Jam Chart for the state of IN (116 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
1990-11-10 Possum Richmond, IN 9:54 Very unusual and very exploratory (for "Possum") beginning of the jam with jazz-like Trey and "Foam" teases. Shredfest follows.
1993-08-13 Llama Indianapolis, IN 5:57 > in from "Lengthwise." Cool little Mike solo between Page and Trey. Brief exploratory jamming towards end of Trey's solo. Blistering finish.
1993-08-13 Foam Indianapolis, IN 9:20 -> in from "Makisupa." A fantastic segue. Jam begins with Mike soloing quietly, then Page joins him in a largely delicate duo (with Fish subtly keeping the beat). Trey's solo is similarly restrained. At 7:15, the volume comes back up for a exclamation point finale.
1993-08-13 Stash Indianapolis, IN 11:08 Very exploratory, but also remarkably musical. Lots of tension, but without so much chaos and dissonance.
1993-08-13 Bowie Indianapolis, IN 19:18 Long, very musically-oriented intro. Serious improvisation, but unlike many other strong versions, this one is far less dissonant and shrill. Rather, it is very rich musically, including little jams on "The Mango Song" and "Magilla."
1993-08-13 Gin Indianapolis, IN 15:49 Incredibly improvisational, Must-Hear "Gin," one of the best ever. After 83 mostly straightforward versions, the band in August '93 suddenly seizes upon "Gin's" jamming potential. This wild, racehorse version is fun, wacky, musically coherent, has multiple teases/jams, and segues seemlessly into "Ya Mar."
1993-08-13 Mike's Indianapolis, IN 12:24 A shredding 1st jam with good variation is followed by yet another improvisational but somewhat wacky 2nd jam. Here the band settles into some quiet, Mike-led play, before thematically rebuilding, with the band's weird chanting/screaming adding to its crazed nature.
1994-06-24 Reba Indianapolis, IN 13:45 Great theme out of the composed section, notable for really quiet and wholly unique playing. The band continues to explore and push boundaries, with the jam becoming "primal" and totally out of the ordinary. Very cool.
1994-06-24 Antelope Indianapolis, IN 19:56 Very improvisational and multi-faceted version with several distinct "Type II" sections, including an uplifting "DwD" jam near the end. Released as filler for Live Phish Vol. 10. A heavyweight among "Antelopes."
1994-11-19 YEM Bloomington, IN 2:12 Hugely improvisational version -> to "Vibration Of Life" in the opening segment. "Spooky" and "Can't You Hear Me Knocking" jams; highly irregular bass solo from Mike.
1994-11-19 Vibration of Life Bloomington, IN 2:05 -> in from the "YEM" opening segment. -> back to "YEM."
1994-11-19 YEM Bloomington, IN 24:06 -> in from "Vibration Of Life" to return to this improvisational "YEM" with "Spooky" and "Can't You Hear Me Knocking" jams; highly irregular bass solo from Mike.
1995-06-19 Theme Noblesville, IN 11:47 Although essentially "Type I," there is a high degree of melodic variation from Trey in this strong summer '95 version.
1995-06-19 Reba Noblesville, IN 16:12 Jamming both ethereal and measured builds from a pensive calm into a dreamy sort of intensity. Trey locks in upon a great, grooving theme. Strong work from Mike and Fish incites more fueled and focused soloing from Trey, which, offset by some impassioned Page, rises to a great release.
1995-06-19 Antelope Noblesville, IN 10:53 Dissonant version with a little brief funky Page action thrown in the mix before returning for a blistering peak.
1995-06-19 Bowie Noblesville, IN 23:19 -> in from "Simple." Cool, somewhat unusual jam that begins without all the usual thrashing and dissonance. Has some "MLB"-like jamming and gets out there as it progresses.
1995-06-19 YEM Noblesville, IN 23:30 Beautiful opening segment.
1995-06-19 Possum Noblesville, IN 13:58 Somewhat of an evil "Possum" that grows increasingly tense, dissonant and shrill, and includes an unusual stop.
