Jam Chart for Chalk Dust Torture (91 entries)

Date City Timing Notes
1991-02-01 Providence, RI 5:33 Debut.
1991-05-17 Providence, RI 9:56 A brief blackout occurs during this version. Fishman continues playing, and is joined by Carl Gerhard on trumpet. Power comes back and a jazzy jam ensues.
1992-12-13 Montréal, Québec, Canada 7:45 > from "Fluffhead." This version has a fun intro that sounds almost "Possum"-esque. The jam is full-speed ahead and builds and builds. Fans of banter should stick around after the song for Trey filibustering while Page gets a string repaired.
1993-08-09 Toronto, Ontario, Canada 3:44 A "Who Knows" (Jimi Hendrix and the Band of Gypsies) jam is sandwiched between slices of "CDT."
1993-08-09 Toronto, Ontario, Canada 1:59 -> in from a "Who Knows" jam (Jimi Hendrix) to finish this "CDT."
1994-04-15 New York, NY 8:12 > from a jam-charted "Wilson." Perhaps still riding the energy of the first-ever audience participation in "Wilson," the band delivers another fiery "CDT." The jam starts with a bit of stop/start action. Page gives the organ a workout before Trey comes barreling in to take over with nifty play at a breakneck tempo.
1994-07-16 Fayston, VT 9:02 "Baracuda" teases. Straightforward, but a stretched-out, well-played, extremely intense version.
1994-12-31 Boston, MA 10:19 Fiery, powerful and precise '94-style jam with an unusual and spacey outro jam tacked on.
1995-06-20 Cuyahoga Falls, OH 8:56 Typical '95 Phish where they manage to pack a ton of music and jamming into a relatively short space of time. This jam explores multiple directions. High quality fare.
1996-11-18 Memphis, TN 8:57 Straightforward, but some fantastic and crazy playing by Trey.
1997-02-22 Rome, Italy 8:59 Somewhat unusual jamming with great Mike and Trey teamwork.
1997-06-13 Dublin, Ireland 9:20 Jam breaks into a nice funky-but-rockin' groove. Unfinished with -> to "Ghost."
1997-07-25 Dallas, TX 15:48 Bob Gullotti on second drum set. The band really stretches this version out, then at about 9:45, the jam mellows into a rhythmic and bluesy groove that eventually hints back at "CDT" before -> to "Taste."
1997-07-30 Ventura, CA 10:05 Brother to versions from 6/20/95, 7/30/03 and 7/16/13. Incredible improvisation packed into this 10 minute version.
1997-08-08 Tinley Park, IL 10:20 Raging version that keeps rising from one peak to the next.
1997-08-16 Limestone, ME 10:34 Great example of why '97 is such a pivotal year in Phistory. Here they stretch and expand the music everywhere possible without ever really getting beyond "CDT" proper.
1998-04-02 Uniondale, NY 10:47 Crazy set-closing version where Trey just keeps the jam going and going, and then he converses a bit with the audience during the conclusion.
1998-10-31 Las Vegas, NV 8:22 -> in from "Sneakin' Sally." The -> is fantastic, and this is an excellent "CDT." It's "Type I," but very solid.
1998-11-27 Worcester, MA 3:33 Great segue-oriented "CDT" launches and also includes multiple "Wipeout" teases.
1998-11-27 Worcester, MA 4:10 -> in from "Mirror In The Bathroom." The heart of the "CDT" jamming is in this section.
1998-11-27 Worcester, MA 0:53 -> in from "Dog Log." And back to "CDT" to wrap up this smoking hot version. > to "Sanity" for a nice cool down.
1999-07-10 Camden, NJ 14:10 Fantastic version that treads along the periphery of "CDT" for several minutes before making a total departure at about 8:55. Morphs into a blissful, celebratory jam, then gradually fades into a rhythmic pulse. Includes a tease of "In Memory of Elizabeth Reed" and -> to "Roggae."
1999-07-15 Holmdel, NJ 12:09 Some raging Trey in this high energy, extended jam that never quite breaks free from "CDT," but rocks HARD, including an accelerated tempo towards the end.
1999-07-18 Volney, NY 12:02 Breaks into a nice pulsing groove at about 6:45. Doesn't stray as far from "CDT" as the 7/10/99 version, but still great.
1999-07-24 East Troy, WI 12:10 Fiery and well-played but with a spacey outro jam.
1999-12-16 Raleigh, NC 10:31 Very patient and gradual build in the jam.
