Jam Chart for Weekapaug Groove (138 entries)

Date City Timing Notes
1988-07-23 Underhill, VT 6:36 Debut. First version is played at a slightly slower tempo and includes an additional, unknown percussionist. Nice Trey shredding on the first go around, plus a "Mike's Song" vocal refrain and jazzy ending.
1988-11-05 Clinton, NY 6:02 Rousing and uplifting straightforward version. The "Mike's Song" refrain near the end has been dropped, and the modern closing chords appear.
1989-12-16 Burlington, VT 6:38 Trey shreds the jam in this rip-roaring version which includes a Theme from Bonanza tease.
1990-03-01 New Haven, CT 5:53 Thoroughly ripping early version which again includes a Theme from Bonanza tease.
1990-06-07 Washington, DC 7:26 Dissonant jam with lots of "DEG"-like jamming.
1990-09-16 Middletown, CT 6:43 Why he is called Machine Gun Trey.
1990-10-07 Sayreville, NJ 6:12 Jam has some interesting key changes as well as the expected 1990-style Machine Gun Trey rapid fire action.
1991-07-12 Keene, NH 6:00 Great jazzy Mike in the intro, then from about 3:00 - 3:45, the jam takes on an atypical but melodic and uplifting feel.
1991-10-13 Olympia, WA 5:18 A dissonant and exotic sounding jam, almost like Trey is layering the "Brother" jam on top of "Weekapaug."
1991-11-08 Tuscaloosa, AL 8:17 An improvisational jam for this period includes contrasting dissonant/upbeat sentiments and a cool swinging section beginning at 5:20, which includes Trey chanting "A slice of pizza" and "A bucket of lard" several times. Charlie Chan and Simpsons signals taboot.
1991-11-19 New Britain, CT 6:45 Melodic jam includes teases of "Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered" (really more of a jam) and "Divided Sky," as well as expected Machine Gun Trey action.
1991-11-21 Somerville, MA 10:12 First "Weekapaug" to really break out into an extended improvisational jam, with significant exploratory play, an excellent tease/jam of "On Broadway," signals, a fiery peak, and multiple endings.
1992-03-20 Binghamton, NY 9:56 A wild and improvisational version with all sorts of good stuff: strong Mike in the intro, unusual play and a vocal jam of sorts, exploratory play that gets well beyond standard fare, signals, an "On Broadway" tease, and sick, sick playing by Trey.
1992-04-16 Isla Vista, CA 8:00 Unusually restrained, sublime and enchanting playing by Trey. Mike is louder in the mix, and this interesting combination makes for a spellbinding version.
1992-04-19 Santa Cruz, CA 9:49 The first segment begins in familiar style but also includes an atypically tense movement to go along with impressive straightforward jamming. Then, a settled, quieter section develops in the middle before blasting back into "Weekapaug" proper and closing with a vocal jam.
1992-04-21 Eureka, CA 8:56 Simmers at a rather low intensity early on with Trey's playing noticeably restrained. The jam works its way into an improvisational segment with building tension, after which the expected musical fireworks go off. Includes teases of "Happy Birthday to You" and "Linus and Lucy" as well as a birthday announcement from Trey.
1992-04-24 Portland, OR 7:35 An unusual vocal jam occurs alongside "On Broadway" teasing, followed by a rocking and intense jam, which is unfinished, and -> to "The Mango Song."
1992-05-07 Cleveland, OH 8:17 Cool and atypical jam that includes a stop, some key changing, rhythmic change-ups, a quiet calm, and an explosive and raging return to the typical ending.
1992-05-14 Port Chester, NY 4:57 Very cool jam, with a "Jimmy Crack Corn" tease/jam, then a -> to "Wait", which is excellent and includes a "Call To The Post" tease, followed by a -> back to "Weekapaug" to wrap up an improvisational and excellent version.
1992-05-14 Port Chester, NY 3:39 -> in from an excellent "Wait" sandwich to wrap up a great and entertaining "Weekapaug."
1992-05-18 Burlington, VT 7:38 The jam is creative and very different, including solid use of tension and dissonance to help make the peak all the sweeter.
1992-07-16 Richmond, VA 8:03 1992 is a solid year for "Weekapaug." Just check out this excellent, improvisational version which includes a "Blue Bayou" tease/jam and lots of other good stuff.
