Jam Chart for shows in the city of Raleigh, NC (30 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
1994-06-29 Reba Raleigh, NC 15:27 Incredible play from Trey in the composed section, accented by awesome Fish. Precision syncopation yields to a Mike-driven jam, with Page providing great fills as the band explores a number of distinct musical passages. Trey completely distorts his tone to lead an atypical and "growly" jam, which again finds the band pushing boundaries and toying with all sorts of rhythmic shifts and sonic experimentation.
1994-06-29 Bowie Raleigh, NC 0:10 "Bowie" -> "Catapult" -> "Bowie" in intro. Good solid summer '94 version, released on Live Bait 4.
1994-06-29 Catapult Raleigh, NC 0:40 -> in from "DB." Spooky version of "Catapult" is played over the "DB" high hat intro beat. -> back to "DB."
1994-06-29 Bowie Raleigh, NC 12:14 -> in from "Catapult." The early part of the jam is melodic and upbeat, but it gets typically nasty and tension-filled as it progresses.
1995-06-16 Esther Raleigh, NC 8:53 The watery sounds produced by Trey's use of the Leslie percoloate throughout this great version. Add fantastic Page and Fish, with his uncharacteristic rim shots, and an unusual and highly engaging concluding Trey solo, and it adds up to a stellar performance.
1995-06-16 It's Ice Raleigh, NC 9:14 Beautiful piano soloing by Page.
1995-06-16 SOAMelt Raleigh, NC 14:33 Starts tamely enough, but the tension and exploration improve as the jam progresses, and the ending is nuts.
1995-06-16 Runaway Jim Raleigh, NC 30:36 Intense, psychedelic and incredibly improvisational version. Has similarities in the final 10 minutes to the Providence "Bowie." Oddly, seems unheralded among the canon of all-time, must-hear jams. -> to "Free."
1995-06-16 YEM Raleigh, NC 25:06 "Oye Como Va" teases. Boyd from Dave Matthews Band on fiddle for part of the jam.
1997-07-22 Taste Raleigh, NC 9:53 Played during a thunder and lightning storm of Biblical proportion that prematurely ended Set I, you can hear the thunder crackling in the background. Clearly the storm electrified the band, and if you are a Page fan, this is a must-hear, incredibly intense version.
1997-07-22 DwD Raleigh, NC 19:56 Multi-part, heavy duty funk jam -> "Mike's Song."
1997-07-22 Mike's Raleigh, NC 14:34 This single jam version breaks into a thick soupy funk groove right off the bat, with lots of good variation. At 8:20, there's some shifting of instrumental sounds, but the basic grooves stays intact. Then at 10:45 the jam breaks into a new, completely different and exploratory section with a threatening, semi-evil tone. The abrubt switch back to "Mike's" is a bit forced, but all in all, that's trivial nit picking.
1998-08-07 Mike's Raleigh, NC 13:53 Although the single jam segment follows a fairly standard structure, this version is a great example of Trey taking the lead and directing the jam, with strong backing from Page. With swirling and shredding guitar play, the energy ebbs and flows, before culminating in a final ecstatic peak which hits the transitional D, E, and F# chords and > to "Simple."
1999-12-16 CDT Raleigh, NC 10:31 Very patient and gradual build in the jam.
1999-12-16 LxL Raleigh, NC 10:29 Although this one takes awhile to get going and the "Spreadsheet" recording doesn't do it justice, Trey trills like his life depends on it in the spectacular peak of the jam.
1999-12-16 Sand Raleigh, NC 22:30 Initially, the jam revolves around a menacing, effects-laden groove. Trey then hops on the keys to inject some melody and later expands on those ideas on guitar before the jam builds to a screaming finale.
1999-12-16 Velvet Sea Raleigh, NC 10:20 Typically melodious and soaring "Wading" fare abounds in the solo section. As the closing vocals appear to signal the end, a ghostly ambient wash then creeps in and makes itself at home before moving > "Tweezer"".
1999-12-16 Tweezer Raleigh, NC 21:52 Melodic, "Slave"-like jam.
2000-06-25 SOAMelt Raleigh, NC 17:49 With some really beautiful and delicate major mode jamming midway through, this "SOAM" ventures into a blissful landscape unusual for this song, before eventually returning home to familiar ground.
2000-06-25 WTU? Raleigh, NC 10:03 Starts with cacophonous siren loops, then collapses into a long, languid take on the tune, before dying away in a church-like hush. Longest version to date.
2003-07-27 Ghost Raleigh, NC 18:25 A seven course prix fixe culinary exploration of the deliciously dank flora, fauna, and fungi of the nocturnal arboreal outback. [Dark and very improvisational. A few moments point to the customary upbeat "Ghost" release, only to be passed over in favor of more ominous exploration.]
2003-07-27 Caspian Raleigh, NC 10:48 > in from "Tube." Another hard rocker with a cool transition that gets way from "Caspian" and -> to "2001."
2010-07-01 Boogie On Raleigh, NC 9:52 In the encore slot. While basically "Type I", Trey provides a rich and celebratory melodic line to the basic "Boogie On" outro jam, which elevates this version considerably.
2015-08-14 Llama Raleigh, NC 5:14 Debut of the slow, funky Llama. See 6/29/16, 10/20/18, and 11/30/19 for other versions.
2015-08-14 Moma Raleigh, NC 8:05 Version features an atypical jam segment which modulates to major mode, giving the jam more of a feel good sense, and less the typically rocking style.
2015-08-14 Golden Age Raleigh, NC 13:15 Begins with some bouncy funk work and then builds into a rocking groove. Brief ambient interlude before a > to "Reba".
2015-08-14 Weekapaug Raleigh, NC 9:42 Following some deft playing by Trey, the straightforward jam peaks, then drops into some nice "No Quarter" teasing followed by a brief, funky breakdown jam before heading home.
2018-08-10 NICU Raleigh, NC 9:03 Neat outro jam that prods and probes in a few different directions. > to "Thread".
2022-07-29 Rise/Come Together Raleigh, NC 20:45 A long way from 17's debut (which many, at the time, felt like an extension of "Mercury," the -> was that smooth) this Trey-fav "rises" above ordinary anthemic set-closing love and light to become yet another surprising musical odyssey, more proof that post-Covid Phish is infused with fresh ideas and all songs are immune from mediocrity.
2022-07-29 BBFCFM Raleigh, NC 2:55 The verses are played in a new arrangement, as @Sniff notes, perhaps more in the style of Dead Kennedy's than Husker Du, and gives this version a classic proto hardcore breakdown sound.
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