Jam Chart for shows in the city of North Charleston, SC (17 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
1995-11-18 Slave North Charleston, SC 10:51 This one starts peaking just before 8:00 and continues building, with one or more false peaks before the final ending.
1995-11-18 YEM North Charleston, SC 30:20 Must-hear! Among the very best. "Brick House" jam!
1996-10-27 SOAMule North Charleston, SC 7:34 Page > Trey vocal/guitar >Page on piano and Trey vocal/guitar together > Percussion -> Mike sings "Catapult" > Page plays "Catapult" on Theremin -> klezmer > Mike chanting > finale.
1996-10-27 Catapult North Charleston, SC 2:07 -> in from "SOAMule." "Catapult" is played in the middle of a crazed Mule Duel. -> back to "Mule."
1996-10-27 SOAMule North Charleston, SC 2:41 -> in from "Catapult" to complete this crazy "Mule."
1996-10-27 Taste North Charleston, SC 7:31 First version with a "Norwegian Wood" (the Beatles) tease, although this one did not signify the end of the jam section. In the future, much debate would ensue over the chordal riff signaling the song's conclusion - "NICU" (which this riff MOST CLEARLY RESEMBLES part of the melody of), "Norwegian Wood," and later, "What's The Use" all entering the discussion.
2010-10-16 C&P North Charleston, SC 15:01 Opening a killer 2nd set in Charleston, this one is a straight-up rocker! After a blazing jam, they hit another vocal refrain before dipping into a spacier jam. Then they build back into another vocal refrain, after which they make a move for a funkier jam before hitting one final spacier passage.
2010-10-16 2001 North Charleston, SC 8:20 Excellent high energy version with a few outstanding minutes from Page in the second jam.
2016-10-14 Tube North Charleston, SC 6:22 The band pivots from the typical funk vamp and reaches a rocking conclusion led by Trey in this verison.
2019-12-06 Destiny North Charleston, SC 9:50 > from "I Been Around." Trey plays a note at the 4:48 mark that indicates this version will be different than previous iterations. Mike takes the lead on the full band jam, coupled with soaring play from Trey. While the return to the song isn't the cleanest, it can be overlooked due to the song finally getting taken for the proverbial ride.
2019-12-06 Scents and Subtle Sounds North Charleston, SC 18:48 Fire jam, with Trey out front, confident and in control. A tease-seeker's paradise, Trey hints at "Suzy," "Axilla," and who knows how many other sounds. Play reminiscent of "Sparks" gives way to a full spaciousness typical of the band's best playing, with the four working as one, in lieu of yielding room - wonderful. Mike's seismic line signals a shift to darker, stormier terrain which calms before brightening into more teasing, fun stop/start jamming, super percussion, and funky Page. > "No Quarter." Mission Accomplished.
2019-12-06 LxL North Charleston, SC 13:15 Around 4:45, the playing peels away from typical "LxL," becoming more rocking at first, then mellowing into a jazzy groove with moments of brightness. The energy and intensity builds, with strong Mike and Fish, before Fish starts singing "This Old Man" and the playing transitions > "The Lizards".
2019-12-07 C&P North Charleston, SC 12:39 Briefly swerves into major-key goodness, then wanders into hazy synth-laden space, before Trey taps into the holiday spirit with a "Little Drummer Boy"-infused jam. The jam takes on a gnarled and heavy-metal feel, then > into "Dirt".
2019-12-07 Cool Amber and Mercury North Charleston, SC 9:21 Stretches slightly beyond its usual confines with a pleasant jam which finds a darker direction in the final minute before > "Melt".
2019-12-07 SOAMelt North Charleston, SC 12:28 Rearranged and redefined, "Melt" anchors another second set, with the band forgoing speed, tension and release in favor of using the song, following a nice composed section, as a blank canvas to create a creepy, ethereal, "soundscape". Fish's work on the Marimba Lumina is particularly eerie, before "Little Drummer Boy" teasing and a return to "Crosseyed and Painless" offers relief from droning (yet musical) fright-rock.
2019-12-07 C&P North Charleston, SC 1:10 > from "SOAM", the band briefly jams before dropping back into "Melt" to stick the landing.
2019-12-07 SOAMelt North Charleston, SC 1:00 > from "Crosseyed and Painless", the band returns to stick the landing. This, then, before a wonderful "A Life Beyond the Dream".
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