1992-08-17 San Juan Capistrano, CA 7:55 An excellent quiet section is colored with mildly dissonant play by Trey, strong rhythmic fills from Fish, and good interplay with Page. Then tension builds before bursting into a ripping straightforward peak.
1992-12-03 Cincinnati, OH 7:15 Although essentially straightforward, it has a cool quiet section, then atypical melodies from Trey which serve to crank up the tension as the jam builds to a frothy peak.
1992-12-05 Chicago, IL 8:17 A really great breakdown jam occurs between 3:45 - 6:50, with Page on the B-3 and Fish nicely accenting the rhythm. Builds intensity, returns to the norm, and -> to "HYHU."
1992-12-31 Boston, MA 9:39 Beginning around 4:00, the jam settles into an improvisational section with excellent contributions by all four. After returning to the standard, the jam features intense and top notch "Type I" rocking.
1993-02-04 Providence, RI 9:09 After some "TMWSIY" teasing, the jam immediately launches into exploratory territory, with several great little breakdown sections. Add that it's Page's first "Weekapaug" on the baby grand (which sounds awesome) and some fun "Push Th' Little Daisies" teases and vocals at the end, and you have a great start to '93.
1993-02-06 New York, NY 7:40 An improvisational section begins at 4:40, with really great Mike and Page playing. Then Trey adds electric energy to the mix as the jam returns home to conclude.
1993-02-09 Rochester, NY 9:51 The jam goes "Type II" almost immediately, seamlesessly alternating between standard melodic "Weekapaug" jamming and sparser, dissonant sections found throughout '93 and '94. Very strong improvisation within the context of "Weekapaug."
1993-02-20 Atlanta, GA 2:57 A strong "Type I" version of "Weekapaug" that passes through "Have Mercy" and a "Rock and Roll All Nite" jam in the midst of one of the craziest tease and segue-fests of the band's career.
1993-02-20 Atlanta, GA 1:01 -> in from "Have Mercy" as this incredible tease and segue-fest "Mike's Groove" continues and -> to "Rock and Roll All Nite."
1993-02-20 Atlanta, GA 1:32 -> in from "Rock and Roll All Nite" to wrap up an incredible "Mike's Groove."
1993-02-23 Orlando, FL 2:01 Another strong Spring '93 version that bookends the debut of "Nellie Kane" -- the second half is particularly hot, and -> "HYHU."
1993-02-23 Orlando, FL 2:10 -> in from the debut of "Nellie Kane" to conclude a strong '93 "Weekapaug."
1993-02-27 Gainesville, FL 7:34 After four minutes of standard but white hot "Weekapaug" jamming, Page and Trey drop into a sparser section with "Alumni Blues"-like riffing, before bringing back the main "Groove" and finishing on a high note.
1993-03-03 New Orleans, LA 10:02 This New Orleans rendition swings through a speedy "Smoke on the Water"-like section before rebuilding to a strong "Weekapaug" climax.
1993-03-05 Dallas, TX 10:00 Strong varied and experimental jamming with multiple sections. Fish earns his stripes keeping the rhythm in check while keeping pace with the mind of Trey. The return to home base after being far, far away is a thrilling rocker.
1993-03-09 Colorado Springs, CO 8:39 Typical for Spring '93, the jam includes a breakdown section, and this one features great interplay between all four, a gradual and mildly dissonant return to "Weekapaug," and a trill-filled, predictably strong peak.
1993-03-13 Boulder, CO 10:06 "My Girl" teasing/jamming by Trey leads to an excellent Page piano solo midway through, which rebuilds in great form to a soaring "Weekapaug" finale.
1993-03-17 Hollywood, CA 10:41 Fun and exploratory jam includes a solid breakdown section with jams/teases of "Heartbreaker" and "Lively Up Yourself."
1993-03-19 Redlands, CA 14:32 The jam breaks down to near silence with just Page and Fish quietly musing. Then the energy gradually rebuilds with great rocking fills from Trey and Mike before circling back to "Weekapaug" proper. Ends with an extended vocal jam which -> to "HYHU."
1993-03-25 Santa Cruz, CA 9:34 Great little "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da" jam/tease, followed by a breakdown with exceptionally strong playing by Fish and a vocal jam-style ending.
