Jam Chart for Golden Age (32 entries)

Date City Timing Notes
2009-11-27 Albany, NY 9:33 > in from ""MFMF."" In the Phish debut version, the bulk of the jamming is contained within structure of the song, except for a brief cacophonous outro.
2011-07-02 Watkins Glen, NY 13:07 Staccato funk jam before delays/effects creep in, foreshadowing the "Storage Jam" to come later in the night. > to "Prince Caspian."
2012-06-24 Cuyahoga Falls, OH 11:17 A very good, psychedelic jam including an introspective ambient section in which Trey uses his delays/pedals to great effect. > to "Ghost."
2012-06-30 East Troy, WI 10:30 > in from "Wilson." Rhythmic funk held together by a really fun, loose beat from Fish, with a nice -> to "2001" to finish it.
2012-07-03 Wantagh, NY 13:15 -> in from "Sand." There is fantastic interplay between Page and Trey throughout this jam, and Mike also does his part to punctuate the groove. Concludes with a beautiful ambient passage led by Page on the Wurlitzer. A top "GA."
2012-08-25 Atlanta, GA 11:16 > in from "KDF." Dark, space funk with Mike at the forefront for much of the jam. Mike also plays around with an exotic motif towards the end of the jam. > to "Free."
2012-09-01 Commerce City, CO 13:08 The band wastes no time in hooking up on a mid-tempo groove with a slightly mysterious feel at the start of this jam. From there, it gradually gains intensity, and becomes a bit more rocking as Trey quickens his playing. Ends with a > to an exceptional "Prince Caspian." One of the many strong jams from the monumental 2012 Dick's run.
2013-07-03 Bangor, ME 14:14 Laid-back and funky jamming abounds in this one (including a "Manteca" tease). > to "Twist."
2013-07-30 Stateline, NV 12:55 A pretty locked-in version including funk, rock, and upbeat melodic jamming. > to "46 Days."
2013-10-20 Hampton, VA 17:14 > in from "Tweezer" as the second half in a pair of phenomenal jams. The usual funk-rock elements are present, but the jam gets taken to another level when it bleeds into an intense, psychedelic ambience. Fishman on Marimba Lumina. > to "Piper."
2013-10-27 Hartford, CT 16:47 Ferocious start-to-finish, with magnificent accompaniment by Page, Mike and Fish as Trey solos.
2014-07-18 Chicago, IL 16:34 Fish keeps this jam in high gear as it alternates between segments of funky and upbeat jamming until a wave of ambient effects are introduced around the 15 minute mark and concludes with a > to "The Mango Song."
2015-08-14 Raleigh, NC 13:15 Begins with some bouncy funk work and then builds into a rocking groove. Brief ambient interlude before a > to "Reba".
2015-09-04 Commerce City, CO 16:02 An intriguing version which drops into some contemplative space and eventually gains upbeat energy without ever totally taking off.
2016-07-18 San Francisco, CA 12:41 After leaving the song's structure, a darkish groove quickly develops with great direction and intensity until a > to "Twist".
2016-10-28 Las Vegas, NV 25:39 A multi-section, "Type II" behemoth which covers a lot of ground and peaks twice in the process. > to "Simple". Longest version to date.
2016-12-28 New York, NY 20:37 Coming effortlessly out of the song proper and oozing with wah-funk, the band comes running out of the gates. A thoughtful, almost ambient jam emerges before descending into a Page-led section; Fish consistently building up the percussive attack and Trey doing much the same on guitar. The transitions are seamless throughout, and the end result is a cohesive revelry of celebration. Like 10/28/16, > to "Simple."
2017-07-14 Chicago, IL 5:49 Acts as the "meat" of a "Your Pet Cat"/"Golden Age" sandwich, with nifty segues into and out of the aforementioned "YPC".
2017-08-01 New York, NY 20:02 A bit slow to get going, but really takes off when an uptempo groove kicks in around 11:30 with Trey and Page providing leads over the swiftly moving rhythm section. Continues to pick up steam as Trey takes charge with some exciting playing and peaks the jam before it ends with some brief space.
