Jam Chart for shows in the city of Providence, RI (51 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
1990-05-11 Possum Providence, RI 9:10 "Johnny B. Goode" teases plus a somewhat dissonant and incendiary conclusion to the jam. This is a serious ripper.
1990-09-14 Tweezer Providence, RI 11:34 Multiple Charlie Chan signals as well as Popeye, Random Laugh and Oom Pa Pa signals. (aka "secret language").
1990-09-14 Destiny Providence, RI 5:27 Debut.
1990-11-16 Runaway Jim Providence, RI 6:14 Super percussion propels virtually every notable "Jim", and, here, it's fun to follow Fishman. Page, however, provides on-point fills and impressive runs, while Mike, dialed in, compliments Trey's customarily incendiary play.
1991-02-01 Tweezer Providence, RI 10:21 First "Tweezer Reprise" (aka TweePrise) followed this Tweezer.
1991-02-01 CDT Providence, RI 5:33 Debut.
1991-02-01 Reba Providence, RI 11:57 A rhythmic composition carved from a great, grooving vibe finds Trey leading the band through a jam featuring "Dixie" teasing, warm and graceful shifts in tempo, super huge notes bent and sustained, all of which builds into inspired "Dave's Energy Guide"-like playing.
1991-05-17 CDT Providence, RI 9:56 A brief blackout occurs during this version. Fishman continues playing, and is joined by Carl Gerhard on trumpet. Power comes back and a jazzy jam ensues.
1991-05-17 Magilla Providence, RI 5:11 Carl Gerhard on trumpet. The sound of a trumpet is qualitatively different than saxophone, but both sound terrific with "Magilla." Fun "Flintstones Theme" teasing by Gerhard is icing on the cake, and Fish has some great action too.
1991-11-20 Brother Providence, RI 4:42 Carl Gerhard on trumpet. "Brother" already has an exotic sound to it. That sentiment is only enhanced with the addition of a trumpet to the mix.
1992-03-13 Fluffhead Providence, RI 14:47 Holy smokes, another scorching "Fluffhead." But before you jump to the soaring and exuberant Arrival, pay close attention to this awesome Bundle of Joy (as well as everything preceding it). Only thanks to all the tension building and rhythmic push and pull in this penultimate section can the sweetness of the finale be fully appreciated. And a fun "Follow the Yellow Brick Road" tease at the very end is the icing on this triumphant cake.
1992-03-13 Antelope Providence, RI 10:54 "Antelope" -> "BBFCFM" -> "Antelope." Intense, dark and exploratory jam in "Antelope" morphs and segues, then morphs again into Hawaiian/Three Stooges humor before return to "Antelope" to conclude. One of the best "Antelopes" ever.
1992-03-13 BBFCFM Providence, RI 3:14 -> in from "Antelope." A crazy and humorous version with Hawaiian and Three Stooges humor and other good stuff -> back to "Antelope" to conclude this incredible version.
1992-03-13 Antelope Providence, RI 3:16 -> in from "BBFCFM" to conclude this epic version.
1993-02-04 Stash Providence, RI 11:32 Very cool and experimental beginning to the jam. Some good thrashing around elsewhere. First time with Page on the acoustic piano, which sounds great!
1993-02-04 Antelope Providence, RI 10:37 Excellent and very different kind of jam that gets well removed from "Antelope." Great tension in an almost "Stash"-like way.
1993-02-04 Weekapaug Providence, RI 9:09 After some "TMWSIY" teasing, the jam immediately launches into exploratory territory, with several great little breakdown sections. Add that it's Page's first "Weekapaug" on the baby grand (which sounds awesome) and some fun "Push Th' Little Daisies" teases and vocals at the end, and you have a great start to '93.
1994-12-29 Runaway Jim Providence, RI 9:11 Excellent improvisational "Jim" which includes a "Dueling Banjos" tease from Trey and must-hear -> to "Foam."
1994-12-29 Foam Providence, RI 9:25 -> in from "Runaway Jim." Fantastic segue for this great pairing. A typically strong '94 version with a dramatic build-up.
1994-12-29 SOAMelt Providence, RI 10:53 Although neither chaotic nor very dissonant, this one qualifies for the extreme and atypical category - odd but improvisational.
1994-12-29 Possum Providence, RI 11:37 "Dueling Banjos" and "L.A. Woman" teases. The latter half of the jam is dark and brooding with a uniquely Fall '94 tone that has moments that sound similar to a "Bowie" or "Tweezer." Ends in solid, ripping "Possum" fashion.
1994-12-29 Digital Delay Loop Jam Providence, RI 3:15 Even for a "DDL" Jam, this one is unusual, with an added psychological edge to it. Appropriate warm up section which -> to a mind-blowing, classic and MUST-HEAR "Bowie."
1994-12-29 Bowie Providence, RI 31:17 The Legendary Providence "Bowie." Between the "DDL" jam in the intro, whistling, "Lassie" chatter, and creepy whispering, this one is more psychologically jarring than 11/26/94.
1995-12-12 DwD Providence, RI 31:46 Extremely improvisational, experimental, "Type II"-on-steroids jamming. Musically, it's all over the map. But "DwD" fans should give this a listen to experience the band taking a fearless plunge into the abyss. -> to "Lizards."
1998-04-04 Tweezer Providence, RI 16:05 Some wonderful space-funk evolves into stellar, full-band, magnificent improv. Another version I underrated in the 1990s.
