Jam Chart for Jam (68 entries)

Date City Timing Notes
1984-11-03 Burlington, VT 4:34 In the pre-Page days, a rocking, guitar-driven jam with a Grateful Dead-like sound -> into the debut of "Bertha."
1986-10-31 Plainfield, VT 5:45 A really good Trey-led jam opens Set II. Rocking and blues-infused, this offers a glimpse at early improvisation. > to "Bag."
1986-12-06 Shelburne, VT 3:15 Following "Camel Walk," a bluesy and rocking jam with an Allman Brothers Band vibe and "Ramblin' Man" jam > to "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot." On PhishTracks, the "Ramblin' Man" jam occurs in the first 3:15 of "Chariot."
1987-10-31 Plainfield, VT 8:06 A free-form jam, apparently played together with the band the Joneses opens the show, with Trey on drums at first. The jam structure improves once Trey jumps to guitar, and includes some "Low Rider" teases. -> to "Whipping Post."
1987-11-19 Burlington, VT 1:13 Fun little bluesy jam opens Set III and precedes "Suzy." Includes Trey banter referencing the "Mike Gordon Band."
1988-05-24 Burlington, VT 14:23 With Jah Roy n vocals. An excellent reggae medley is led by Jah.
1988-06-20 Burlington, VT 19:28 With Jah Roy on vocals. Reggae Fest Vol. 2.
1988-07-23 Underhill, VT 5:26 A really good and rocking stand-alone jam opens the show. Almost has an Allman Brothers or Grateful Dead-like vibe.
1989-04-27 Durham, NH 2:11 "String Changing Nature" jam is a jazzy one featuring Page, Fish and Mike, plus some Trey while he tunes his guitar.
1989-05-28 Hebron, NY 3:59 A somewhat dark, low-key jam opens Set III at Ian McLean's Party, builds intensity, and -> to a brief "La Grange" jam.
1991-10-30 Boulder, CO 4:32 Fish plays or tries to play guitar, and the others join in with Trey presumably on drums in this stand-alone jam which kicks off the encore and > to "HYHU." This ghoulish sounding jam seems appropriate given the impending Halloween holiday.
1991-11-08 Tuscaloosa, AL 0:57 > in from "JJLC." Dissonant intro jam for the Dude of Life (Steve Pollak) precedes the Dude singing vocals on "Self."
1992-08-01 Hoffman Estates, IL 2:16 A brief jam dedicated to some legendary Boston Red Sox players in attendance is played while Trey fixes a guitar string.
1993-05-05 Albany, NY 20:38 -> in from "YEM." Aquarium Rescue Unit joins in for the jam segment and it RAGES!!
1993-05-08 Durham, NH 6:20 MUST-HEAR, fantastic rocking and bluesy jam that -> in from "The Squirming Coil." As the jam progresses, it starts to sound a bit like "Crossroads," which appears later in the show following "Mike's." -> to "Big Ball Jam."
1993-08-21 Salt Lake City, UT 2:09 With Bela Fleck and the Flecktones. Fish and Future Man play around with rhythm, then the others join in a low-key jam.
1994-04-21 Winston-Salem, NC 5:25 With the Dave Matthews Band. -> in from "Drums" featuring Fish and Carter Beauford. A rocking and very percussive jam with both bands playing along together builds into a good groove which slows and -> to "All Along The Watchtower."
1994-05-02 Birmingham, AL 11:30 Oteil Burbridge on bass and Stacy Starkweather on stand-up bass. Experimental jam with instrument switching -> in from "Mike's Song," and includes Trey on drums, Fish on keyboard, and some scat vocals from Oteil.
1994-05-29 Monterey, CA 0:56 The "Guitar Man Taking A Leak" jam with Page, Fish and Mike starts the 2nd Encore, while Trey was in the bathroom.
1994-11-22 Columbia, MO 22:08 A MUST-HEAR incredible jam that -> in from "Funky Bitch." Very improvisational with multiple sections, it defies easy description except that it's classic Fall '94 jamming. -> "Yerushalayim Shel Zahav."
1995-06-22 Canandaigua, NY 5:23 -> in from "Theme From The Bottom." An eerie, psychedelic jam follows "Theme," gains some propulsion, and -> to the "Fleezer," a monster 45 minute "Tweezer" -> "Tweezer Reprise" combination.
1995-06-23 Stanhope, NJ 2:15 John Popper on harmonica. -> in from "Harpua," during which Jimmy decides he hates the band Abba, and needs to listen to some rocking harmonica music, which is precisely what this jam is. -> to "Llama."