1993-03-27 San Francisco, CA 12:20 "On Broadway" teasing/jamming leads to an improvisational breakdown section with good variation in the intensity. At 8:15, the jam breaks into an inspired "Type II" section which concludes with an explosive return to "Weekapaug."
1993-03-30 Eugene, OR 8:36 Great jam with an unusual rhythmic and swinging vibe gradually diminishes, then -> to the debut of "Psycho Killer" before -> back to "Weekapaug."
1993-03-30 Eugene, OR 3:30 -> in from the debut of "Psycho Killer" to conclude yet another strong '93 "Weekapaug."
1993-04-02 Bellingham, WA 14:18 The breakdown begins with dissonant rocking by Trey and Mike, then leaves "Weekapaug" altogether, journeying through several improvisational soundscapes. Arguably the most out-there, experimental "Weekapaug" ever, with a blazing return home and vocal jam taboot.
1993-04-16 Louisville, KY 9:44 The jam quickly moves beyond the standard into exploratory '93 territory, with Page, Mike and Trey mixing it up in the quiet section, which reduces down to little more than a quiet pulse, before rebuilding in a thrilling, powerful and electrified manner and returning to "Weekapaug."
1993-04-21 Columbus, OH 9:12 Nice interplay between Trey and Page in the breakdown section, then the jam seems to be headed for home with a fiery peak, but instead veers off-course into more improvisational jamming, gradually diminishing unfinished, and (arguably) > to "Gumbo."
1993-04-23 Hamilton, NY 11:22 A strong and exploratory jam with good dynamic modulation, excellent Fish, and some inspired and "hose"-like melodic playing by Trey from 7:25 and 9:25. The setlist describes this as "atypical, jazz-laced jams." I'd just call it ass-kicking '93 Phish.
1993-04-25 Geneseo, NY 10:15 Good improvisational jamming right off the bat, then strong "Type I" jamming followed by quiet Page/Fish-led play. As Trey and Mike jump back in the mix, the energy builds dramatically, but the improvisation continues further before finally heading for home for a victory lap.
1993-04-29 Montréal, Québec, Canada 4:14 Excellent jam with Theme From Bonanza and "NICU" teases, as well as strong and unusual melodic content -> to the first "Makisupa" in 320 shows (last seen on 11/26/90) before -> back to "Weekapaug."
1993-04-29 Montréal, Québec, Canada 5:36 -> in from the first "Makisupa" in 320 shows. This section includes great "Can't You Hear Me Knocking" ("CYHMK") teases, exploratory jamming and a shredding peak. All in all, another great '93 "Weekapaug."
1993-05-01 Upper Darby, PA 11:11 After starting in a rocking manner the jam detours into a segment of off-kilter exploration before returning home.
1993-07-24 Mansfield, MA 7:04 The jam is brought down to near-silence before kicking back in with a bluesy section and returning to traditional "Weekapaug" to close.
1993-08-11 Grand Rapids, MI 11:49 Much of the jam is decidedly "Type II" and unsettled in nature, but the return to typical "Weekapaug" at the end is quality as well.
1993-08-16 St. Louis, MO 15:16 Highly improvisational version including jams on "Gypsy Queen" (Santana) and "I Wish" (Stevie Wonder).
1993-08-24 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 10:05 Quickly breaks into off-the-wall, "Type II" playing and concludes unfinished with a "La Marseillaise" tease before > to "Wilson."
1993-12-30 Portland, ME 7:31 Wraps up a tremendous "Mike's Groove" with inspired "Type I" playing and a funky vocal jam. Unfinished with a > to "Purple Rain."
1994-04-09 Binghamton, NY 9:32 A pretty crazed version with multiple teases, a vocal jam, and some unusually tense playing.
1994-06-17 Milwaukee, WI 6:46 Very uplifting playing from Trey in this hot version from the "OJ Show."
1994-07-02 Holmdel, NJ 11:14 Thrilling version which peaks with the melody of "2001" and also teases "Antelope" in the jam.
1994-07-10 Saratoga Springs, NY 8:31 Settles in the middle with a cool breakdown section before re-building to an energetic finish.
1994-10-08 Fairfax, VA 11:23 A brief heavy-metal jam shortly after 5 minutes works its way into uncommonly funky terrain (for '94) before concluding in typical fashion.