2000-06-09 Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan 9:43 Winning fans in Japan. This huge first-set-closing version raises hell and ends, but then there's a second ending that concludes cacophonously.
2000-06-22 Antioch, TN 9:35 Scorching hot.
2000-07-11 Noblesville, IN 9:14 Raging version follows the extremely rare appearance (2nd performance ever) of "Chalk Dust Torture Reprise."
2000-09-11 Mansfield, MA 10:19 A solid, extended version.
2003-01-02 Hampton, VA 14:18 Leaving "CDT" behind, a multi-section, very upbeat and spirited jam takes hold which then grows quiet and contemplative before returning to "CDT" for a full power finish.
2003-07-25 Charlotte, NC 10:21 The jam settles down at about 6:00, then gradually amps back up.
2003-07-30 Camden, NJ 10:05 Shorter than some, but a lot more improvisational than most versions, much of it with a dark sentiment.
2003-08-03 Limestone, ME 24:05 A masterful jam of improvisation from the IT festival. Departs from "CDT" and morphs into a rhythmic, scaled down pulsing groove. Returns briefly to "CDT" before more exploration. Concludes with an acelerated tempo.
2004-06-18 Brooklyn, NY 15:39 Breaks away from "CDT" at about 6:00 and by 8:00 has morphed into a very subdued, quiet sentiment. The jam gradually rebuilds momentum and pulse and returns to "CDT."
2004-08-09 Hampton, VA 19:00 Breaks free and clear of "CDT" into a serene, very melodic, Trey and Page led foray. Starts to build in energy and pulse, then abruptly veers back to "CDT" at about 18:00. Must-hear, especially for any 2.0 doubters.
2004-08-15 Coventry, VT 13:46 Extremely improvisational version which leaves "CDT" behind near the end and -> to "Possum."
2010-06-25 Camden, NJ 16:30 Upbeat, rocking jam until things settle down and Mike adds some interesting bass effects at about 9:45. The jam then becomes at once both funky and spacey. Gets into a tight pulsing groove, and Mike is HUGE. A top 2010 jam.
2010-10-30 Atlantic City, NJ 5:39 "CDT" -> "Whole Lotta Love" > "CDT" from the Zeppelin fest.
2010-10-30 Atlantic City, NJ 1:37 -> in from "Whole Lotta Love." Returns to "CDT" to conclude.
2011-06-03 Clarkston, MI 10:23 Trey brings the volume way down, and then proceeds with a very gradual, "Possum"-like build that shifts to minor key briefly before flipping back to major at the peak and finish.
2011-08-09 Stateline, NV 7:12 Unfinished version with teases of "Dixie" and "Hedwig's Theme" (Harry Potter), and a delicate -> into "Slave."
2011-08-16 Chicago, IL 8:35 Good version in which Trey really plays the tension and release card to full effect.
2011-09-04 Commerce City, CO 8:40 Great version with some atypical jamming, loaded with tension. Strays from the typical jam several times and returns.
2012-06-17 Atlantic City, NJ 9:22 Jam gets unusually dissonant near the end, then there is more dissonance and noisy space and a > to "Prince Caspian."
2012-08-25 Atlanta, GA 10:14 Great version with a nice, upbeat move beyond "CDT" beginning at about 4:30. Grows more tension-filled before settling down some. > to "What's The Use."
2012-08-28 St. Louis, MO 9:01 There's a second, pleasant jam segment after the customary ending, and a very smooth -> into "Frankie Says."
2012-08-31 Commerce City, CO 18:29 An exploratory outro jam begins in a snappy, rhythmic bent, then mode shifts to serene bliss. > to "Emotional Rescue."
2013-07-16 Alpharetta, GA 9:52 Compact, but musically loaded version with major mode playing and quieter musings > to "Wilson."
2013-08-31 Commerce City, CO 22:51 A very good quality, multi-sectional jam in this extended "CDT," and Fish is spectacular throughout. The jam ranges far, but also meanders at times; it also includes some "Woo!" audience interaction, like the "Tahoe Tweezer."
2013-12-30 New York, NY 18:39 Extended, multi-section "CDT" which sticks close to the standard at first, settles a bit, then gathers up into some serious and fiery rocking.
2014-07-09 Philadelphia, PA 16:41 A far-ranging jam develops which initially shifts away from the standard around 4:30 to darker, minor mode play. From here, the jam briefly brightens, descends back into the twilight, then brightens considerably, before finally winding down with some rhythmic play.
