, cool versions ever performed, starting with Page's section, and continuing into Trey's. You gotta hear this one!
2004-08-10 Bag Mansfield, MA 16:16 Almost immediately breaks away from "Bag" proper into an upbeat, fierce jam that has a hazy summertime vibe to it. After settling, the jam grows increasingly upbeat and energized. Really an excellent version.
2004-08-10 BOAF Mansfield, MA 20:55 A quiet, brooding jam emerges with strong improvisational elements. After about 13:00, the jam morphs into a rolling, celebratory and euphoric phase. Although Trey repeats a theme over and over and over again, it's mesmerizing and wondrous. This first-set-closing version may not be for you, but it's MUST HEAR all the same.
2004-08-10 Weekapaug Mansfield, MA 11:35 An improvisational version breaks free of the standard at 5:00, launching into varied rocking and funky jamming, with Trey yelling "Go!" repeatedly in the background at one point. After returning home, this version also includes an unusual slowed down ending.
2004-08-11 Suzy Mansfield, MA 9:10 Most excellent version with incredible Page action on the B-3 during "Suzy" and great Fish. The band then extends the jam following the final verse with a -> to "DwD."
2004-08-11 DwD Mansfield, MA 15:51 -> in from "Suzy." The jams gets well removed from "DwD" into quiet and dark exploration with great Page and Mike.
2004-08-11 Antelope Mansfield, MA 11:39 Very different version with no real peak and no "Rocco" section. Instead the jam fades after 9:30 into a really nice little melodic groove that > "2001."
2004-08-11 Waves Mansfield, MA 10:57 One of the best played standard versions of 2.0.
2009-05-31 Ocelot Boston, MA 7:30 Debut.
2009-05-31 Tweezer Boston, MA 13:09 "Theme from the Bottom" jam for a bit.
2009-05-31 Light Boston, MA 4:42 Debut.
2009-06-06 Possum Mansfield, MA 9:10 Mike figures prominently in the jam as Trey brings the volume way down early. Rousing finish to the jam.
2010-10-24 Fee Amherst, MA 6:27 Another stretched out, harmonics-filled outro with added sirens and synthesizer. Excellent -> to "Time Turns Elastic."
2010-10-24 TTE Amherst, MA 16:08 -> in from a solid "Fee." Strong version with tight playing throughout the composed sections and some great and extended straightforward jamming on the tail end.
2010-12-27 Roggae Worcester, MA 9:53 Intense, somewhat dissonant jam provides a sharp stylistic contrast to the celebratory rendering from 8/12/10.
2010-12-27 Seven Below Worcester, MA 9:22 Like the IT version, this one goes an awfully long way in a relatively short amount of time! Gordon leads the band on a nice funky walk that eventually finds its way into a brilliant lead by Trey. Eventually, he lets this one roll right into the most up-beat introduction to "What's the Use" ever, before dipping fully into the dark depths of this tune.
2010-12-27 Velvet Sea Worcester, MA 7:00 Mike is much more active and melodic in his accompaniment than usual, turning this version into a mesmerizing duet with Trey.
2010-12-28 BOTT Worcester, MA 9:19 Excellent version includes a "Streets of Cairo" tease during the buildup and a flawless -> into "Limb By Limb."
2010-12-28 Hood Worcester, MA 16:39 Excellent 3.0 version with Trey picking staccato notes, Page matching him on clavinet, and Mike and Fish kicking in on this super and very unique rhythmic groove, before returning home for a more traditional "Hood" ending.
2011-06-07 Divided Mansfield, MA 16:22 Determined to make up for some serious flubs in the 5/31/11 version, Trey in this instance introduces some very cool and very different staccato playing during the jam section.
2011-06-07 R&R Mansfield, MA 16:46 Another excellent version with an extended jam that at various times is rhythmic, melodic, spacious, and powerful. Segue to "Mango Song" continues to draw praise from fans.
2012-06-07 Possum Worcester, MA 9:31 Unusual jam which breaks into very un-"Possum"-like sections at 6:00 and again at 7:00. Not typical at all, but very exploratory for "Possum."
2012-06-07 Carini Worcester, MA 11:47 Deploying an array of instruments and effects, including the theremin and bass effects, the band uses these tools to create a lush, densely textured and largely upbeat jam which -> to "Taste."
2012-06-07 Taste Worcester, MA 8:38 -> in from a excellent "Carini." Page is great in this version, which is also features Trey playing both a "Norwegian Wood" tease early in his solo, as well as the "NICU" riff signaling the concluding section. > to a strong "Ghost."
2012-06-07 Boogie On Worcester, MA 11:39 Segues out of "Ghost" and includes some serious hose from Trey and reaches several satisfying peaks. Drops back into a funk groove for the last minute and the jam fades away into "If I Could".