1996-08-12 Esther Noblesville, IN 9:16 Exceptionally strong version featuring great solos and tight playing from all four musicians.
1996-08-12 It's Ice Noblesville, IN 9:52 Excellent percussion support from Fish in this choppy, discordant jam.
1996-08-12 Timber Ho Noblesville, IN 7:39 Set II opener. Excellent Deer Creek version with nice Fish and Page contributions. Transition to "Sparkle" once again.
1996-08-12 Antelope Noblesville, IN 12:29 Rhythmic variation plus good dissonance combine to put this intense version outside the box.
1996-08-12 Possum Noblesville, IN 14:06 Extended intro with cool funky Mike and Trey. Jam peaks at 10:30, then drops into dissonant mode before re-powering.
1996-08-13 Divided Noblesville, IN 16:10 Majestic and grand. Right up there with 10/31/94, just a different style and vibe. If you are a fan of Page's piano playing, this one is for you.
1996-08-13 Slave Noblesville, IN 12:19 Page stays on the piano throughout which gives this version a majesty similar to 12/30/93. Trey's restraint early on puts the spotlight nicely on Mike, Page, and Fish. Of course Trey makes a strong showing near the ending.
1996-08-13 Bag Noblesville, IN 10:31 Intense and hard rocking straightforward version. Great Trey and Page. > to "The Lizards."
1996-08-13 Mike's Noblesville, IN 22:47 A super-heavyweight, multi-section version features a 1st jam that includes exotic sounding scales and serious tension loading. At 9:05, the 2nd jam begins with intense, rhythmic rocking and swirling guitar play. By 15:30, the firestorm has cooled, and Page takes the lead on multiple keyboards as Trey opts for the mini kit, before a final cathartic conclusion, reinforced by the "Lifeboy" that follows.
1996-08-13 Weekapaug Noblesville, IN 8:18 Wrapping up an impressive "Groove," this version includes strong playing by Trey, funk, percussion, and Page on theremin. -> to "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" with Page on theremin.
1997-08-10 SOAMelt Noblesville, IN 17:32 Improvisational heavyweight version which breaks into a full jam on King Crimson's "Larks' Tongues In Aspic Part II" around 10:25. From there, it settles, then rebuilds into "SOAM" with a quick tempo and "Third Stone from the Sun" teasing. Released on Live Bait 12.
1997-08-10 Hood Noblesville, IN 14:35 Reaches a near-transcendent peak, and closes the first set in a brilliant fashion. Practically "HOSE." IT.
1997-08-10 Cities Noblesville, IN 23:00 Amazing jam that begins in heavy funk mode and transitions to a more quiet vibe before shifting into high gear with some serious rock and roll. The jam then breaks into some beautiful, peaceful and textured playing ("HOSE") before rebuilding into a powerful groove. -> into "GTBT." Must-hear.
1997-08-11 Maze Noblesville, IN 16:25 -> in from "Makisupa." Many of the later '90s versions are extended, but don't carry nearly the same punch as those from the '93 - '96 era. Not here though, this one is like getting teeth extracted, one by one and without novocaine: long and painful.
1997-08-11 Antelope Noblesville, IN 13:20 The jam veers away from the normal structure several times, adding tension and anticipation when it returns to "Antelope."
1997-08-11 Vultures Noblesville, IN 9:08 The band still toying with set placement, here, "Vultures" anchors the second set for the second time, and with great results. While a true appraisal will only coincide with the arrival of a crisper AUD (or SBD!), what IS clear is that Trey has grown comfortable playing within the "confines" of the composition's compact form, his soloing crisp and rich with both discordant and melodic variation, and really impressive phrasing.
1997-08-11 YEM Noblesville, IN 27:17 Weird jam segment and vocal close. (No B&D.)
1998-08-02 Boogie On Noblesville, IN 7:26 Funk groove that sticks close to the "Boogie on" theme and features great contributions from all band members, especially Fishman.
1998-08-02 Possum Noblesville, IN 11:05 "Manteca"-like jamming, lots of great Page on the B-3, and very strong Mike and Trey. Fun version with a > to "Ghost."
