Jam Chart for shows in the city of Seattle, WA (24 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
1991-10-11 Bowie Seattle, WA 11:35 The jam, very much based on "Cavern," is pretty cool. Returns to "Bowie" for a solid wrap-up.
1993-04-05 Stash Seattle, WA 13:38 Excellent, very exploratory version that includes some "DEG"-like jamming. Well beyond "Stash" proper.
1993-08-25 Bag Seattle, WA 9:39 The old intro section is played again. Some cool Mike action on this version.
1993-08-25 Stash Seattle, WA 14:48 Yet another wildly exploratory August '93 "Stash." This one gets far from home, but doesn't quite gel cohesively.
1993-08-25 Possum Seattle, WA 12:46 A couple of short sections that stretch beyond "Possum," plenty of intense, improvisational "Type I" action, and incredible shredding.
1993-08-25 YEM Seattle, WA 22:42 Magnificent jam segment. Guest artist Baby Gramps joins the band for the vocal jam, which > to his "Nuthin' But A Nuthin'" aka "Mice And Bats."
1993-08-25 Nothin' But A Nothin' Seattle, WA 5:48 > in from "YEM." Guest artist Baby Gramps joined the band for the "YEM" vocal jam, and then continue with a humorous rendition of his song aka "Mice And Bats," with Fish on vacuum.
1995-10-02 Simple Seattle, WA 9:21 Rocking outro turns serene and dreamy, then grows creepy and dissonant, and > to "Keyboard Army."
1995-10-02 Slave Seattle, WA 11:35 Near silence at the beginning of the jam, then listen carefully at 4:45 as Fish delicately and musically adds his Electrolux to the mix. The jam then kicks up several notches, and like 6/15/95, Fish seems to up the tempo slightly to add energy and power to this very fine version.
1996-11-27 Theme Seattle, WA 9:10 -> in from "Free." The jam takes a very different and interesting direction than most before getting back to "Theme."
1996-11-27 DwD Seattle, WA 23:04 Very improvisational, exploratory version that leaves "DwD" in the dust after 7:00. Several sections to this high quality version which -> to "JJLC" and includes a closing of "DwD" (straightforward, 4:26 duration) later in the set.
1996-11-27 SOAMule Seattle, WA 14:28 Page solo > Trey on guitar/vocal with "Brady Bunch Theme" teases > Page piano with Fish on vacuum > klezmer > chanting.
1996-11-27 Tweezer Seattle, WA 10:46 A solid but straightforward "Tweezer" melts into a jam on Aerosmith's "Sweet Emotion," and from there into a reprise of "DwD" which was played earlier in this show.
1996-11-27 Sweet Emotion Seattle, WA 1:48 Part of a fun and funky "Tweezer," Mike drives the band into a heavy and plusing "Sweet Emotion Jam." The real highlight here, however, just might be Trey's incredibly cool crossover from "Sweet Emotion" and -> into the rocking "Down With Disease" reprise.
1996-11-27 DwD Seattle, WA 3:27 -> in from "Sweet Emotion Jam." The preceding "Tweezer" and "Sweet Emotion Jam" fit nicely together with this "DwD" reprise, as if one cohesive piece of music. Following a big, exploratory "DwD" earlier in the set, this reprise version brings closure to a great sequence of music.
2014-10-18 Sand Seattle, WA 10:06 Trey sits back allowing Page to lead the first half of the jam until the groove turns upbeat around 6:45. From there, Trey increases his role and brings it home with melodic leads before the > to "BDTNL". A really nice, atypical version.
2014-10-18 BDTNL Seattle, WA 9:01 A very solid in-the-box version, with strong Page in particular. At moments, it even sounds like Page teases the piano outro from "Sweet Home Alabama."
2023-04-14 A Wave of Hope Seattle, WA 19:38 A cloud of uncertainty hangs over the early stages but Fish keeps things afloat with constant forward motion. Around 12:00 the jam begins to gradually emerge from darkness with Trey wielding his guitar like a blazing beam of light cutting through the gloom as it builds and builds to a series of peaks.
2023-04-14 Golden Age Seattle, WA 17:24 Tight, airy play hews closely to the song proper for quite some time before Trey calls for improvisational departure. Fish breaks the beat - listen, a bit after the 8:00 mark, for this wonderful moment - before the groove bleeds to become hushed, restrained play, evoking early (as in 60s) psychedelic experimentation. And then... memorable almost for what doesn't happen as opposed to what does, this is Phish at their seemingly effortless best, bathing the base with another dose of the finest in the nation.
2023-04-14 Fluffhead Seattle, WA 16:24 Arrives in fine fashion with an unusual modulation, giving the outro a "YEM"-like twist before returning home at 14:54 to close the show.
2023-04-15 Wolfman's Seattle, WA 13:29 Trey leads this one off the beaten path with a squiggly guitar tone, and as the jam continues down the rabbit hole, it reveals a dizzyingly beautiful dimension of sonic pleasures. This holds sway until a sea change around 11:00 brings a heavier, more industrial sound, setting the table for a welcome -> "Izabella" in this fantastic first-set pairing.
2023-04-15 Reba Seattle, WA 13:01 Really unique. One must (arguably) go back to the early days to find not a better version, but such markedly different improvisation. Near the 7:50 mark Mike drives the band towards direct, "compact" play...Trey, onboard, works through a series of licks - which he, himself, rhythmically offsets - while Fish and Page add pretty remarkable accents. True to such magnetic play, Trey wastes no time dialing in his shreddy, on-point peak; Fish, in step, quickly toms play to a close (his inspired drumming running through the "Bag it, Tag it," section).
2023-04-15 CDT Seattle, WA 13:33 Fairly quick departure after the lyrics, led at first by Page's organ and then Trey showing off his tone. The jam picks up momentum and deconstructs, becoming more percussive as Mike and Fish step forward. The bass effects propel the improvisation to a darker more aggressive space that churns temporarily before Trey's lead melodies reappear and take the band over the set closing peak.
2023-04-15 Tube Seattle, WA 11:25 Showing up in the second set for only the second time since 2010, this "Tube" is a late-in-the-show surprise. Nimble playing from Trey highlights while Fish controls the tempo like the master he is. Things get whipped into a frenzy before eventually navigating back into the "Tube" riff to wrap things up. > "Wading in the Velvet Sea".
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