Jam Chart for the state of AL (42 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
1991-03-08 Stash Tuscaloosa, AL 9:15 First version that really stretches beyone standard "Stash." Somewhat dissonant, with interesting Trey soloing.
1991-03-08 Tweezer Tuscaloosa, AL 6:46 INSANE version, with an extra guitarist and a trombonist from Aquarium Rescue Unit. Includes "DEG" with Trey uttering McArthur Park lyrics.
1991-03-08 DEG Tuscaloosa, AL 1:05 -> in from "Tweezer." "DEG" is sandwiched inside "Tweezer" with ARU playing alongside.
1991-03-08 Tweezer Tuscaloosa, AL 2:27 -> in from "DEG" to complete this "Tweezer."
1991-11-08 Brother Tuscaloosa, AL 6:14 The Wailing Banshee version. With "Brother," more twisted and mind exploding = better.
1991-11-08 Weekapaug Tuscaloosa, AL 8:17 An improvisational jam for this period includes contrasting dissonant/upbeat sentiments and a cool swinging section beginning at 5:20, which includes Trey chanting "A slice of pizza" and "A bucket of lard" several times. Charlie Chan and Simpsons signals taboot.
1991-11-08 Jam Tuscaloosa, AL 0:57 > in from "JJLC." Dissonant intro jam for the Dude of Life (Steve Pollak) precedes the Dude singing vocals on "Self."
1994-05-02 SOAMelt Birmingham, AL 9:12 "MLB"-like jamming by Trey early, followed by an intense, improvisational, high tempo and super-charged jam.
1994-05-02 Runaway Jim Birmingham, AL 7:51 Great, growly tone from Trey, the jam building and bettering as Fish propels the intensity. Trey's play becomes truly dynamic, with great rhythmic melodic variation offset by huge, sweeping sustain. And Fish just crushes his cymbals.
1994-05-02 Jam Birmingham, AL 11:30 Oteil Burbridge on bass and Stacy Starkweather on stand-up bass. Experimental jam with instrument switching -> in from "Mike's Song," and includes Trey on drums, Fish on keyboard, and some scat vocals from Oteil.
1994-10-15 2001 Pelham, AL 4:57 Hilarious intro, then P-Funk "Flashlight" sickness jam.
1994-10-15 Runaway Jim Pelham, AL 10:17 Dissonant version departs from "Jim" around 7:00 into weird chanting, howling, and screaming by Trey and Fish.
1994-10-15 YEM Pelham, AL 11:55 In addition to a crazy vocal jam, the "YEM" jam -> to "Catapult" mid stream.
1994-10-15 Catapult Pelham, AL 0:38 -> in from "YEM." "Catapult" is sandwiched in the "YEM" jam. -> back to "YEM."
1994-10-15 YEM Pelham, AL 10:14 -> in from "Catapult," which is sandwiched in this "YEM." Crazy vocal jam!
1999-09-28 Sneakin' Sally Pelham, AL 8:54 Swirling, funky and laid back jam in this "Sally."
1999-09-28 Farmhouse Pelham, AL 6:52 The jam here starts out strongly and improves from there. "Rockstar" Trey is on display in this excellent version, taking advantage of multiple opportunities to add shredding color with his uniquely '99 style and tone.
1999-09-28 Tweezer Pelham, AL 15:39 Very beautiful ending to a strong jam that resembles 9/18/99 quite a bit but without the intensity.
1999-09-28 Makisupa Pelham, AL 8:16 This has an extended jam, as many in '99 do with whistling in the long jam segment. Some nice melodic playing from Mike, including a passage that sounds quite a bit like "Stir It Up" after the six minute mark.
1999-09-28 YEM Pelham, AL 22:11 Unusually upbeat "Sweet Home Alabama" VJ. (No B&D.)
2012-08-24 R&R Pelham, AL 15:55 Very good, multi-part jam. Begins in a snappy, rocking mode with a good "Live And Let Die" tease, grows in power, then mellows with a -> to "Lizards."
2014-08-01 DwD Orange Beach, AL 19:46 Following some quality "Type I" playing, the jam veers away at 9:00, shifting to minor mode and exploring some quieter realms. At 12:40, the mode shifts back to major, and the jam builds to an inspired peak, followed by additional tension-filled exploration.
2015-08-02 DwD Tuscaloosa, AL 18:52 The jam works away from "DwD" with a raw, dark tone, then shifts to some smooth, cheery and rhythmic play, which some hear as "Piper"-like. The energy and buoyant sense ramps up, and then the jam gradually recedes to quiet, brooding interplay.
2015-08-02 Seven Below Tuscaloosa, AL 10:26 One of the more interesting "Type I" renderings of this song that you will find. Trey sprinkles enough of his new summer toy, the Mutron peddle, to spice this one up. Page, Fish, and Mike stay pretty close to home, providing a great foundation for Trey to be more than adventurous on his solo. From the middle section, they ease seamlessly back into the main theme of the song.
2021-07-30 BOTT Pelham, AL 6:29 While Trey always seems at ease playing "BOTT," the first of several Summer 21 fire versions may be the finest, featuring deft and nimble musicianship that carries over into other Phish classics like "Foam" and "Fluffhead." Page's impossibly fun work on the Wurlitzer makes recommending this jam a no-brainer.