1998-08-02 Ghost Noblesville, IN 19:03 Rock star Page driving the mothership into deep outer space. [Follows the typical format, but with great contributions by Page and Mike. Then after 14:30, the jam breaks into an excellent electro-rock groove wich gradually recedes.]
1998-08-03 Halley's Noblesville, IN 20:15 A "Nancy" double shot, with "Halley's" -> "I Didn't Know." A Mike and Fish led funky, percussive jam initially springs out. From there, at least 3 distinct movements develop in a masterful, wide-ranging opus which includes "A Love Supreme" tease from Page.
1998-08-03 Moma Noblesville, IN 10:26 A somewhat abbreviated intro leads to a funky, creative jam segment that's longer than you'd guess from the song's timing. "Sunshine of Your Love"-like jamming by Trey towards the end (9:30).
1998-08-03 Gumbo Noblesville, IN 16:43 Funky super groove with a lot of "Manteca" teases. Very melodic Trey before an awesome "Manteca" ending. Page rage throughout. One of the strongest versions ever.
1998-08-03 LxL Noblesville, IN 11:34 Fantastic version that has it all: delicate, intricate playing, a quiet tempered section that builds to a glorious peak, and then an orchestrated downshift concluding with serene, ambient space.
1999-07-25 Makisupa Noblesville, IN 4:15 The typically good natured "Makisupa" takes a comedic turn into "Happy Birthday" to celebrate CK5's birthday, replete with "rasta style" playing, a Mike bass solo, humor from Trey and Fish, and a CK5 light solo.
1999-07-25 Happy Birthday Noblesville, IN 4:15 "Happy Birthday" (first version since 9/30/91) to CK5 as the meat of a goofy "Makisupa" sandwich.
1999-07-25 Makisupa Noblesville, IN 0:45 "Makisupa" resumes to complete a fun filled birthday sandwich version in honor of CK5.
1999-07-25 Boogie On Noblesville, IN 10:43 Extended funk groove. Mike holds it down while Page and Trey play off each other very well. Returns to the "Boogie on" theme at 10 minutes.
1999-07-25 BOAF Noblesville, IN 19:08 An excellent, upbeat and uplifting jam develops beyond "Birds" proper. The jam then gets dark and brooding before -> into "Walk Away."
1999-07-25 Antelope Noblesville, IN 16:26 Viewed as a groove-based jam, there is a lot of improvisation going on including some great syncopated jamming (which occurs again in the excellent "Suzy" that follows). But compared to versions from 1994 and earlier, there is no radical departure from the basic song structure other than a brief settle. For this period however, it stands out.
1999-07-25 Suzy Noblesville, IN 10:05 Awesome version that Includes a jam based on Stevie Wonder's "I Wish" and a syncopated jam built around Page.
1999-07-25 Loving Cup Noblesville, IN 8:40 They can encore with this amazing version any time they want! Fantastic climax in the jam, and a short bonus outro-jam!
1999-07-26 Gumbo Noblesville, IN 9:20 Standard "Gumbo" jam breaks down into a nice ambient jam. Trey sets some loops with Page adding beautiful piano. Segues nicely into "NICU."
1999-07-26 Wolfman's Noblesville, IN 17:20 The jam moves beyond the conventional structure at 9:00 into several sections of high quality improvisation. > to "Piper."
1999-07-26 Theme Noblesville, IN 14:06 Soaring, but essentially a straightforward version has an elongated concluding section with a > to "DwD."
1999-07-26 Jam Noblesville, IN 5:49 > in from "DwD." This spacey jam is dominated by heavy feedback from Trey. At the very end, Fish starts up the rhythm for "2001," but Mike takes control, leading the band with a -> to "SOAM."
2000-07-11 Drowned Noblesville, IN 16:22 A very cool jam with great Fish and Mike in this upbeat, funky version that transitions into "Chalkdust Torture Reprise."
2000-07-11 Chalk Dust Torture Reprise Noblesville, IN 2:33 Fun little ditty, and very unlike big brother "CDT" makes only its second appearance ever, transitioning in through a series of stops at the end of a funky version of "Drowned." The third and final version (so far) of "CDT Reprise" was played as final encore (following "Moby Dick," of course) at this thematic show.