2014-07-13 New York, NY 27:49 A fantastic, improvisational and exploratory "CDT" that stands very comfortably with the best "CDTs" from any year or era of Phish. Must-hear material, the jam includes multiple sections, with each building smoothly and cohesively to the next.
2014-07-25 Charlotte, NC 16:24 Although Fish keeps the rhythm firmly tied to the basic "CDT" rhythm throughout, Trey and the others explore a lot of varied themes, sounds and motifs within this structure.
2014-07-29 Portsmouth, VA 17:47 The jam has a really nice, low-key vibe, and in some ways is similar to a number of groove-based jams from '99 - '00. While covering much ground, the jam retains a relaxed sense.
2014-08-03 Alpharetta, GA 13:12 Excellent and improvisational "CDT" which shifts modes and themes multiple times and has an upward sloping sense of momentum and energy. Great -> to "Scents & Subtle Sounds."
2014-08-31 Commerce City, CO 13:48 One of those improvisational jams that seems to mode-shift and otherwise evolve and morph constantly. If you like the "Train Ride to Peaksville" type jam, you may want to pass on this.
2014-10-21 Santa Barbara, CA 15:49 A very nice jam which gradually works away from the standard. Fish keeps the rhythm largely grounded in "CDT" while the others explore an interesting, pleasant landscape.
2014-11-02 Las Vegas, NV 16:23 After some "CDT"-like musings, the jam shifts after 6:00 to melodic major mode playing. At 9:30, the jam moves to lower octave, funky and semi-dissonant play, which continues until 13:40 when the upbeat theme returns, starts to boil over, then recedes into "Piper."
2015-07-29 Grand Prairie, TX 14:31 Following the closing refrain, a jam develops which features some good melodic, low key playing. The energy gradually builds and really amps up in the final 2 minutes.
2015-08-07 Cuyahoga Falls, OH 15:00 Again, a jam emerges following the closing refrain. Beginning in a relaxed, minor mode groove, the mode shifts to major, and Trey works into a great theme/melody. After bringing the play to a peak and transition settling, the energy rebuilds and -> to "Tweezer."
2015-08-21 Watkins Glen, NY 18:15 Yet another "CDT" boasting a post-refrain jam, and yet again does Phish deliver the goods. The jam starts off sparsely and rebuilds to a low-key, part melodic, part hard-edged passage with a "WTU?" tease before > Ghost.
2015-09-05 Commerce City, CO 16:22 For the fifth straight year at Dick's, Phish delivers a chart-worthy performance of "Chalk Dust Torture". After some "BOAF"-like tomfoolery in the composed section, another post-refrain jam develops. This one is notable more for the excellent tone and effects employed than sheer melodic fluidity, and enters an interesting space that melts beautifully into -> "Twist".
2015-12-30 New York, NY 22:06 After a relatively straightforward first jam, albeit with a dash of dissonance, this "CDT" takes off post-refrain like all the other heavy hitting versions from 2015. A crunchy MuTron / Clav' groove kicks off the second jam. Things appear to be coming back to earth when Fish and Trey kick it into high gear, leading to a major mode bliss section that winds down into a freaky carnival vibe that -> Ghost.
2016-07-01 Saratoga Springs, NY 22:37 Trey powers through "Carini" like a cold front, and a perfect storm ensues with "CDT." After breezing across familiar territory, the band embarks less upon a jam than an eclectic sort of symphony. The jam floats through a calm yet unsteady passage, atmospheric and effects-laden, before disembarking in comforting bliss, swapping instruments for a spell, and sailing into > "Caspian."
2016-07-15 George, WA 8:20 -> from "Ghost," this spirited "CDT" finds the band working through the same three teases informing "Ghost," only in opposite. Spooky good. But there is much more to this centerpiece version than inventive teasing. Trey dominates, his playing infectious. And the band responds in kind, resulting in a huge, celebratory peak. Ethereal, effects-laden playing bleeds into "Meatstick."
2017-01-14 Riviera Maya, Quintana Roo, Mexico 12:49 Super first set closer, which, in no small measure, soaks up the spirit of "IT's" (8/3/2003) rhythmic, pulsing soul. Breaking from "CDT" around 5:20, the jam melts into a focused passage of metrical rhythm, before brightening considerably, with all four musicians contributing equally. Trey's spirited solo, rich with sustain and effect, is complimented by great play from Page, before the version returns to "CDT" proper.