2021-07-30 Carini Pelham, AL 24:59 The first of several strong outings for "Carini" in Summer '21 and the longest version to date is chock-full of melodious interplay in all stages and features key elements that would reappear as signature sounds of the tour - namely Trey's octave down throaty tone and quickfire delay riffs. At 19:30 Trey pushes for a more familiar peaking section but it pays off handsomely thanks to some expertly delivered trills.
2021-07-30 Golden Age Pelham, AL 11:55 Doesn't stray very far from the usual boundaries of "Golden Age", but does make feints towards "Mind Left Body" and features some very fancy rhythmic games from Fishman and lovely piano work from Page before very briefly blooming into major key and settling into "Mountains in the Mist".
2022-05-27 Soul Planet Orange Beach, AL 17:38 A handful of peaks scattered about a casual stroll through multiple musical ideas, both major and minor. Towards the back end, the jam becomes upbeat and bubbly and segues -> into "Quadrophonic Toppling".
2022-05-27 Quadrophonic Toppling Orange Beach, AL 1:57 Emerges -> out "Soul Planet's" jam for only its second full-throated performance alongside a bevy of Fish's samples and -> back to "Soul Planet".
2022-05-27 Soul Planet Orange Beach, AL 1:11 -> from "Quadrophonic Toppling" to bookend "Soul Planet's" jam.
2022-05-27 CDT Orange Beach, AL 17:03 -> out of "SaSS". Goes grimy and effects-laden right out of the verses, Mike stepping to the forefront, then moves into a low-key upbeat groove. Things grow hazy and warm, almost ambient, and Fish picks up the pace to change the tenor of the jam. Page lays on the synths thick and heavy and something out of a monster movie soundtrack emerges, before Trey steers the jam back to "CDT" for the ending. Heavy stuff.
2022-05-28 Sigma Oasis Orange Beach, AL 18:41 In a string of strong openers, Sigma Oasis gets the extended treatment for the second time. Soaring play from Trey kicks the jam off, which gives way to a breakdown jam. Mike is inventive and creative throughout.
2022-05-28 Free Orange Beach, AL 10:44 Some dirty chord work from Trey nudges the jam out of the usual bass-guitar duel into a into a full-on barrage of synths and effects creating a killer atmospheric groove. Filthy, filthy version.
2022-05-28 Golden Age Orange Beach, AL 18:39 Takes a little bit of time to get going, but then resolves into a funky and bouncy jam not far away from "YPC", grows in power slowly and steadily, and nicely peaks before heading home. As with the 8/11/21 "BOAF" or 11/23/97 "Gin", finds its pocket and stays in it to very nice effect.
2022-05-29 Character Zero Orange Beach, AL 12:54 Surprise show opener (take a look at 7/3/10 for kicks), the band shows their renewed interest in what, since 96, has primarily been a set, however rocking, holder. Fun, focused, and effects-laden, the improvisation is what we've come to expect from Phish: Effortless. Cool, introspective play seems built to spill to inform a notable "Mike's Song."
2022-05-29 Mike's Orange Beach, AL 10:45 > from an unexpected, massive "Character Zero." Fish hits the "Beaver" sample early and that kicks off a "Mike's Groove" that will last the rest of the set. The jam gets to an upbeat, feel-good bliss place before returning to what you'd expect from a Mike's jam. > to "Bouncing Around the Room."
2022-05-29 KDF Orange Beach, AL 11:47 Do not let the time stamp or placement fool you. Around 6:30 in, the jam shifts to light and airy interplay with major key dominance that then turns to effects-and-synth-driven goop and grime. Eventually comes back to finish and end on the "Kill Devil Falls" theme.
2022-05-29 Tweezer Orange Beach, AL 22:13 Jam is fairly straightforward for the first few minutes, but then there's a key modulation (type II activity afoot) and a funkaliciously melodic bridge of sorts occurs, before Page hops on the synth and Trey deploys some echoflex and then envelope filter effects. Soon melodic tension builds--slllowwwly though--courtesy of Page Mike and Trey, until there's a massive Floyd-esque echoplextastic dissonant sustained release/peak, of sorts. OF SORTS. Make no mistake: communities of ALIENS were contacted during this jam.
2023-07-11 CDT Huntsville, AL 10:42 The versatile "CDT" takes its role as the high-energy set closer in this instance and does everything you'd expect. Trilling, frenetic play from Trey gives way to a momentary slowdown, only for the tempo to immediately ratchet back up. A fun, rollicking version.
2023-07-12 Sigma Oasis Huntsville, AL 16:29 A gritty, sweaty take that bakes in southern heat before opening into a cooler sonic space that bubbles to a rolling peak and simmers to conclusion.
2023-07-12 Fuego Huntsville, AL 18:52 Don't bother looking for Vikings, but listen early for a flourish from Page that kicks off a rush of play, gathering the rest of the band and using the momentum to catalyze a slowly fermenting brew of synth and effects from which the four friends extract an echo-laden groove that -> "Piper".
2023-07-12 Mercury Huntsville, AL 15:56 Almost from the start of the jam segment Trey appears to have a sense of the melodic theme he wants to explore. Within only a few minutes he begins repetitively strumming in a life-affirming, charming, Franklin's Tower-esque way, over grand accompaniment, and then his solo soars and peaks in a delicate, seemingly restrained way, and just when you might wonder if The Hose was at play, he cools the groove down and a drawn-out segue into -> Free occurs.
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