Jam Chart for France (22 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
1996-07-10 Bowie Paris, France 13:31 Cool jam with awesome Mike early on and a very different approach to "Bowie." Becomes typically intense as the jam progresses with strong Fish.
1997-02-18 2001 Paris, France 9:06 Smooth start with a fiery peak in the first jam. Second jam is a "Sex Machine" funk face puncher. Clear dancing room.
1997-02-18 Hood Paris, France 13:56 This is really an exceptionally strong "Hood" with great Page/Trey interplay, great melodies from Trey, super peak, etc. etc.
1997-06-24 Free Strasbourg, France 12:03 Nice funky jam that gets pretty rocking. Great Mike and Trey.
1997-06-24 Wolfman's Strasbourg, France 16:38 Bad-Ass funk with awesome Mike, and great Page on the B-3 and other keyboards. Starts to settle out of funk mode, then gets into some rocking, growly Trey-led jamming that eventually mellows and > to "Reba."
1997-06-25 Bag Lille, France 10:22 Bust out the funk!
1997-06-25 DwD Lille, France 21:29 The jam cuts into funk mode pretty quickly, gets more rocking, then back to more funk. After a brief settle, there is a -> to "Piper."
1997-06-25 DwD Lille, France 2:59 The ending section of this "DwD" -> "Piper" -> "DwD" combination includes "CYHMK" teases and -> to "Meatstick."
1997-06-25 Meatstick Lille, France 3:51 Short debut version is essentially the "Meatstick" lyrics being sung over the jam out of "DwD". -> to "McGrupp".
1997-06-25 McGrupp Lille, France 13:52 -> in from "Meatstick." A very unusual version. It starts in a swirly, funky mode, then shifts to a reggae style when the lyrics commence, and includes "Makisupa" teases. Trey narrates the lyrics in a style similar to the earliest versions (pre August '87). Page's solo is unusually quiet, but otherwise straightforward. A spacey ending transitions to "Makisupa."
1997-07-09 Caspian Lyon/Villeurbanne, France 8:20 Good combination of a nice intro, varied and interesting soloing by Trey, then a chill-out Page section before the closing.
1997-07-09 Taste Lyon/Villeurbanne, France 10:00 Powerful Page solo. Like 7/3/97, very good Trey/Page interplay, similar to a good "LxL". And strong Trey. One of the first versions where the "NICU" riff appears immediately preceding the closing sequence.
1997-07-09 YEM Lyon/Villeurbanne, France 33:07 In one of the longest YEMs since 1995, Phish jam with jazz/fusion quartet Bela Fleck and the Flecktones. The jam consists primarily of individual solos from each guest, eventually culminating into an ensemble -> to a jam on "Trane to Conamarra." Phish may not have found Pierre, but they found their soul. (For another excellent Flecktones collab, check out 8/21/93.)
1997-07-09 Trane To Conamarra Lyon/Villeurbanne, France 2:38 A magnificent "YEM" jam with Bela Fleck and the Flecktones continues -> with elements of their tune and funkily works itself -> to "Ghost".
1997-07-10 Gin Marseilles, France 21:33 Another '97 that revisits the cast-aside, old "Gin" jam with a little added funk sound, then breaks into full-on disco funk mode. Briefly returns to "Gin" proper, grows spacey and > to a seriously jammed-out "Llama."
1997-07-10 Llama Marseilles, France 12:05 -> in from "Bathtub Gin." Following the final refrain, the band breaks into a excellent heavily funk-infused jam that grows darkish towards the end. -> to "Velvet Sea."
1997-07-10 Jam Marseilles, France 8:39 A funky and blues-infused jam is played on its own in Set I. At 4:24, the jam develops a theme similar to "The Lizards."
1997-07-10 2001 Marseilles, France 14:02 Outstanding banter gives way to all time flame throwing funk upbeat ass kicking version. Zero messing around. "Super Bad" jam and "Start Spangled Banner" finish.
1997-07-10 Julius Marseilles, France 12:02 Jam starts out conventionally, but then the band brings the volume way, way down. After playing quietly for several minutes, the intensity builds. Unusual ending with -> to "Magilla."
1997-07-10 Magilla Marseilles, France 7:06 Just an incredibly cool -> from "Julius." Page sets the tone, with Trey laying way back, and Fish and Mike offbeat and on point. A building sort of jam dissolves into a great bass solo. And this into a super percussive bit of music with an extended, fun conclusion. A fan favorite. And for good reason.
1997-07-10 Ya Mar Marseilles, France 7:56 Short but sweet - Fish/Page duet (drums and Hammond B-3), then Trey/Mike duet, then Fish/Page duet (high hat and clavinet), then Fish/Trey duet (bell and low guitar), then Fish/Page duet (ka cymbal and Rhodes), then foot stomping (all). "Magilla" and "St. Thomas" teases, vampire children references.
1997-07-10 Take Me to the River Marseilles, France 9:57 -> in from "Ghost." The Phish take on this Rev. Al Green song, popularized by Talking Heads, begins in familiar manner, then slows to classic '97 funk. Then the jam rebuilds energy, becoming rocking, and includes reprise vocals from Fish and Trey.
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