Jam Chart for shows in the city of Philadelphia, PA (90 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
1993-07-16 2001 Philadelphia, PA 3:42 Phish debut.
1994-07-01 Foam Philadelphia, PA 9:42 Some great Mike and Trey teaming following a short, near silent jam, with rhythmic, staccato plucking by both. Ferocious ending.
1994-07-01 Stash Philadelphia, PA 12:28 Two exploratory jam sections here. The second, beginning at about 10:35, is a great little "cool down" section.
1994-07-01 Bowie Philadelphia, PA 11:45 Great Page on the organ (unusual for "Bowie"), and some crazy screaming from Trey and Fish.
1994-07-01 Possum Philadelphia, PA 11:02 Gripping, powerful jam with dissonant, off-key playing, serious tension, a "Voodoo Child" tease, and an explosive ending.
1994-07-01 Hood Philadelphia, PA 13:06 Cool, spacey beginning to the jam, great riffs from Trey, strong Fish, and a powerful finish with solid trilling = Great "Hood."
1994-12-28 Weekapaug Philadelphia, PA 17:08 A wacky, semi-evil version moves quickly beyond the standard, beginning with a dark Page-led section, followed by a Fish-led vocal jam. After more exploratory play, the band breaks into a jam on "The Little Drummer Boy," before returning to "Weekapaug" to wrap up.
1995-06-24 Julius Philadelphia, PA 10:00 Straightforward, but for a song that is already predictably intense, this one raises that bar several notches.
1995-06-24 Stash Philadelphia, PA 14:49 Another very good Summer '95 version, loaded with tension and with a psychological edginess to it.
1995-06-24 Bowie Philadelphia, PA 24:42 Simultaneously rocking and dark, with 3 distinct and excellent movements, and with a psychological edge like many top Summer '95 jams.
1995-06-24 Hood Philadelphia, PA 14:43 A really beautiful quiet section at first, then the power starts to build, but ever so gradually. False peak > Real peak ending.
1995-06-25 Bag Philadelphia, PA 8:29 > in from "Ya Mar." Exceptionally well-played straightforward version. Trey shreds. > to "Taste."
1995-06-25 Maze Philadelphia, PA 13:42 Awesome Page, and with a "Taps" tease by Trey. Suffice it to say that this is one HELL of a way to start a 2nd set.
1995-06-25 Mike's Philadelphia, PA 17:21 The 1st jam features some Eastern sounding notes and scales and is relatively brief. The 2nd begins is an intense, pulsing and rocking mode. The jamming gradually settles down into quiet exploration, which then grows eerie, gains power and a pulse and -> "WDWDIITR."
1995-06-25 Jam Philadelphia, PA 1:07 A brief, intense Fish and Page led jam develops at the end of "HYHU" and -> to "Weekapaug Groove.
1995-06-25 Weekapaug Philadelphia, PA 10:07 A strong, straightforward breakdown jam features solid play by Page and Mike. Teases of "Mainstreet" (Bob Seger) and "Dreaming" (Blondie) add extra mustard.
1995-12-15 It's Ice Philadelphia, PA 8:49 Very spacey jam segues into a creepy, Fish-driven groove with unintelligble, bizarre vocalizations from someone (?), as Page teases the "Pink Panther" theme a few times. "Odd" doesn't even begin to describe this.
1995-12-15 Gin Philadelphia, PA 11:38 A very good "Type I" jam breaks into some percussive, deep exploration at 8:30 and then -> to "Rotation Jam" (one of only 4 such performances during which the band members all switch instruments but continue playing).
1995-12-15 Bowie Philadelphia, PA 14:10 Jam almost immediately breaks into an unusual groove. Not way out there, but uniquely excellent.
1996-12-28 Mike's Philadelphia, PA 16:02 Patience is a virtue, and this version is proof of that concept. The 1st jam is frankly below average by '96 standards, but the patient listener is rewarded by a 2nd jam that begins with some great rocking hose, and mellows to delicate Trey, Page and Mike interplay before -> to "Strange Design."
1996-12-28 Weekapaug Philadelphia, PA 16:03 Page at the helm, as he leads the band first in funky breakdown jam, playing several of his toys including the Moog. Following a brief return to "Weekapaug," Page solos on piano in a manner akin to "Coil."
1996-12-29 YEM Philadelphia, PA 17:03 "YEM" -> to "Rotation Jam," an instrument-switching jam.
1996-12-29 Rotation Jam Philadelphia, PA 4:54 -> in from "YEM." This instrument-switching jam is performed during the "YEM" jam and > to "Sixteen Candles" with Mike on piano.