1994-10-13 Oxford, MS 9:53 Playful and quiet start-stop jamming gains power and slowly weaves its way back into "Weekapaug" proper for an impressive finish.
1994-10-21 Sunrise, FL 7:16 High-quality "Type I" action followed by a "CYHMK" jam to close.
1994-10-25 Atlanta, GA 13:15 An incredibly improvisational "Type II" version. The jam grows increasingly dissonant, then breaks away altogether into classic '94 space. Then it morphs into a pulsing and rocking section with unusual vocals, before powering up, exploding back into "Weekapaug" and -> to "Yerushalayim Shel Zahav."
1994-11-04 Syracuse, NY 10:27 A '94-style funky breakdown jam leads to a spirited "CYHMK" jam before returning to "Weekapaug" for a high intensity peak, with a great "CYHMK" ending.
1994-11-25 Chicago, IL 10:31 A slightly dissonant breakdown jam begins with Page on the clavinet. After settling, the jam grows angry and growly, then explores more ground before ratcheting up in tension and bursting back to "Weekapaug." -> to "The Mango Song."
1994-12-06 Goleta, CA 12:56 Strong straightforward play through 6:15, when the jam breaks into a dark and classic "Type II" Fall '94 space jam. Mike solos, accompanied by spacey effects with increasing tension. Then Page and Trey take turns out front before Fish brings the boys back to "Weekapaug" to wrap up a very improvisational version.
1994-12-28 Philadelphia, PA 17:08 A wacky, semi-evil version moves quickly beyond the standard, beginning with a dark Page-led section, followed by a Fish-led vocal jam. After more exploratory play, the band breaks into a jam on "The Little Drummer Boy," before returning to "Weekapaug" to wrap up.
1994-12-31 Boston, MA 10:35 Typically strong '94 fare includes "CYHMK" jamming, a funky breakdown section with Page on clavinet, strong exploratory play by all four, and an "Auld Lang Syne" tease as this "Weekapaug" heads for home.
1995-06-10 Morrison, CO 11:33 Some "CYHMK"-like jamming leads to a quieter improvisational section which pushes the bounds of "Weekapaug" proper. Released on Live Bait Vol. 6.
1995-06-25 Philadelphia, PA 10:07 A strong, straightforward breakdown jam features solid play by Page and Mike. Teases of "Mainstreet" (Bob Seger) and "Dreaming" (Blondie) add extra mustard.
1995-06-30 Mansfield, MA 12:47 Good varied play prior to the funky breakdown section, where Mike and Page again jump out in front, before Trey re-takes the con.
1995-10-19 Kansas City, MO 13:12 The jam goes "Type II" midway through for several minutes of foreboding exploration, during which Fish really stands out. Unfinished with "Dreaming" and "Keyboard Army" teases.
1995-11-11 Atlanta, GA 11:18 A vigorously played version that packs a lot of punch. Strong funky elements enhance the excellent typical fare.
1995-11-15 Tampa, FL 11:31 The jam includes an engaging, funky percussive section and an extended, intense buildup to the peak.
1995-12-01 Hershey, PA 8:28 -> from "Mike's Song" (1st time ever), and played in a different key than normal. Despite some issues with the key change, the jam contains a beautiful, melodic theme.
1995-12-07 Niagara Falls, NY 7:02 "Mike's -> Weekapaug -> Digital Delay Loop Jam." Incredible sequence of music with an inspired but straightforward "Weekapaug" in between stellar works of improvisational play.
1995-12-16 Lake Placid, NY 13:48 Features a long percussive jam with Trey on the mini-kit, giving Page a chance to take the lead. Eventually winds down into ambience before > to "Coil."
1995-12-31 New York, NY 17:43 "Mike's Song" and "Weekapaug" separated by a setbreak. Masterpieces, both of them.
1996-08-13 Noblesville, IN 8:18 Wrapping up an impressive "Groove," this version includes strong playing by Trey, funk, percussion, and Page on theremin. -> to "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" with Page on theremin.
1996-08-16 Plattsburgh, NY 9:43 A soaring and impeccably played straightforward jam is followed by a cool Page-led funky outro jam while Trey addresses the Clifford Ball crowd.