2017-07-28 New York, NY 24:13 A sweeping "Type II" masterpiece brimming with inspired thematic jamming capped off with an outstanding peak. Unfinished.
2017-12-29 New York, NY 21:02 Drops into a spartan jam right out of the gate, then makes a move to a major-key jam via some memorably neat playing from Trey. A relaxed low-key groove emerges, led by Fish's insistent rhythms and Mike's melodic basslines, then Trey steps back in front and drives the jam to a triumphant peak before maneuvering into "Ghost". Very fine version.
2018-07-20 George, WA 23:31 A few minutes into the jam, Page's synth leads Mike into the goop. The jam trots along back in a shuffle, flirting with the grimy depths until 12:30 when the hose engages. Building with patience and poise, a massive bliss jam with multiple celebratory peaks ensues. Trey sustains a note to signal the highest and longest peak; this dissolves into a plinko jam driven primarily by Page and Mike, who make it spacey. > "My Friend, My Friend."
2018-08-04 Alpharetta, GA 9:55 Another Alpharetta thriller. Clocking in at less than ten minutes, this version, like 8/3/14, arrives in waves, and features infectious energy and surprising improvisation. Trey repeatedly augments his tone and works his effects as the band explores several distinct shifts in rhythm and tempo. This builds to a celebratory rise and rousing conclusion.
2018-08-12 Columbia, MD 9:44 A forceful version that quickly enters an extended segment of semi-dissonant play, sounding more like something from '93-'94 than the modern era, and then returns to "CDT" with the band wringing every last drop of tension out of the jam.
2018-10-17 Albany, NY 14:54 Following the instrumental bridge and final verse, a pleasant, upbeat groove takes hold. Gradually, the energy in this jam increases to a celebratory peak, before finally returning to "CDT" to conclude.
2018-11-01 Las Vegas, NV 15:14 A second jam emerges post refrain with some brief funk and then works its way into a bouncy upbeat groove with a tasty "Third Stone From the Sun" tease in Trey's soloing. This vibe continues towards the end of the jam until the band makes a nifty move back to "CDT" for a second pass at the traditional song ending.
2019-06-19 Cuyahoga Falls, OH 10:47 Amusing "BOAF"-inflected song portion (with an equally amusing botch). Briefly pops its head into the clouds for some major-key bliss at Trey's urging, Page flips his electric piano to the "calypso" setting to add some nice color to the jam. Trey hits on some neat repeating riffs as the jam builds up a nice low-key power, then gently steers the band into "Slave".
2019-12-03 Philadelphia, PA 12:29 The lone Fall 2019 version sees Trey take the jam into major-key territory right out of the song proper, occasionally touching on Phrygian mode at times. Fish and Mike help propel this feel-good version along, with Trey getting off some nice trills, then as a sparser jam space emerges, Trey heads into the night's final tease of "Tweezer".
2021-07-31 Alpharetta, GA 26:08 With an "and away we go" hand gesture from Trey, the band moves into parts unknown, maneuvering first into an upbeat and sprightly major key groove, then briefly turning more contemplative, before bursting into another fabulous uptempo major-key jam. Trey then goes to his "sludgy" effects and finds yet another key, and Fish turns on the Bunsen burners and the band blasts through one more wonderful groove. Damn good stuff, sir.
2021-08-27 George, WA 13:11 -> from a GOAT "Camel Walk," the band breaks for "CDT," a song that Trey, when recently discussing his band's early 90s ascendancy, called their best. Still crazy good after all these years, here the band offers a quiet, restrained take, improvisation lightyears removed from Alpharetta's historic jaunt, but no less interesting. An interesting juxtaposition demonstrating a band back at the height of their collective powers. While truly a unique take, fans of this approach would do well to visit 6.19.19, which, unusual in its own right, quietly veers into "STTTL."
2021-09-03 Commerce City, CO 20:15 Moves into a sparse and low-key jam space with Trey going to his bag of tricks and Page neatly accompanying him on electric piano, while Fish absolutely hammers the skins in a way you don't hear in other jams this tour. The band luxuriates in this delightful jam before Trey hits on some chords akin to "Blaze On", Page goes to the synths, and the jam picks up the pace before galloping to the finish line. Twenty minutes long and feels like twelve, a hallmark of Summer 2021.