1996-12-29 Sixteen Candles Philadelphia, PA 2:03 > in from "Rotation Jam." Mike sings and performs this 1950s pop hit solo on piano. > to the "YEM" vocal jam.
1996-12-29 YEM Philadelphia, PA 3:28 > in from "Sixteen Candles" for the "YEM" vocal jam.
1997-12-02 Mike's Philadelphia, PA 20:41 Exceptional single jam version which begins in funk/rock mode and grows increasingly powerful until 8:30, when the jam shifts into serious funk mode. After 12:00, the jam quiets to delicate, introspective play, before regaining its original juggernaut sense of power and -> to "Simple." This is entire Mike's Groove is must-hear material.
1997-12-02 Simple Philadelphia, PA 9:45 Features a Trey and Page duet. A gorgeous, must-hear version which -> to a must-hear "Dog Faced Boy" which -> to a must-hear "Ya Mar."
1997-12-02 Dog Faced Boy Philadelphia, PA 5:36 -> in from "Simple." A beautiful and inspiring "DFB" follows a gorgeous "Simple" jam, and is part of a HUGE "Mike's Groove." -> to "Ya Mar" as the great stuff keeps coming.
1997-12-02 Ya Mar Philadelphia, PA 14:00 -> in from "Dog Faced Boy." Jam quickly moves away from conventional "Ya Mar" structure into a rhythmic, grooving foray with building intensity. "Crosseyed And Painless" tease," and a fantastic -> to "Weekapaug."
1997-12-02 Weekapaug Philadelphia, PA 15:29 Thrilling, smooth -> in from "Ya Mar." This version completes a fantastic "Mike's Groove." "Weekapaug" starts off more slowly before coming up to speed, then dives into the thick funk. Swiftly after 6:00, the jam blasts off into an upbeat groove that keeps building, working the crowd into a frenzy by 10:00. A must-hear version.
1997-12-02 Character Zero Philadelphia, PA 8:43 Mellow - or offbeat - by "Zero" standards, the version, strangely musical, produces a fun and surprising "tripping up the steps" sensation. The band, clearly energized, performs at a much slower tempo, the song's customary forceful vibe created by shouting and Trey's deliberate, scuzzy soloing.
1997-12-03 Drowned Philadelphia, PA 16:35 Funkalicious! Great up-tempo version that highlights the band's peaking cohesiveness and improvisational talent during the Fall 1997 run.
1997-12-03 Gumbo Philadelphia, PA 9:39 A badass "type II" (and dark) groove develops before dissolving into space, out of which 2001 begins.
1997-12-03 Bowie Philadelphia, PA 26:26 Long intro with teases and a signal. A wonderfully upbeat, major mode movement develops and continues for about 5 1/2 minutes before cycling back to "Bowie." The rub: it takes 18 minutes to get to this departure from standard fare. Unfinished with a fantastic -> to "Possum."
1997-12-03 Jam Philadelphia, PA 9:11 > in from "Possum." An excellent Fall '97-style funk jam develops on the tail end of "Possum" and -> to "Prince Caspian."
1997-12-03 Caspian Philadelphia, PA 10:11 -> out of a jammed out "Possum." Trey takes the lead here, providing inspired melodic content. > to "Frankenstein."
1999-12-10 Tweezer Philadelphia, PA 14:15 Extremely textural version that builds a "wall of sound." Doesn't do much IMO, but mileage varies.
1999-12-10 Jibboo Philadelphia, PA 14:09 Careful and patient, the front half of this jam features strong Rhodes and synth work from Page, to create a twinkly and spacey vibe. The band slowly accelerates this "Gotta Jibboo" to a smooth pinnacle, with multiple, very pleasant peaks; other "Jibboos" peak harder, but this one peaks cleaner and longer than its '99 peers. A true culmination of groove-based jam ideas from fall and winter '99.
1999-12-11 SOAMule Philadelphia, PA 12:22 Page Solo > Mike and Trey duet > full band jam that is really upbeat and rocking > conclusion.
1999-12-11 Boogie On Philadelphia, PA 7:50 An extra funky jam kicks off a great set.
1999-12-11 Ghost Philadelphia, PA 19:06 Endurance run through the Nevada desert crests the ridge into the Groom Lake Basin to behold the arrival of the mothership. [-> in from "Sally." Strong, slow tempo straightforward version with great Mike blasts off into deep outer space after 13:00 and explores the universe before -> to "2001."]
1999-12-11 2001 Philadelphia, PA 15:23 Emerges from "Ghost" and becomes a Haunted Space Halloween. Incredibly slow pace. This groove is one for the ages.