1996-10-22 New York, NY 8:38 The "Freakapaug," as the band is joined on stage by circus dancers and Mimi Fishman, and the music rises to a fittingly celebratory peak.
1996-11-06 Knoxville, TN 9:00 Straightforward, but with very strong, inspired playing by Trey (and everyone else, too).
1996-11-23 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 11:39 A mildly dissonant and tension-filled jam peaks, then after 8:00 breaks into a funky, rhythmic groove which builds intensity and -> to "Catapult."
1996-12-06 Las Vegas, NV 10:33 Fantastic and fun jam begins with some early sounds of funk followed by a Page-led piano section. Next, Trey leads a couple of full-band stops, then the jam simmers down with a heavier dose of funk before exploding into a classic '96 peak.
1996-12-28 Philadelphia, PA 16:03 Page at the helm, as he leads the band first in funky breakdown jam, playing several of his toys including the Moog. Following a brief return to "Weekapaug," Page solos on piano in a manner akin to "Coil."
1997-03-01 Hamburg, Germany 8:07 Amusing lyrical improvisation from Trey, as he parodies the Doors' classic "The End", followed by "CYHMK" teases in the jam and a "CYHMK"-like ending. (This version is on "Slip Stitch and Pass.")
1997-07-02 Amsterdam, Netherlands 13:09 This set-closing version takes a funky and gooey ride through the sewers of Amsterdam.
1997-08-09 East Troy, WI 11:54 -> in from "Slave," capping a nearly set-long "Mike's Groove." After a percussive start with hints of "CYHMK," Trey hoses down the crowd beginning at 3:30. The jam climaxes with "CYHMK" teases, and Trey bids good night while the music rolls on.
1997-11-13 Las Vegas, NV 10:34 Spirited and soaring jamming mellow uptempo as after 5:10 with some solid "CYHMK" teases and jamming, before finishing in a raging style with "CYHMK."
1997-11-22 Hampton, VA 13:34 A fan favorite show opens with a strong "Mike's Groove." "Weekapaug" begins with strong "Type I" jamming through 6:50, when it shifts to '97-style funk mode with a slightly dark tone. The funk ends with a "stop" and returns to "Weekapaug" in very good form.
1997-12-02 Philadelphia, PA 15:29 Thrilling, smooth -> in from "Ya Mar." This version completes a fantastic "Mike's Groove." "Weekapaug" starts off more slowly before coming up to speed, then dives into the thick funk. Swiftly after 6:00, the jam blasts off into an upbeat groove that keeps building, working the crowd into a frenzy by 10:00. A must-hear version.
1997-12-13 Albany, NY 9:37 Excellent, adding an exclamation point to a multi-song "Mike's Groove." The jam dwindles into nothingness before -> "Catapult" and finishing strongly.
1997-12-13 Albany, NY 5:35 -> in from "Catapult", with a "CYHMK" tease, to complete another strong '97 "Weekapaug."
1997-12-31 New York, NY 17:56 Among the longest "Weekapaugs" to date, this version provides a fitting capstone to 1997. After 14 minutes of balls-to-the-wall, but largely in-the-box jamming, Trey, then Mike, then Page -- and after some Trey banter -- Fish, take solos to send the crowd hurtling towards 1998 (and "2001").
1998-04-03 Uniondale, NY 16:26 Arguably the funkiest "Weekapaug" ever, this one is essentially "Weekapaug -> Funk Jam -> Weekapaug." Teases of the song that would become "Mozambique," "C&P" (sung, not played!), "Nellie Kane," and "Brazil" are just gravy in this extraordinarily improvisational version of the Phish classic.
1998-07-17 George, WA 13:23 An exhilarating version highlighted by filthy funk, a nice "Taste" tease, and a chunky blues-rock groove to close, unfinished.
1998-08-01 East Troy, WI 12:00 A really strong "Type I" jam that is heavy on the funk. All members contribute significantly, but Page is especially prominent.
1998-10-31 Las Vegas, NV 11:45 A pretty wild "Type I" jam with a super-charged ending that threatens to get out of control, but is ultimately well-executed.
1998-11-07 Chicago, IL 11:45 The ending chords are played, but the jam continues in a low-key manner while Trey addresses the crowd, after which the band launches into a furious, double-time finish.