2021-10-17 San Francisco, CA 22:50 Soars into blissful upbeat territory right out of the gate, then winds its way down into darker territory at Page's urging, Fish pushing the pace with considerable aplomb. Fish switches up the beat and a more danceable jam emerges, then Trey flips on the "anthemic" switch and builds to a nice peak, and before you know it we're back to "CDT" to close out the set. Superb version.
2022-04-21 New York, NY 17:38 Heads into low-key psychedelia-tinged jamming out of the song proper thanks to Trey's thick and goopy effects, then Page suggests major key and a pleasant groove emerges with Mike steadily holding down the fort. The jam gets more delicate and dreamy, even as Fish keeps his usual rock-solid tempo, then builds to a marvelous rock-out climax and a big-time peak thanks once again to Mike's efforts. -> into a great "Tweezer".
2022-05-27 Orange Beach, AL 17:03 -> out of "SaSS". Goes grimy and effects-laden right out of the verses, Mike stepping to the forefront, then moves into a low-key upbeat groove. Things grow hazy and warm, almost ambient, and Fish picks up the pace to change the tenor of the jam. Page lays on the synths thick and heavy and something out of a monster movie soundtrack emerges, before Trey steers the jam back to "CDT" for the ending. Heavy stuff.
2022-07-14 Mansfield, MA 12:05 Opening the first Set 2 of the tour, this jam is full of bliss and great playing from Trey. Early on, there's interplay with Trey and Page playing cat-and-mouse. Around the 10:00 minute mark, a neat melody is found. Trey starts telegraphing while the jam is still going, and it eventually -> "Plasma".
2023-02-24 Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico 11:39 This short powerhouse immediately leaves "CDT" behind for dark and choppy waters, surging ahead until 6:35 when it blurs the line between melancholy and ecstasy in brilliant fashion. More impassioned bliss follows, and then the jam slowly dissipates over the closing minutes and > "Gin".
2023-04-15 Seattle, WA 13:33 Fairly quick departure after the lyrics, led at first by Page's organ and then Trey showing off his tone. The jam picks up momentum and deconstructs, becoming more percussive as Mike and Fish step forward. The bass effects propel the improvisation to a darker more aggressive space that churns temporarily before Trey's lead melodies reappear and take the band over the set closing peak.
2023-04-22 Hollywood, CA 22:58 Propulsive play out of the gate settles into a spirited melodic space. The space expands as the band moves into dreamier territory, albeit with an unrelenting foundation courtesy of Fishman. A brief switch to minor key occurs with an infectious riff from Trey, before moving back towards major key. A high-powered touch-the-sky crescendo follows before settling into a brief funky groove that executes a nifty -> "Twist."
2023-07-11 Huntsville, AL 10:42 The versatile "CDT" takes its role as the high-energy set closer in this instance and does everything you'd expect. Trilling, frenetic play from Trey gives way to a momentary slowdown, only for the tempo to immediately ratchet back up. A fun, rollicking version.
2023-07-19 Wilmington, NC 17:40 A slower take on the song itself opens what would become a storm-shortened set 2. The band wastes no time diving into propulsive improvisation that efficiently modulates more than once. Listen as Page begins a conversation enjoining instant feedback from Trey and Mike that grows into a fluid three-way exchange and bounces comfortably over several minutes with impressive ease on Fishman's driven play, delivering a satisfying peak before > to an excellent "Oblivion".
2023-08-25 Saratoga Springs, NY 10:30 Less a typical "CDT" jam and more akin to the soundtrack of a slasher film as the killer gives chase to another victim. Extended, spine-tingling dissonance raises the tension to obscene levels before the usual closing section, after which it cranks up twice more to insanity and concludes with a tease of "We Welcome You to Munchkinland" for a bizarre juxtaposition which could only make sense in the weird, wonderful world of Phish. Deranged, but awesome.
2023-12-29 New York, NY 22:24 A teeth-gnashing multi(sectioned)beast of a jam, this take traverses through various disparate yet cohesively-arranged themes, including hyper-drive psychedelic rock, "Woo's", dense mind-bending dissonance and finally, a stoner/doom metal-esque dirge that grinds down > "Oblivion".
2024-02-23 Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico 39:54 The pull of lunar gravity seems to propel this massively improvisational odyssey that draws from the full ocean of Phish's current array of tones and effects. Embracing a wide berth of improvisational moods from the familiar and serene to the anxious and alien, this truly titanic jam flirts with jagged edges and plumbs the bubbling depths but stays afloat atop the ebb and flow of its multiple movements and eventually finds safe port > "Beneath a Sea of Stars pt. 1".
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