2000-07-11 CDT Noblesville, IN 9:14 Raging version follows the extremely rare appearance (2nd performance ever) of "Chalk Dust Torture Reprise."
2000-07-11 2001 Noblesville, IN 12:53 A quintessential version of "2001" that kicks off an all-timer of a second set. No "Moby Dick" teases needed, Trey and Mike are killer in the second jam.
2000-07-12 Tube Noblesville, IN 7:38 Begins with Trey on the mini keyboard before he locks into a melody on the guitar.
2000-07-12 BOAF Noblesville, IN 10:09 Sure it's all "Type I," but this is a very well played, straight out rocking version.
2000-07-12 Piper Noblesville, IN 13:18 A typically high octane '00 version with an insanely intense jam between verses settles into quick tempo, intense groove. Things gradually settle down, followed by some quieter play with good Mike/Fish teaming and spacey effects from Page and Trey.
2000-07-12 C&P Noblesville, IN 14:05 Fishman kicks off the jamming courtesy of wood block hits, and a tight groove yields way to upbeat Clavinet work from Page. Around 7:00 the groove becomes sparser and begins to evolve, culminating at 9:15 where the jam gives way to a gentle ambient bed. As noted by @suprstevie, the conclusion is excellent. Fish backs out, leaving Mike, Trey, and Page to take turns adding dense creamy layers of heaven to the bliss cake. Feedback-drenched sustain tones build a patient and quiet full band effort to place a final statement on the jam. > "Caspian"
2003-07-21 Stash Noblesville, IN 13:43 Not way out there, but has some good moments that stretch beyond normal "Stash" (8:45 - 11:45) and a solid finish.
2003-07-21 BOAF Noblesville, IN 11:11 Leaves standard "Birds" behind at about 5:20 and breaks into an up-tempo, upbeat jam that also has moments of a darker sentiment. There's a brief return to "Birds" proper, before Page leads a quiet section that > into "Mike's Song."
2003-07-21 Weekapaug Noblesville, IN 11:24 Searing hot "Type I" play through 5:00, then the jam settles into some excellent exploratory and rocking play with great percussive action from Fish and Mike. Returning to "Weekapaug," the conclusion has an unusual rave-up ending.
2003-07-21 Taste Noblesville, IN 11:14 The energy and power start to build at the end of Trey's solo, then he settles everyone back down for a bit before rallying the band into an overdrive finale.
2003-07-21 46 Days Noblesville, IN 14:46 Jam moves on from the typical hard driving standard to some really serene, quiet thoughtful space. With lots of little twists and turns, this one is very improvisational. > to "Tweezer."
2003-07-22 Gumbo Noblesville, IN 16:49 Dark monster of a jam. Goes between dark and uplifting segments. Some very nice playing from Trey throughout. Really shows off the strength of the 2.0 era.
2003-07-22 SOAMelt Noblesville, IN 23:10 Multi-section improvisational jam starts off dark and evil and becomes more rocking and uptempo. The only gripe is wading through 12 minutes of ho-hum "Type I" playing before the good stuff starts. -> to a solid "Free."
2003-07-23 Scents and Subtle Sounds Noblesville, IN 20:32 Show opener morphs from the standard, sedate outro jam into an intense, multi-faceted jam with an incredible and powerful peaking section.
2003-07-23 Sneakin' Sally Noblesville, IN 15:34 First post Hiatus performance. Band breaks into a very rhythmic, though not overly percussive jam coming out of "Sally" proper. Mildly funky, this version has a somewhat dark sentiment, and builds energy near the end.
2003-07-23 DwD Noblesville, IN 20:32 Some beautiful major key jamming at first, a "CYHMK" tease, then it gets a little more dark and intense. There is some very good modulation of intensity as the jam progresses and > to "Coil" with no return to "DwD."
2003-07-23 Antelope Noblesville, IN 14:42 Gets into a nice swinging, upbeat movement at 5:20 which continues until about 9:00 before getting back to "Antelope." Few versions since 1995 get as far removed from the basic "Antelope" jam as this one.