1998-11-27 Worcester, MA 7:52 Stellar version begins with energetic "Type I" jamming and some excellent funk work before a -> to "Wipe Out."
1998-11-27 Worcester, MA 1:29 -> from "Wipe Out" for a fast-paced finish to the conventional section of "Weekapaug."
1998-11-27 Worcester, MA 9:06 > in from "Weekapaug." This "Weekapaug Reprise" starts out as a frenetic but typical jam, but quickly goes "Type II," relying heavily on effects to create a spacey groove. > "Antelope."
1999-07-16 Holmdel, NJ 10:36 A nice funky breakdown groove with strong Mike and Page concludes with Trey teasing "2001" several times before returning to "Weekapaug" to wrap up.
1999-07-21 Burgettstown, PA 12:41 Mike is strong and out in front, leading another extended, funky breakdown jam. Gradually, Trey and Page take the lead back, riding atop the groove as it returns to "Weekapaug" proper.
1999-09-16 Mountain View, CA 15:15 Following some soaring straightforward play, at 6:00, the jam settles into a great low-key groove. Trey and Page build the intensity, leading a climactic and spirited return to more familiar ground. Trey's playing is incredible at the peak.
1999-10-07 Uniondale, NY 11:36 The jam drops into a rhythmic groove right off the bat. While never far from home base, it's a different and cool version and well worth checking out.
2000-06-13 Naka-ku, Nagoya, Japan 9:23 The jam gets into a nice, low-key "Type I" groove with great Mike and Fish, followed by a spirited conclusion when it shifts back to the "Weekapaug" standard.
2000-09-25 Bonner Springs, KS 11:48 Another groove-based jam develops midway, this time led by Fish and Page, who add '00-style sound and color to the crisp rhythmic base.
2000-09-30 Las Vegas, NV 10:38 Not so much a groove jam as some excellent funky and rhythmic jamming with awesome playing by Mike and Fish. Has moments that recall the excellent "Suzy" from 9/14/00.
2003-01-04 Hampton, VA 11:17 Very improvisational version which makes a big move away from the standard at 3:45 and takes on an increasingly dark tone. Whether it's "Type I" or "Type II" is really irrellevant. It's a great and different version, well worth checking out, and includes an unusual transition to "What's The Use."
2003-02-22 Cincinnati, OH 7:57 Good -> in from "Piper," this is the first ever stand-alone "Weekapaug." The jam is spirited, exploratory, and includes a dark, tension-filled section from 4:40 - 5:30 that makes the ensuing return to "Weekapaug" all the sweeter.
2003-07-09 Mountain View, CA 9:11 A funky breakdown section begins about 4:00 with good improvisational play, even Mike striking the fight bell several times, before returning to the standard.
2003-07-15 West Valley City, UT 11:38 Rocks along in the typical manner until about 6:00, then the jam breaks into a rocking and pulsing groove for a few minutes before working back to "Weekapaug" in good fashion.
2003-07-21 Noblesville, IN 11:24 Searing hot "Type I" play through 5:00, then the jam settles into some excellent exploratory and rocking play with great percussive action from Fish and Mike. Returning to "Weekapaug," the conclusion has an unusual rave-up ending.
2003-07-31 Camden, NJ 12:29 "CYHMK"-like jamming leads to some good restrained, improvisational play. The energy builds as the jam returns to familiar ground. Following the final refrain, the jam keeps rolling along in a funky groove with a sweet "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" tease before -> to "Free."
2003-08-03 Limestone, ME 13:20 The jam swiftly breaks away from the standard into a mildly dark, rocking and rhythmic groove, which the boys ride for nearly 6 minutes before swinging the ship for home waters.
2003-12-31 Miami, FL 11:50 Following an "Auld Lang Syne" tease, the breakdown section begins at about 4:00 and is percussive and rocking, with "Jungle Boogie" vocal quotes from Trey as well as teases. The return to "Weekapaug" is intense, mildly dissonant, and includes a "Divided Sky" tease.
2004-06-17 Brooklyn, NY 11:53 After a quick "Mainstreet" tease, the jam briefly settles before picking up a serious head of steam, transforming KeySpan Park in Brooklyn into a blistering and raging quick-tempo rock fest.