1995-06-25 Philadelphia, PA 1:07 A brief, intense Fish and Page led jam develops at the end of "HYHU" and -> to "Weekapaug Groove.
1995-10-17 New Orleans, LA 36:16 With Medeski, Martin, and Wood. An astounding and VERY exploratory jam -> in from "Keyboard Army," as these improvisational kinfolk team up to tour the universe. Some really excellent sections, especially the final 7 minutes.
1995-11-16 West Palm Beach, FL 3:02 A short background jam with Trey on percussion while he discusses the debut of the band/audience chess match.
1995-12-05 Amherst, MA 1:34 > in from "SOAMule." A high powered, accelerating jam starts on the final beat of "Mule." Abruptly > to "Lifeboy."
1995-12-29 Worcester, MA 8:45 > in from "BBFCFM." An excellent bass duet jam with Mike and his instructor, Jim Stinnett. The duet includes teases of "Keep It Greasy" and Bach's "6th Brandenburg Concerto" (aka the "Masterpiece Theater Theme"), and -> to "La Grange."
1996-07-12 Amsterdam, Netherlands 0:47 An interactive jam in which the band plays chords yelled out by the audience to a ska groove.
1996-08-14 Hershey, PA 4:47 -> in from "Wilson." A very good, badass, dissonant and mildly funky jam emerges that grows spacey and > to "DwD."
1996-08-16 Plattsburgh, NY 3:21 -> in from "Hood." A cacophony of noisy jamming follows "Harry" to accompany fireworks, concluding the Clifford Ball Day I.
1996-11-13 Minneapolis, MN 11:30 -> in from "Suzy Greenberg." Excellent, wide ranging jam follows "Suzy" proper. At first a typically rhythmic '96 jam with Trey on the mini percussion set up and Page jumping around different keyboards, it morphs into an upbeat, driving jam, even adding a little psychedelic edge near the ending > to "Prince Caspian."
1997-02-13 London, England 8:41 > in from "PYITE." An excellent, far-ranging and mildly dark jam emerges from the post-"PYITE" haze.
1997-02-26 Stuttgart, Germany 4:11 > in from "SOAMule." A whole band jazz jam with a "Take The 'A' Train" tease comes in the middle of an excellent, extended "Mule" and -> to "Magilla."
1997-06-20 Prague, Czech Republic 5:16 > in from "Taste." A weird, funky jazz-like jam which -> to "Cities."
1997-07-01 Amsterdam, Netherlands 2:31 Fish kicks off Set II of a storied show playing the piano, solo, and is joined by the others while he switches to his drum set.
1997-07-01 Amsterdam, Netherlands 14:49 -> in from "Cities." Super slow and groovy. Jam breaks down into an extended, meandering groove that patiently and sedately coasts along. Includes "Worm" banter, "When The Saints Go Marching In" and "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" teases, and gradually builds some energy and pulse towards the end.
1997-07-10 Marseilles, France 8:39 A funky and blues-infused jam is played on its own in Set I. At 4:24, the jam develops a theme similar to "The Lizards."
1997-07-21 Virginia Beach, VA 12:33 -> in from "Theme." The "Jam" leaves "Theme" and veers into a nice funky groove. Then at 8:30 LeRoi Moore pipes in on the saxophone. He plays a tease from the "Theme To Woody Woodpecker" and then he and the band embark on a funky, jazzy exploration. Page switches keyboards several times and the jam grows weird, dissonant and chaotic towards the end.
1997-08-14 Darien Center, NY 8:52 -> in from "Hood." An ambient jam starts as "Harry" ends, morphing into an exploratory funk-based one. > to "Forbin."
1997-08-16 Limestone, ME 2:48 A stand-alone jam, sort of spacey, sort of funky follows "My Soul" and -> to "Slave To The Traffic Light"
1997-11-30 Worcester, MA 4:40 > in from "Free." A nice ambient jam emerges on the back end of "Free" and -> to "Piper."
1997-12-03 Philadelphia, PA 9:11 > in from "Possum." An excellent Fall '97-style funk jam develops on the tail end of "Possum" and -> to "Prince Caspian."
1997-12-12 Albany, NY 8:17 -> in from "Prince Caspian." A rocking, funky and cerebral jam emerges at the conclusion of "Caspian." Great Fall '97 jamming with similarities to "Llama." -> to "Izabella."