2004-06-23 Gin Noblesville, IN 18:25 The customary "Gin" jam breaks into a low-key groove which eventually returns to "Gin" to end.
2004-06-23 Nothing Noblesville, IN 10:40 You wouldn't expect a song like "Nothing" to yield such a brooding jam, although considering the date, it may not be a complete surprise. Either way, this improvisational version is a unique experience, and concludes with a long tug-of-war segue -> "46 Days".
2004-06-23 Scents and Subtle Sounds Noblesville, IN 12:16 No intro. At first sedate and soothing, the jam grows increasingly dissonant and tension filled, with an almost growly anger to it. Very improvisational version that includes an "NO2" tease.
2004-06-24 Loving Cup Noblesville, IN 7:30 A rager to open the show!
2004-06-24 DwD Noblesville, IN 17:35 Nice easy-going rhythmic groove which eventually morphs into a celebratory jam before -> "Rock And Roll."
2004-06-24 Tube Noblesville, IN 12:40 Extended rocking groove held together by Mike and Fish with Page and Trey adding texture and melody over top.
2004-06-24 Timber Ho Noblesville, IN 9:29 A stormy and intense version in which Trey and Fish take the mule for an extended ride.
2004-06-24 WotC Noblesville, IN 12:23 "Type I" version includes a "DwD" jam from 9:10 - 10:25.
2009-06-19 ASIHTOS Noblesville, IN 10:56 Standard rendition until the jam takes a turn towards a beatless ambience drenched by Page's synth, which grows loosely percussive and upbeat. > to "Drowned."
2009-06-19 Twist Noblesville, IN 9:29 A settled section follows the standard jam, which leads to some "CYHMK"-like jamming, then some free form improvisation before returning to "Twist" to conclude.
2009-06-19 Tweezer Noblesville, IN 12:44 A very good jam eventually segues into a spacey interlude before "2001" kicks in.
2010-08-12 Roggae Noblesville, IN 9:25 Very good, upbeat and crescendo oriented jam section.
2010-08-12 Fee Noblesville, IN 5:14 First appearance of the megaphone since 2/25/97. Also includes sirens at the beginning and end of the song.
2012-06-28 Curtain With Noblesville, IN 13:50 The Curtain section is well-executed, with notably strong Mike and Fish. The With jam features great Trey and Page interplay - not exactly call and response, but Trey plays a few licks, then Page responds with thoughts of his own. As the jam develops, they play simultaneously, each offering similar, yet distinct musical collages, while Fish and Mike adeptly keep the rhythm machine chugging along. A solid version start to finish.
2012-06-28 McGrupp Noblesville, IN 9:37 The rest of the band, particularly Trey, plays along during Page's solo, and there is some nice interplay between the two. Stepping into the lead, Trey migrates from the melodic to some mildly dissonant, atonal scales near the conclusion of this fine version.
2012-06-28 BOTT Noblesville, IN 10:12 Nice departure from the crescendo oriented "BOTTs" of '10 - '11. This jam begins in "plinko" mode, modulates to a great Page-led section (very unusual for "BOTT"), and ends unfinished with some dissonant space. -> to "HYHU."
2012-06-28 Waves Noblesville, IN 12:25 Delicate and beautifully played at first, the jam has growing intensity, and then leaves the "Waves" ranch altogether with several movements that skirt around the perimeter of "Waves" proper. Unfinished with > to "Bug."
2012-06-29 DwD Noblesville, IN 14:45 High quality jam develops that is dark and brooding at first, but grows increasingly upbeat and intense. > to "Sand."
2012-06-29 Sand Noblesville, IN 10:19 Coming out of a very good "Disease," the jam is a tight, rhythmic groove with "Walk This Way" and "Weekapaug" teases from Trey. Segues into "Twist."
2012-06-29 Gin Noblesville, IN 8:07 > in from "Rift." Despite its brevity, this version has some fantastic and unusual improvisation and includes a "Twist" quote and an "On Broadway" tease from Trey. With a -> to "Fluffhead," this is a great, old-school triple combo.