2003-02-25 Taste Philadelphia, PA 12:04 Excellent Page solo. Then Trey deploys some unusual plucking and strumming techniques (9:00 - 10:20 or so) towards the end of his solo. Strong version.
2003-02-25 Slave Philadelphia, PA 13:10 Not sure how Page adroitly plays both the Fender-Rhodes and piano simultaneously, but he does here. Another good one where Trey hangs back for much of the jam, allowing Mike and Page to lead until he steps forward.
2003-02-25 WotC Philadelphia, PA 19:01 Around 13:00, the jam breaks into an effects-laden groove, although it is not far removed from typical "WOTC." Returns to the standard at 17:30 to wrap up.
2003-02-25 Theme Philadelphia, PA 16:35 Jam begins conventionally until 8:40, when it abruptly shifts into a great, rocking groove. Mode shift again at 11:35 when the jam takes on a bluesy and somewhat funky vibe, which continues for about a minute until the ending section suddenly appears. Great little groove tacked on the end as well, with a > to "Runaway Jim."
2003-11-29 Julius Philadelphia, PA 10:11 Has some really cool riffs from Trey throughout that are unusual, as well as some nice low intensity playing.
2003-11-29 Twist Philadelphia, PA 17:17 Excellent jam which breaks from "Twist" around 7:30 into some good major mode action, then grows a bit spacey and dissonant before morphing into a really nice rocking groove. Towards the end, it gets angry and dissonant and -> to "Simple."
2009-11-24 DwD Philadelphia, PA 16:56 A good and wide-ranging jam develops that includes optimistic, rhythmic, and introspective sections. The jam eventually gets spacey, although it's pretty decent space and > well to "Twenty Years Later."
2009-11-24 Weekapaug Philadelphia, PA 9:12 "Weekapaug" begins at a very fast tempo, launches into the jam, and then Trey re-plays the opening chords at a slower tempo. The second "Weekapaug" jam is very laid-back and funky at times.
2009-11-25 BOAF Philadelphia, PA 12:49 Very well played through 7:40 when the jam gets out there with some nice work by Page and Mike. Eventually returns to "Birds" proper. A very exploratory version for 3.0.
2009-11-25 Tweezer Philadelphia, PA 12:25 Similar to Camden's "Tweezer."
2014-07-08 Tube Philadelphia, PA 6:07 Mike gets down on this right away, Trey picks up quickly, and the whole jam locks in for several minutes.
2014-07-08 Fuego Philadelphia, PA 25:58 Like the SPAC "Fuego" this jam begins with some quieter musings, followed by a couple of peaking sections. Then the jam turns rhythmic, funky, and almost jazz-like, with some nice Fish and Page, before finally dwindling to transition space.
2014-07-08 Hood Philadelphia, PA 13:08 This "Hood" has a really great early section, especially between 5:25 - 9:25, where Mike, Page and Trey have this wonderful 3-way musical conversation, while Fish scales the percussion down to a very subtle but key rhythmic foundation.
2014-07-09 CDT Philadelphia, PA 16:41 A far-ranging jam develops which initially shifts away from the standard around 4:30 to darker, minor mode play. From here, the jam briefly brightens, descends back into the twilight, then brightens considerably, before finally winding down with some rhythmic play.
2014-07-09 Wingsuit Philadelphia, PA 9:04 Rearranged and redefined, this post-Halloween version--aka the "flown balls Wingsuit"--donning its now "traditional" form. Great full-band play (especially Fish) backs Trey's powerful soloing, which features dynamic modulation and a shift in pitch. Feels good.
2014-07-09 Mike's Philadelphia, PA 8:14 The jam begins with some nice funky clav playing, normalizes, regains the funky legs, and features strong playing by Fish, as well as Trey, who deploys several guitar effects to alter his tone.
2015-08-11 Martian Monster Philadelphia, PA 4:16 The band neatly -> into the second "Martian Monster" of this show from the ultra rare "Skin It Back." This version seamlessly combines "Skin It Back" themes into the Martian atmosphere, including two separate teases. Proving beyond doubt the presence of water on Mars, the spaceship hovers in a dense atmospheric cloud with an "ASIHTOS"-like quality, before jumping orbit with a loud, sampled scream and revisiting "Skin It Back" on the journey home.
2015-08-11 Bowie Philadelphia, PA 10:49 Some variation away from the boiler plate standard, including a brief major mode modulation, nice Trey/Page/Mike interplay, and a solid tension-filled trill section put this one in the jam chart zone.