1998-04-05 Providence, RI 5:56 -> in from "Possum." A sweet-ass funk jam follows the marsupial and paves the path by way of a top shelf -> to a slow-tempo and super funky "Cavern," to close out the Island Tour.
1998-07-05 Prague, Czech Republic 3:11 A Trey-led ambient and serene "Jam" is added to the end of "McGrupp" proper, and has some cool background instrumental effects from the others.
1998-07-15 Portland, OR 6:19 -> in from "Horn." A superb cerebral and lush, vintage '98 ambient jam uncorks itself on the back end of "Horn."
1998-07-19 Mountain View, CA 6:02 Following a strong "McGrupp," Trey embarks on a melancholic, soulful, and ambient interlude. Thoughtful Page runs counterpoint, until Fish and Mike team to drive the jam more deliberately. Seemingly composed, this music cools into classic '98 space with delicate soloing by Trey, and then -> to "DwD."
1998-08-16 Limestone, ME 7:22 -> in from "Hood." A spacey jam follows "Harry" to accompany fireworks marking the conclusion of the Lemonwheel Festival. Fish plays the trombone for a portion of the jam, which -> to "Baby Elephant Walk" (last performed 12/1/92).
1998-10-30 Las Vegas, NV 4:07 > in from "NICU." One of a number of great '98 ambient jams, this one emerges from "NICU" and > to "Prince Caspian."
1999-07-08 Virginia Beach, VA 0:00 See Fee Jamming Chart.
1999-07-15 Holmdel, NJ 16:59 Epic, exploratory "SOAM" -> "Kung" -> "Jam." "SOAM" has excellent tempo shifts and dissonance before the -> to a wild "Kung," which leads to an incredible, multi-part groove-based jam (and which is really a return to "SOAM").
1999-07-17 Volney, NY 2:22 A brief blues jam is played while guest artist Son Seals leaves the stage. > to "DwD."
1999-07-24 East Troy, WI 2:23 A delicate ambient jam emerges by -> from the tail end of "The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday."
1999-07-24 East Troy, WI 7:59 -> in from "The Mango Song." Follows a sloppy and mistake-filled attempt at the traditional song. To compensate, Trey leads the band in a spirited, well-played and extended "Type I" "Mango" jam.
1999-07-26 Noblesville, IN 5:49 > in from "DwD." This spacey jam is dominated by heavy feedback from Trey. At the very end, Fish starts up the rhythm for "2001," but Mike takes control, leading the band with a -> to "SOAM."
1999-07-31 Niigata, Japan 6:46 Tibetan monk Nawang Kechog on horn and Fish on vacuum. > to "Brian And Robert" with Kechog on wooden flute.
1999-09-17 Mountain View, CA 3:47 -> in from "YEM." Bass duet with Mike and Phil Lesh.
1999-10-10 Albany, NY 7:33 An ambient jam, uncharacteristically darkish in tone kicks off Set II and > to an excellent "You Enjoy Myself."
1999-12-17 Hampton, VA 5:05 A spacey, quiet jam with building energy and effects from Page spans the gap between "The Moma Dance" and "Bug."
2000-06-14 Chuo-ku, Fukuoka, Japan 16:20 Part II ("Jam") of a MUST-HEAR, 34 minute "Twist" begins with eerie and spacey effects, then gradually builds into an intergalactic groove that gets better and better and -> to "Walk Away."
2000-09-08 Albany, NY 7:04 An ambient jam develops by > on the back end of "Gin," and includes Fish on vacuum and Trey on drums. > to "Zero."
2000-09-09 Albany, NY 1:26 -> in "My Friend, My Friend." A short, ghostly and eerie jam is tacked on the back of "My Friend" and > to "Gumbo."
2000-09-14 Darien Center, NY 11:33 Although the jam travels within a narrow band musically, there are a lot of subtleties that make this one a real standout. Fish is awesome!
2000-09-15 Hershey, PA 0:00 See Tube Jamming Chart.
2003-08-02 Limestone, ME 0:00 See Waves Jamming Chart.
2003-12-28 Miami, FL 13:38 -> in from Suzy Greenberg. A jarring, near heavy metal-like "Jam" breaks out after the second verse of "Suzy." Gnarly and raw, it eventually mellows into space before transitioning to "Theme From The Bottom."
2011-07-01 Watkins Glen, NY 3:25 Sort of an evil sounding jam with occasional laughing by Fish and Trey opens Set II and > to "C&P."
2014-07-27 Columbia, MD 2:30 A funky outro emerges from "NICU" and morphs into "HYHU" in the midst of a historic set.
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