2016-06-26 Light Noblesville, IN 14:36 Quickly maneuvers into a relaxed zone with Trey on MuTron, then climbs into blissful major key at Page's insistence and then beautifully slides into space. Page's clavinet really does some work at the end.
2021-08-06 Wolfman's Noblesville, IN 12:02 The jam follows a fairly typical funky and crunchy path until around 8:00, when lift off is achieved. A strong peak ensues before downshifting to close.
2021-08-06 Sand Noblesville, IN 14:14 The actual "Sand" proper is taken at a slower and milkshake-thick pace, and the band luxuriates in the usual "Sand" jam until about the 7:30 mark, when Trey hits on a particularly gorgeous major-key riff and the band follows him to a very pretty space. Page's work on the keys and Mike's rock-steady accompaniment are what to look out for here. Pretty strong peak at the end, too.
2021-08-06 WotC Noblesville, IN 12:28 Fish adds an extended flourish on the snare at 7:02, which is only a brief look at his fantastic work during this version. He's matched by some aggressive play from Trey in a jam that stays within the bounds of the song.
2021-08-06 Blaze On Noblesville, IN 27:07 The first of the two monster jams upon which the reputation of 8/6/21 II sits. Immediately moves into a more low-key zone out of the usual jam, with Page stepping to the forefront on both electric piano and synths and Mike adding some real hip-shaking funkiness to the proceedings. Trey finds a new key, but the funkiness stays intact as Fish kicks into a new gear, and then Trey finds a really neat riff and the band catches on as the jam molds itself around that tropically flavored riff. The jam grows in power and then moves into another danceable segment at Mike's urging, with Trey moving to his effects, then Page goes major key and the band dances around "Mind Left Body" once again before hitting a superb peak and heading home. Absolutely majestic version.
2021-08-06 Simple Noblesville, IN 23:31 Why we travel from points far and wide to Noblesville, Indiana. Pick a timestamp. 6.37 finds Trey alighting upon a lovely, carefree vibe. Jump to 10.35, and the band is moving through a passage of gnarly, tripped-up disco funk. 12.45 finds Trey (and listen to Page!) working his pedals like it's 1995. Or something. 15.15 features Trey shearing sound, the band deep in psychedelic play that makes recent Melts blush (the focus / the cohesion). Pick a point and it just might be your favorite .... Before the band, taking a victory lap, returns to simply sing us back home.
2021-08-07 Stash Noblesville, IN 16:13 Makes a significant departure from "Stash" proper into largely nonformulaic bliss, save for a minute-long rock section from 11:00 - 12:00. Trey's ascending swells at 12:30 are a highlight, after which a few delayed riffs and a push for -> "NICU" from Fish ultimately leads back home at 14:30.
2021-08-07 Everything's Right Noblesville, IN 21:54 Trey and Mike lead the band into a muscular groove out of the usual "Everything's Right" jam, which gets darker and nastier as Page goes to his synths and Fish switches up the beat. Trey finds a new key and the jam gets weird and alien-sounding in that Summer 2021 way we all know and love, with Page on piano keeping things somewhat grounded, then Fish snaps into a brand new groove and they build to a neat peak. The jam then collapses into an atonal free-jazz zone, Fish really enjoying himself, before the band goes back to "Everything's Right" proper.
2021-08-07 C&P Noblesville, IN 11:05 Mainly distinguished by Trey fiddling with his effects before Mike moves things into the blissful upbeat hose zone, but once they get there the band really guns the engines and builds up the jam quite nicely. Trey hits on a cool repeating note pattern, and the jam peaks well, before returning to "Crosseyed" proper, with Fish throwing in some of his own effects for fun. Dies away, then > into a nifty reprise of "What's The Use?", played the song before.
2021-08-08 Mike's Noblesville, IN 12:22 A neat first-set surprise, Trey mixing in some soupy effects right away, then making a surprise move to more upbeat waters, with Page complementing him nicely on electric piano. Fish really does some work in this warm and anthemic jam segment, including a particularly ferocious drum fill at the 8:30 mark. Neatly slides back into "Mike's Song" proper to finish up. No second jam, but a pretty darn good first jam.