1998-04-04 Taste Providence, RI 10:55 Mike doesn't get a lot of mention on this chart, but he is really rock solid here, underpinning the harmonic base off of which Trey and Page shine. Still, this version doesn't have quite the "extra mustard" of many '97 versions.
1998-04-04 BOAF Providence, RI 15:18 Elongated and groovy version suggests several possible future jamming directions while never straying too far from "Birds" itself.
1998-04-04 2001 Providence, RI 16:40 Haunting intro and a grooving minimalist first jam. Trey pounces at the 9 minute mark and another Island Tour masterpiece is created.
1998-04-04 Brother Providence, RI 11:59 > in from "2001." About 4:38 into the conventional "Brother," this one departs into a great, funky jam. Way beyond the standard, it nonetheless builds in tension and dissonance as the jam progresses. Includes a brief "DEG" tease. After the song, the band played a brief "radio friendly" reprise.
1998-04-05 YEM Providence, RI 25:32 Spirited jam led by Trey. (No B&D.)
1998-04-05 McGrupp Providence, RI 10:28 Great first-set placement affords room for dark, contemplative playing. Although Page dominates, full-band interplay takes hold, with Trey providing strong counterpoint to Page. Fish serves as the unsung hero, adeptly using the cymbals to keep a vibrant pulse, and adding tension as this swirling version builds to a cathartic conclusion.
1998-04-05 Gin Providence, RI 11:25 Straightforward jam grows rhythmic, funky and exploratory legs, which lead to a seamless -> to a very good "Cities."
1998-04-05 Cities Providence, RI 10:36 -> in from "Gin." Initially funky, the jam gets a little more rocking before some Mike-led quiet space and a > to "Sparkle."
1998-04-05 Ya Mar Providence, RI 14:11 At about 8:00, Trey launches into an extended, beautiful solo that is joined by the others at about 11:15 in a light, airy jam that segues -> to "Prince Caspian."
1998-04-05 Caspian Providence, RI 11:20 -> in from a stellar "Ya Mar." Hard rocking but thoroughly upbeat jam in "Caspian" settles into some beautiful ambient space before closing and > to "Maze."
1998-04-05 Maze Providence, RI 8:05 Instead of Trey's solo, the band opts to -> to "Shafty."
1998-04-05 Shafty Providence, RI 5:04 -> in from "Maze." The band skips Trey's solo in "Maze" and debuts "Shafty" instead. -> to "Possum."
1998-04-05 Jam Providence, RI 5:56 -> in from "Possum." A sweet-ass funk jam follows the marsupial and paves the path by way of a top shelf -> to a slow-tempo and super funky "Cavern," to close out the Island Tour.
1998-04-05 Cavern Providence, RI 5:51 -> in from "Jam." Following an excellent funk jam, a very funky rendition of "Cavern" is delivered which includes original and alternate lyrics. Great way to close out the Island Tour!
1999-12-13 Tube Providence, RI 6:40 Trey sits back while Page and Mike take the lead before ending the jam with some great lead work.
1999-12-13 Gumbo Providence, RI 10:33 Thick swampy groove. Descending chord pattern in the middle of the jam, but not MLB.
1999-12-13 Piper Providence, RI 19:11 High energy version with intense "Type I" jamming between verses. A propulsive, rhythmic jam follows.
1999-12-13 Sand Providence, RI 22:45 Trey's lead playing is thematic and anthemic in this great version which begins as a textural soundscape. "Gotta Jibboo" bassline tease.
1999-12-13 LxL Providence, RI 9:36 Another exceptional version with solid playing by all, but especially Machine Gun Trey who rips a glorious peak.
2010-10-22 Julius Providence, RI 9:30 Trey lays down some different and interesting licks in the early parts of the jam, and Mike is great.
2010-10-22 R&R Providence, RI 12:49 Very high quality jam that covers a lot of ground and -> to an equally fast moving "Carini."
2010-10-22 Carini Providence, RI 8:01 -> in from "R&R." The Shapeshifter version. Don't be fooled by the timing, this version is all over the map with improvisation, changing forms multiple times within minutes. -> "My Problem Right There."
2019-11-29 BOTT Providence, RI 7:53 Instead of the typical, crescendo-oriented jam, here the band breaks into an atypical major mode jam, providing a warm and more relaxing sentiment.
2019-11-29 Plasma Providence, RI 13:42 Better late than never, "Plasma" now seems a Phish (centerpiece) staple. Here, the band drops immediately from the song's signature licks to enter a synth-driven exploration, with major (or minor) "Crosseyed and Painless" undertones. Ever percussive, and, as always, interesting, a full-band psychedelic swirl peels apart as Trey shape shifts, his soloing brightening to inform, with Page's carnival-esque keys, a fun, celebratory vibe.
2019-11-30 Alaska Providence, RI 9:15 > from a big "Gin" (and THX effects) , the band performs one of the finest versions to date. Early, everything drips with a bit of "gusto," before Trey, around 5:00, augments his tone and shapes sound, creating a crunchy, "Martian Monster" sort of stomp. Fish splashes in compliment as the band toys with tempo and meter, before a cool outro (the version remains unfinished) > "What's The Use?".
2019-11-30 Hood Providence, RI 14:24 Following a warm, directed opening, the jam slips into the now familiar minor mode play. What distinguishes this version is Trey's rapid-fire note picking, trilling, and spirited playing, which continues even as this "Hood" shifts back for a traditional closing.
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