Jam Chart for Blaze On (15 entries)

Date City Timing Notes
2015-07-21 Bend, OR 7:56 Debut. It's clear the band couldn't wait to play "Blaze On", hinting at its improvisational prowess from the get-go during the first set of tour.
2015-07-24 Mountain View, CA 14:58 Despite being only the second "Blaze On", this rendition has strong tension-and-release jamming with Eastern scales from Trey, before circling back to the main theme and jumping off the deep end into a pool of fractals and spacey effects used to signal Pluto.
2015-08-22 Watkins Glen, NY 16:01 At the 7:45 mark, Trey's chording shifts this top-notch "Blaze On" from straight ahead bopping to deep melodic exploration for five minutes, when suddenly the band flips a switch and begins a psychedelic horror show filled with off-kilter intervals and eerie effects that last until the jam somehow careens swiftly into (and leaves explosive residue on) -> "Possum".
2015-09-04 Commerce City, CO 14:30 For the second straight time, "Blaze On" ventures into the unknown. Seven minutes in, Trey's alternative chording sends the jam off into a warped version of the central two chord theme, and the Mu-Tron and Clavinet begin their space duel. After an off-kilter build in intensity and a switch to the B-3, the jam takes on a "Light" flavor before fizzling out into the aptly titled > "Golden Age".
2015-12-31 New York, NY 15:35 There's a reason Phish chose "Blaze On" as the song to open 2016, and this version delivers the celebratory goods. Like the past few versions, near the seven minute mark, Trey's chording sends the jam out into a world of spacey effects. These effects are reeled in quite quickly this time around, and Trey opts for a clean tone as he plucks beautiful trichords high on the neck and leads the band through a major mode passage that takes on a rough edge to it, grows percussive, and winds back to finish the tune.
2016-09-03 Commerce City, CO 11:19 For the second year in a row, "Blaze On" gets taken for a walk at Dick's. This year's jam has a more laid back, unhurried feel to it, with nice delay work by Trey that builds before segueing nicely into -> "Simple."
2017-07-29 New York, NY 23:20 Fish's dynamic drumming drives the jam early while the band probes for a hookup until a more defined, upbeat segment forms 13 minutes in. The next big shift occurs around minute 18 when Trey fires off some echoing chords and Page whips out the synthesizer as the jam heats up and climaxes strongly with Trey back in the lead. > to "Twenty Years Later".
2017-09-01 Commerce City, CO 13:29 Strong soloing finds Trey augmenting his tone, before crunchy soloing peels apart in favor of deft delay atop a soft bed of effects. Page then runs point, with Fish's cool, patterned drumming eventually giving way to a passage of swirling calm. Intensity builds via strong and spacey full-band play, featuring notable bass. Trey breaks free and works the version to a peak and the song's closing refrain.
2018-11-01 Las Vegas, NV 19:46 The jam breaks out into some raunchy, textured rock but does not last long before a shift to major around 10 minutes. From there, a mellow groove of bass, keyboards, and organ effects from Trey unfolds and gradually gains intensity as guitar becomes more prominent. After the peak, there is an outro of synchronized stop-start "woo" riffs and > to "NMINML".
2019-12-30 New York, NY 17:17 A bouncy shuffle is led by Page's clavinet and Mike into a "Mind Left Body"-like chord progression. This returns to a mild shuffle, eventually turning into a bliss passage in Eb. A very pleasant melody erupts from Trey and Page, and a pleasant peak evolves. While not a prominent jam peak, it has some longevity and gets to a nice place before winding back down. A pleasant though not intense journey.
2020-02-21 Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico 12:35 Trey pivots the band into a major key jam as warm as the Mexico waters, layering on the effects to really add ambiance. Page's synths take center stage and help bring some weirdness into the proceedings, with Mike going to the envelope filter and Fish neatly holding down the form. The jam gets darker and nastier as Mike takes center stage, then gently winds down before Page starts up "Sea and Sand". A very strong first set version.
2021-08-06 Noblesville, IN 27:07 The first of the two monster jams upon which the reputation of 8/6/21 II sits. Immediately moves into a more low-key zone out of the usual jam, with Page stepping to the forefront on both electric piano and synths and Mike adding some real hip-shaking funkiness to the proceedings. Trey finds a new key, but the funkiness stays intact as Fish kicks into a new gear, and then Trey finds a really neat riff and the band catches on as the jam molds itself around that tropically flavored riff. The jam grows in power and then moves into another danceable segment at Mike's urging, with Trey moving to his effects, then Page goes major key and the band dances around "Mind Left Body" once again before hitting a superb peak and heading home. Absolutely majestic version.
2021-08-13 Atlantic City, NJ 13:14 Makes a pretty sweet move to major key bliss before Trey switches on his fancy pedals and does some pretty nifty soloing and the band heads back to "Blaze On" proper. A more concentrated dose of the diffuse improvisation of the 8/6/21 "Blaze On".
2022-07-24 Hartford, CT 13:27 The song's mellow outro seems built to spill in any number of directions, a musical sort of "canvas." Here, the band paints a cosmic sort of composition. Trey follows Mike for several measures, with Page and Fish providing on-point fills. Restrained play brightens a bit, the version's chill, restrained play warmed by Trey's tone. Patient, hushed, and serene, Page seems to signal a shift, and the jam becomes surprisingly psychedelic, warping into an ethereal ooze.
2023-02-23 Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico 17:13 Early near-MLB riffing moves into a textured synth romp, after which the feel-good vibes are in full effect as a celebratory jam perfect for dancing on the beach carries through to > "Twist".
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