2015-08-11 SOAMule Philadelphia, PA 10:50 Page solo with Trey comping on guitar > "Martian Monster" vocal quote > Fish with a spacey Marimba Lumina solo > klezmer > prayer-like Mike chanting > conclusion.
2015-08-11 Fuego Philadelphia, PA 16:19 For the 2nd straight year, the Mann gets a big "Fuego." This jam begins in a subdued manner, then builds energy and feel-good sensibility before revisiting the "Fuego" theme with an uplifting spirit.
2015-08-11 46 Days Philadelphia, PA 8:17 The customary instrumental bridge has some filthy, raw tone, then there's a great compact spacey but upbeat jam at the end which covers a surprising amount of terrain and -> to "Taste."
2015-08-12 Cities Philadelphia, PA 10:35 Trey's Echoplex leads the second straight solid "Cities" to some extended between-verses jamming, before the whole band picks up where he left off and explores a pulsing, minor mode space before the 'plex is left behind for a more straight-ahead jam that eventually fades out.
2015-08-12 Stash Philadelphia, PA 12:14 Traditional "Stash" jam which dwells in the domain of darkness throughout, covers some different terrain in this realm, and ups the tension nicely before releasing its underworld grip.
2015-08-12 It's Ice Philadelphia, PA 9:03 After a Jekyll (jam) and Hyde (composed section) take just four shows earlier, Trey redeems himself with the Mann "It's Ice". The whole band jumps into the jam feet first, coalescing around a "Manteca"-like theme for a few minutes during which Page goes absolutely nuts on his clavinet.
2015-08-12 Twist Philadelphia, PA 20:08 Continuing a run of excellent renditions of "Twist", this exceptional version starts in more typical "Twist" jam territory before some more delicate playing is laid on a bed of bombs and loops. Like the Shoreline rendition, the band circles back to the main theme briefly before veering back off into a darker, fuzzier, mine-field of Mike before Fishman pushes Trey and Page towards nirvana and eventually the main theme once more. Must hear!
2015-08-12 Scents and Subtle Sounds Philadelphia, PA 14:43 Only the second "S&SS" with intro (SBIX) in 3.0, this version shows few signs of rust and has excellent vocals throughout. The jam starts off largely in-the-box, but Trey and Mike slowly tug at the seams until Fishman pushes the rest of the band towards a throbbing two-note pattern and a brief peak before more clean vocals bring it back home.
2016-06-28 Fuego Philadelphia, PA 16:04 Dives into a low-key late-night groove at Mike's urging, then Fish takes control as Trey lays down some thick MuTron nastiness. Mike remains very present all throughout. Briefly resolves to major key, but instead puddles and > into "Runaway Jim".
2016-06-28 Breath and Burning Philadelphia, PA 7:11 Second version goes deep, with an extended, echo-enhanced outro informing a passage of measured and highly musical space, which -> to "Mind Left Body Jam."
2016-06-28 Mind Left Body Jam Philadelphia, PA 2:23 -> in from "Breath And Burning." Cool way to close out this first improvisational version.
2016-06-28 Slave Philadelphia, PA 9:36 Fish and Mike are out front on this one, giving the jam an early sense of drive and power. Soaring play by Trey and a solidly peaking conclusion all add up to a strong "Slave."
2016-06-29 Reba Philadelphia, PA 13:58 No mere novelty, the band's incredibly slow take on the composed section (better heard than described) seems to dissolve as muscle memory takes over, the torpid pace impossible to sustain. This inspires several minutes of particularly soulful and melodic jamming, which, in fun Phish fashion, dissolves into an inane whistling section.
2016-06-29 Farmhouse Philadelphia, PA 6:41 A sea of trills and melodic waves evoking the ocean's ebb and flow. A harmonious jam where the means are the ends; the musical equivalent to taking a walk through the woods for the sake of walking through the woods.
2016-06-29 C&P Philadelphia, PA 15:31 After departing the typical jam style, this version drops briefly into some murky waters but finds its footing as Fish propels things forward, eventually leading to a feel-good conclusion and a -> to the debut of "Friends".
2016-06-29 BDTNL Philadelphia, PA 8:40 An inspired version showcasing full-band interplay. Trey truly shines, working his line in a number of directions, sprinkling notes and modulating intensity to shape this shimmering summertime stunner.
2016-06-29 Hood Philadelphia, PA 14:21 After a couple of years of venturing abroad, "Harry Hood" proves that a more traditional, but extended trip is equally compelling. This fine encore version also includes a very powerful ending section.