2018-08-05 Alpharetta, GA 18:42 Begins with a familiar swinging rhythm and Trey playing echoing, organ-like leads before switching to a heavy auto-wah tone. The next segment brings a shift to major and coalesces at 14 minutes when the jam begins its trajectory to a buoyant peak before briefly heading back to the song's riff with added "Reba" whistling/teasing.
2018-09-02 Commerce City, CO 15:27 Nice -> from "Tweezer". This jam is funky throughout and brightens into a bouncy, feel-good groove as it comes down the home stretch.
2018-10-19 Hampton, VA 23:21 Aggressively experimental "anti-bliss" jamming begins with angular grooves and then takes a rare deep dive into the abyss with plentiful space effects and "Shipwreck" quotes. Resurfaces > "Twist".
2018-10-26 Rosemont, IL 16:39 > from "Tweezer." The jam embarks on a dynamic ride, traveling from cascading ear candy loops via Trey, to an effect-drenched minor key groove that patiently builds to a rousing peak. The music then cools into chilly ambience before appropriately moving into "Frost."
2020-02-23 Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico 17:47 The second half of a deadly 1-2 punch with "Simple". Immediately moves into a bouncing calypso-y shuffle as Fish takes point and Page goes to work on the clavinet. The jam settles down and gets more funky as Fish taps away on his woodblock, Trey in particular laying down some thick nastiness. They then move into soaring anthemic territory, then as the jam dies away a darker and more unsettling mood takes over thanks to Page's synths and Trey's effects. Trey utilizes a guitar line very similar to Chest Fever to fine effect, much as he did in the 8/3/18 "Carini". Tremendous version.
2021-07-30 Pelham, AL 11:55 Doesn't stray very far from the usual boundaries of "Golden Age", but does make feints towards "Mind Left Body" and features some very fancy rhythmic games from Fishman and lovely piano work from Page before very briefly blooming into major key and settling into "Mountains in the Mist".
2021-10-20 Eugene, OR 16:19 > from "Lonely Trip". All four members of the band are locked in from the start; some really nifty and cool playing. At 12:00, the jam takes a serene, light turn which features some beautifully patient playing. Page and Trey enjoy some fun interplay.
2022-02-27 Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico 19:37 A non-stop rollicking groove delivered with an assured confidence, as Mike and Fish set a good pace and Page and Trey fill in all the gaps with tasty detail, then takes a darker turn for the last few minutes before > "Lonely Trip".
2022-05-28 Orange Beach, AL 18:39 Takes a little bit of time to get going, but then resolves into a funky and bouncy jam not far away from "YPC", grows in power slowly and steadily, and nicely peaks before heading home. As with the 8/11/21 "BOAF" or 11/23/97 "Gin", finds its pocket and stays in it to very nice effect.
2022-08-12 East Troy, WI 14:55 A light and breezy, highly danceable groove is followed by some soul-piercing guitar when Trey gets out in front on the backend.
2023-04-14 Seattle, WA 17:24 Tight, airy play hews closely to the song proper for quite some time before Trey calls for improvisational departure. Fish breaks the beat - listen, a bit after the 8:00 mark, for this wonderful moment - before the groove bleeds to become hushed, restrained play, evoking early (as in 60s) psychedelic experimentation. And then... memorable almost for what doesn't happen as opposed to what does, this is Phish at their seemingly effortless best, bathing the base with another dose of the finest in the nation.
2023-08-26 Saratoga Springs, NY 13:15 A guest appearance and surprising cover selection lead to shimmering play that transcends expectations. Even in the composed section, what the estimable Derek Trucks brings to this special flood recovery benefit performance makes this version, and what follows, must-hear.
2023-10-08 Nashville, TN 16:23 Standard but quality play breaks for new directions after the 7 minute mark. Ambient synths, Trey's bevy of effects, and big drawn out waves of bass are all anchored by Fish's expert dynamics. The stew grows ever weirder, as a beat switch leads to a bizarre, carnival-esque dissonant passage before collapsing > "The Well". Excellent.
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