2012-06-07 If I Could Worcester, MA 8:09 > in from a powerful "Boogie On." Heartfelt and thoughtfully executed version adds a graceful ending to an impressive string of improvisational music.
2012-06-08 Roses Worcester, MA 10:08 A very nice melodic jam that turns dark develops as "Roses" proper is winding down.
2012-06-08 Julius Worcester, MA 9:58 Proving again that less is more (at least for "Julius"), Trey's nimble, amped-down playing provides interesting texture, and creates better suspension awaiting the inevitable re-build.
2012-06-08 Gin Worcester, MA 12:02 In a bit of a nod to the old, pre-August '93 days, the jam begins with decelerating tempo and downward sloping melodies. At 7:30, the jam shifts into the more familiar, uptempo "modern" "Gin" jam. Cool version. Check out 11/16/91 if you doubt.
2012-06-08 2001 Worcester, MA 9:37 Stellar 3.0 version. Trey's delicate soloing is inspired and fresh and Page fills in all the right gaps. Simply gorgeous.
2013-10-25 Waves Worcester, MA 12:44 The second jam swells to blissful heights once, recedes, then builds to a Freedom Rock peak, finally crashing into Carini.
2013-10-25 Carini Worcester, MA 9:49 Solid jam that retains a dark sentiment throughout, and is also infused with great staccato, funk, and rhythmic playing.
2013-10-25 BDTNL Worcester, MA 7:40 High quality "Type I" version with spirited soloing by Trey and strong Page backing. > to "Ghost."
2013-10-26 Drowned Worcester, MA 18:50 A quality multi-section jam emerges. A quiet spacey section breaks first, followed by punchy and rocking playing with an "Oye Como Va"-like vibe. From there, a nice dose of 3.0-style "HOSE" develops and > to "Light."
2013-10-26 Light Worcester, MA 13:14 An excellent jam breaks from the "Light" at 8:00 into a funky and rhythmic groove. The melodic content gradually increases, Fish add "Hey" vocal interjections, and Mike's bass takes the con.
2014-07-01 Stash Mansfield, MA 10:50 A really nice break to major mode with good Page/Trey interplay smoothly works back to typically tension-filled "Stash."
2014-07-01 Hood Mansfield, MA 18:34 A thunderous, powerful, exploratory and very improvisational jam breaks almost from the get go. After landing in uncharacteristically darker terrain, the jam finds brighter ground, ventures further astray, and finally winds its way back to the land of "Hood."
2016-07-08 Cities Mansfield, MA 13:47 Early technical issues, a Brian Brown introduction, and a guitar switch do nothing to deter the band from taking "Cities" on a journey across the globe. Some strong but typical jamming leads to more instruments switching and the jam evolves / devolves into highly percussive near free-form jazz.
2016-07-08 Light Mansfield, MA 19:16 Amusing vocal challenges and a slight return to atonal phrasing by Trey at first. Then this excellent jam courses through hard charging rock, start-stop "woo"-infused play, and funky, "Manteca"-like action. Serious sonic exploration as each player deploys an instrumental weapon of choice, before finally giving way to cathartic space and the rise of the "Wolfman."
2019-07-05 Mercury Boston, MA 19:58 Extended take gradually leaves "Mercury" proper behind with some amorphous riffing and then enters an ethereal passage with meditative bass and searching guitar leads over a bountiful bed of church-like organ tones.
2022-07-14 CDT Mansfield, MA 12:05 Opening the first Set 2 of the tour, this jam is full of bliss and great playing from Trey. Early on, there's interplay with Trey and Page playing cat-and-mouse. Around the 10:00 minute mark, a neat melody is found. Trey starts telegraphing while the jam is still going, and it eventually -> "Plasma".
2022-07-14 Plasma Mansfield, MA 11:41 > from "CDT," another exceptional "Plasma," arguably the best recent (2014) addition to the band's massive canon. Trey and Fish play as one, but, if interested in bypassing the (indeed euphoric) peak to lock in on "peak" Phish musicianship, listen four times as a means to follow each musician and his unique contributions. If nothing else, more evidence that Trey loves "Plasma" just as much as we do.
2022-07-14 Weekapaug Mansfield, MA 9:47 -> from an excellent Plasma, Weekapaug makes another "Mike-less" surprise appearance here sans bass intro. Play beginning typically upbeat with strong Mike leads and Page moving quickly from clav to piano, then distinguishing itself as Trey turns on the "touch tone" effects and Page eventually responds with his synths. Fish and Mike keep the Groove anchored until taking a rare turn through a brief yet lush ska section before -> to Saw it Again.
2022-07-14 Saw It Again Mansfield, MA 6:18 Outro includes a brief but meaningful departure from the typical and seems to hint at "Fuego" before a deranged but pretty smooth -> to "Caspian".
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