2004-06-25 East Troy, WI 11:10 The jam settles down noticeably around 3:00, with good quiet play by all four, before Mike builds a nice meaty foundation for Page and Trey to play over. As the jam returns to familiar ground, Trey leads an inspired, extended and celebratory peak.
2004-08-10 Mansfield, MA 11:35 An improvisational version breaks free of the standard at 5:00, launching into varied rocking and funky jamming, with Trey yelling "Go!" repeatedly in the background at one point. After returning home, this version also includes an unusual slowed down ending.
2009-11-24 Philadelphia, PA 9:12 "Weekapaug" begins at a very fast tempo, launches into the jam, and then Trey re-plays the opening chords at a slower tempo. The second "Weekapaug" jam is very laid-back and funky at times.
2010-06-29 Canandaigua, NY 9:16 Seems like a short, standard version until 5:00, when the jam breaks into a rhythmic, low-key groove which gets nicely away from typical fare, builds intensity, and > unfinished to "LxL."
2010-10-26 Manchester, NH 8:47 Wrapping up a standout set, "Weekapaug" contains "CYHMK" teases and jamming, "Ghost" and "Night Nurse" vocal quotes, and -> to a reprise of "Llama" to finish this show with a serious exclamation point.
2011-06-08 Darien Center, NY 8:34 "Golden Age" teases are followed by a nice funky breakdown jam with great Page and Mike. At the end, Trey sustains a note which carries into "What's The Use."
2011-12-29 New York, NY 9:42 Solid jam which includes some plinko action early on, then covers enough non-standard terrain to make it interesting, before finishing with a particularly nice peak.
2012-06-23 Burgettstown, PA 10:20 Nice plinko-style funk breakdown, a second little Mike/Page breakdown, then more improvisational play before an unsual conclusion which -> to "Seven Below."
2015-01-02 Miami, FL 16:31 Very atypical jam section with Trey on Marimba Lumina and Mike on guitar, and fierce work from Page and Fish.
2015-08-04 Nashville, TN 13:50 Following a nice tempo slow down early on, the jam departs the standard and coalesces on an "Electric Funeral"-like theme (Black Sabbath). "C&P" vocal quotes are added as the jam picks up tempo and returns to familiar "Weekapaug" ground.
2015-08-14 Raleigh, NC 9:42 Following some deft playing by Trey, the straightforward jam peaks, then drops into some nice "No Quarter" teasing followed by a brief, funky breakdown jam before heading home.
2018-12-30 New York, NY 12:38 Perhaps the real giveaway that this is a stellar, ferocious, extended 3.0 version is the segue into Crosseyed (which could certainly be smoother, but is still welcome).
2018-12-30 New York, NY 2:19 -> in from "Tube." Hot little "Weekapaug" reprise jam before -> back to "Tube."
2019-08-31 Commerce City, CO 9:24 A typically spirited jam starts getting stranger as it approaches 6:00, becoming uncommonly tense and off-kilter, and then quiets down with a hypnotizing synth and percussion breakdown as it wanders unfinished -> into "46 Days".
2020-02-21 Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico 10:59 After some nice "NMINML" vocal quoting, the jam takes on a relaxed, more groovy vibe than the typical high energy "Weekapaug." At 7:00, the jam breaks just beyond the norm, exploring some percussive, rocking terrain before veering, unfinished, into "Shafty."
2021-10-29 Las Vegas, NV 12:09 A squirrely little Paug, the version closes out a terrific, traditional, "Mike's Groove." Too hot to quite enter stop / start play, the band comes close, before Trey breaks to solo. Nimble and spirited, many notes inform play both cerebral and danceable - the best kind of Phish - improvisation, with Fish consistently as ever attacking his kit. With Mike in check, and Page pivoting from keys to piano, Trey alights upon a melody he deems fit to follow. Play cools to pause before, terifficaly, returning to [plus some goofy banter] refrain.
2022-07-14 Mansfield, MA 9:47 -> from an excellent Plasma, Weekapaug makes another "Mike-less" surprise appearance here sans bass intro. Play beginning typically upbeat with strong Mike leads and Page moving quickly from clav to piano, then distinguishing itself as Trey turns on the "touch tone" effects and Page eventually responds with his synths. Fish and Mike keep the Groove anchored until taking a rare turn through a brief yet lush ska section before -> to Saw it Again.
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