2019-12-03 KDF Philadelphia, PA 9:16 At 5:50 the jam shifts to upbeat major play and immediately transforms into patented Phish bliss and then > into a continuation of "Tweezer". Unfinished.
2019-12-03 CDT Philadelphia, PA 12:29 The lone Fall 2019 version sees Trey take the jam into major-key territory right out of the song proper, occasionally touching on Phrygian mode at times. Fish and Mike help propel this feel-good version along, with Trey getting off some nice trills, then as a sparser jam space emerges, Trey heads into the night's final tease of "Tweezer".
2019-12-03 2001 Philadelphia, PA 11:12 This "2001" is not your average dance party. Phish pull out all the toys... the Marimba, THX sound-effects, drills, and tons of delays teleport the 3500 seat Met Theater into the center of the universe. One of the most unique versions in history gets wayyyy out there. The result is something along lines of the Borg landing in the middle of a Donnie Darko sequel.
2022-07-19 Halley's Philadelphia, PA 17:03 After a mangled composed section, "Halley's Comet" takes off for the stars. The band hangs on Amin and delivers a rocking jam that soon grows introspective. A melodic volley develops between the four band members, which leads the band into a major key pivot. The music grows hazier, delay pedals and synths deploy, and the band finds themselves in a decidedly ambient space. A slightly funkier groove then emerges over the dense textural landscape, and fades out > "Stash."
2022-07-19 Piper Philadelphia, PA 13:59 Jam begins in typical "Piper" fashion with strong interplay between the four band members. A subtle modulation occurs a little after the 5 minute mark, and the music grows more psychedelic. Mike and Fish lay down a mighty foundation, as Trey and Page's melodic coloring become more vibrant and textured. The jam then gradually grows in intensity, eventually leading to a powerful Trey-led guitar peak. > "Tweezer" to close out the set's preceding "Tweezerfest" shenanigans.
2022-07-20 Runaway Jim Philadelphia, PA 11:27 Another Phish classic benefitting from the band's renewed interest in exceptional, seemingly effortless, improvisation. Not quite running away, the jam threatens to break free, riding that effortlessly cool "Jim" vibe, with impossibly sprite Trey working atop bedrock Fish. A super example of what "was" crossed with what "is."
2022-07-20 KDF Philadelphia, PA 10:59 The jam shifts very subtly from the usual blues-rock to more upbeat play and then strays further from "KDF" as it progresses, eventually landing unfinished > "Theme".
2022-07-20 Bag Philadelphia, PA 9:23 Who would have thought it? Following a "Baker's Dozen" fake-out, the thousand-dollar question is finally answered, with Phish (Trey) finally pushing another classic through rudimentary form into open improvisational territory, eliciting exciting jamming that, while perhaps a bit "short," is certainly sweet before a nice break for "Soul Planet."
2022-07-20 Simple Philadelphia, PA 14:50 > from "Soul Planet." Jam begins in familiar melodic territory...but then the band rips a portal in space and time, finding themselves back in the psychedelic murk that occupied the previous set's "Split Open and Melt" jam. Mike and Fishman consistently challenge the rhythm as Page's textural work and Trey's low octave synth effect punctuate the whole affair. The Phish machine churns into a pulsing, monstrous polyrhythmic jam that grooves like a mutha and pulls off a nice -> into "Light."
2023-07-25 Gin Philadelphia, PA 14:35 Fans of Mike will want to seek out this excellent version. Listen for his deft finger work and fluid fret runs throughout to propel the improvisational conversation. Segues neatly into "BOTT".
2023-07-25 The Well Philadelphia, PA 19:56 Taking the set 2 anchor spot in only its second Phish outing, Trey's new Tom penned piece is a study in contrasts. Bluebirds and shimmering piano work give way to manic screams and a multipart jam that samples the water at multiple depths. Dipping first into jagged play and thick snarl, then lifting into plucky staccato melodies that lead to a vocal reprise and false ending before dropping the bucket for another load of muck and an absolutely disgusting peak. Fish wants more.
2023-07-26 BDTNL Philadelphia, PA 7:30 Distinguished for its mid-jam breakdown from 4:30-6:00, and then rebuilds itself in the traditional manner.
2023-07-26 Carini Philadelphia, PA 22:41 A slow brood early leads to a now familiar and welcomed progression that could signal fulfillment, but here it's the front half of a jam that takes a turn down grittier paths and explores chunkier rhythmic space. Accelerating through synth laden territories, Trey's leads and Fishman's drumming race to what feels like a rocking finish, but instead the band hits a stride that carries them over another peak into a smooth landing that > "Joy".
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