2021-08-08 Twist Noblesville, IN 3:30 The start of a wild segue/jam sequence, as right out of the song proper Trey -> directly into "Makisupa Policeman".
2021-08-08 Makisupa Noblesville, IN 0:56 -> out of "Twist" as part of a wild segue/jam sequence. Trey swaps in "Sally" (as in "Sneakin' Sally") into the lyrics.
2021-08-08 Twist Noblesville, IN 0:56 Trey sharply swerves out of "Makisupa Policeman" back into "Twist", which the band briefly plays before -> back into "Makisupa Policeman".
2021-08-08 Makisupa Noblesville, IN 8:31 -> back out of "Twist". Trey throws in some verbal and musical quotes from songs played earlier in the set. Page fires up a sample from "Martian Monster", and the band vamps on a combination "Makisupa"/"Martian Monster" groove, then the jam gets darker and more powerful, with a blast of feedback auguring this dark turn. Trey stirs up the witches' brew, with Mike adding some nice color, as the band rips into a fiery jam reminiscent of the heavy-duty 12/31/15 "Twist", before collapsing somewhat anticlimactically into "Twist" proper.
2021-08-08 Twist Noblesville, IN 1:25 -> out of the "Makisupa Policeman" jam. An amusingly anticlimactic end to a really strong and weird piece of music from a really strong and weird show.
2022-06-03 Mull Noblesville, IN 11:37 A surprise is in store for those expecting the "Mike song" of the set to be standard fare (it was his birthday, after all). Mike and Trey are both in attack mode, which sets the stage for Mull getting its first extended treatment. If you like jams from out-of-the-box songs, this is for you.
2022-06-03 Ruby Waves Noblesville, IN 11:01 "Ruby Waves" asserted itself early as a Phish staple, and the song's versatility, as evinced on 12/30/19, and again, here, seemingly cements its status as part of the new Phish order. Powerhouse play, replete with "Lizards" licks and impassioned improvisation, creates, a la "CDT," a new sort of joy, erasing anything by way of sentimentality and flips the set, which unfurls as if from an earlier era.
2022-06-04 STFTFP Noblesville, IN 8:58 The longest version of STFTFP up to this date stays mostly within the bounds of the song, save the "Odd Couple" tease. Trey's play is soaring in this very strong version of the song. > into "Runaway Jim."
2022-06-04 SOAMelt Noblesville, IN 11:37 For a song that has become, essentially, a sonic playground, what remains remarkable is that, post lyrics, what emerges is no mere template. Like so many recent iterations, full-band exploration and improvisation is unlike any previous version. More than words, this first-set closer deserves repeated listening.
2022-06-04 YEM Noblesville, IN 23:55 Among the slowest versions in Phish history, this version grooves along admirably but really cooks after two mins of vocal jamming, when Trey and Fish begin a second jam segment, which "goes type II" before seguing into "A Wave Of Hope."
2022-06-04 A Wave of Hope Noblesville, IN 17:59 Coming on the heels of a noteworthy "YEM" this promising jamming debut brims with positivity as it unfurls over nigh 18 minutes and reaches a gleaming peak.
2022-06-04 Maze Noblesville, IN 10:02 Debut of the slow arrangement (a la "Llama"). It remains to be seen if we will be graced with another rendition or if this was a one-time entrapment.
2022-06-05 Sand Noblesville, IN 33:44 Longest version to date breaks away at 7:00 and never looks back, blending multiple bliss sections with darker-tinged synth/delay play (including a "Crosseyed" tease from Mike at 12:00) all within the first twenty minutes. Shortly before 22:00 a tidal wave of sound starts building as the jam crests in a series of massive peaks, after which a final easy-going segment serves as an effective exhale.
Jam chart versions are selected because of improvisational and other characteristics that distinguish these from typical versions of the song.
The jam chart team has highlighted some versions with a yellow background; these are the versions the team believes to be especially improvisational, or otherwise notable.
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