Jam Chart for shows in the city of East Troy, WI (65 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
1996-08-10 Reba East Troy, WI 15:07 Excellent, wide-open, and groove-oriented jamming leaves all sorts of space for soloing, and Trey leads with beauty and grace, his phrasing measured and ripe with shimmery, summertime aplomb. Fish's accents are instrumental in creating a notable contrast, as the version coasts to a soaring, trill-filled peak.
1996-08-10 DwD East Troy, WI 13:04 Has a really good but brief breakdown jam from 8:15 - 11:15 before returning to "DwD" to conclude. Several other '96 versions have a similar 3 or so minute rhythmic jams that return to "DwD" (10/19/96, 10/22/96, and 12/31/96).
1996-08-10 SOAMule East Troy, WI 12:49 "Sunshine Of Your Love" tease by Page during solo. Guitar/vocal response by Trey. He gets pretty crazy, screaming. A lot of noise - percussion, guitar - during Page's second solo. Chanting.
1996-08-10 Hood East Troy, WI 15:23 Jam includes a beautiful and tear jerking Page and Trey duet from 6:40 - 9:55. The rest is predictable but solid "Hood."
1997-08-09 Theme East Troy, WI 9:52 Very strong group interplay, between Trey and Page in particular, but also between Mike and Fish, gives this version a sound and dynamic almost like "Taste" or "Limb By Limb."
1997-08-09 Ghost East Troy, WI 15:26 Big bass techno-funk. Fine segue into "Taste." [Funk -> release as expected, but the release is short before delving into more funk, then settling to some excellent, quiet introspective play which -> to "Taste."]
1997-08-09 Taste East Troy, WI 10:03 -> in from "Ghost." Powerful version in which the whole band keeps rocking full tilt throughout the slot where Trey customarily takes the lead. Fish is the hidden gem holding rhythm in check while Trey and Page frenetically spiral up and up the scales.
1997-08-09 Reba East Troy, WI 15:21 This super, Summer '97 version received recognition when released via Live Bait Vol. 11. Trey ignites a bouncy, infectious groove, which, in time, morphs into more metered jamming. Mike's playing is particularly strong, offset by great percussion, which bleeds into a heightened breakdown, the band working through an effects-laden passage. A stunning bit of improvisational majesty.
1997-08-09 Foam East Troy, WI 11:58 Unusual second set placement. Listen to this one back-to-back with 8/3/97. Both masterpieces. But very different performances. Here Page's solo is less adventurous, but finishes in a rousing manner. Trey deploys very different effects from the preceding version, with surgical precision. And of course, the build-up is epic.
1997-08-09 SOAMule East Troy, WI 11:18 Page > guitar and bass duet as a response > whole band in a cacophony of noise > pause > more noise > straight to final verse with no klezmer.
1997-08-09 Slave East Troy, WI 13:24 Such a graceful version. In 1997, the band was in no hurry to rush things. Here the patient building makes the eventual, huge peak that much sweeter. > to "Weekapaug."
1997-08-09 Weekapaug East Troy, WI 11:54 -> in from "Slave," capping a nearly set-long "Mike's Groove." After a percussive start with hints of "CYHMK," Trey hoses down the crowd beginning at 3:30. The jam climaxes with "CYHMK" teases, and Trey bids good night while the music rolls on.
1998-08-01 Weekapaug East Troy, WI 12:00 A really strong "Type I" jam that is heavy on the funk. All members contribute significantly, but Page is especially prominent.
1998-08-01 Magilla East Troy, WI 2:31 -> from "2001," sprightly, airy playing appropriately informs this "Magilla," which just as quickly breaks for "2001." Which, even more quickly, breaks for "Tweezer."
1998-08-01 Tweezer East Troy, WI 18:34 Gorgeous, stunning improv. A section of this version is transcendent "hose" IMO. Just phenomenally beautiful. IT.
1998-08-01 Fluffhead East Troy, WI 15:14 On the heels of a mellifluous "Tweezer," this crisp rendering, while not impeccable, is still unusually sharp for this period. Page is notably strong in Who Do? We Do! and Clod, while Fish underpins a rock solid Bundle of Joy. Arrival erupts with great spirit, welcoming the boys home, after 30 minutes of epic improv combined with successfully scaling Phish's Matterhorn of compositional masterworks.
1999-07-24 Fluffhead East Troy, WI 32:52 Like 7/10/99, this version is notable for its improvisational Arrival section, as the earlier sections experience execution issues in spots. These few blemishes are overshadowed by an unprecedented, extended jam that emerges from the traditional Arrival and continues for over 18 minutes, beginning at about 16:35. The jam begins with some raging Trey and Mike-led play, before settling into a quieter, snappy and percussive groove. Eventually building power, the jam seems poised to peak, but instead recedes into more exploratory grooving and > to "TMWSIY."
1999-07-24 Jam East Troy, WI 2:23 A delicate ambient jam emerges by -> from the tail end of "The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday."
1999-07-24 Mango East Troy, WI 7:03 > in from "Tweezer. The band compensates for a botched and sloppy composed section by seriously stretching the ending segment (-> to "Jam" according to the Setlist) in a largely "Type I" manner that is upbeat, and with great guitar playing by Trey in his style typical of 1999. > to the debut of "The Happy Whip And Dung Song."
1999-07-24 Jam East Troy, WI 7:59 -> in from "The Mango Song." Follows a sloppy and mistake-filled attempt at the traditional song. To compensate, Trey leads the band in a spirited, well-played and extended "Type I" "Mango" jam.
1999-07-24 CDT East Troy, WI 12:10 Fiery and well-played but with a spacey outro jam.
2000-07-08 Piper East Troy, WI 14:49 Super-charged "Type I" bridge jam between verses leads to pulsing groove typical of many '00 "Pipers." Great segue into "Rock and Roll."
2000-07-08 Tweezer East Troy, WI 11:42 Segues nicely into "Walk Away."
2003-07-18 Roggae East Troy, WI 8:28 Another great version, but vastly different from the preceding two. This is much more of a high power, rocking jam.
2003-07-18 DwD East Troy, WI 23:15 Incredibly improvisational and hard driving version that includes a section from 17:40 - 19:00 that sounds similar to "Woman of Tokyo." -> to "Catapult" although arguably it's really part of the same jam.
2003-07-18 Catapult East Troy, WI 3:02 -> in from "DwD." Great version which continues the vibe from the epic "Disease" that precedes it.
2003-07-18 Twist East Troy, WI 14:25 A spacey jam strenghtened by chilling effects gains some momentum and eventually finds its way home.
2003-07-18 Hood East Troy, WI 16:14 An excellent "Type II" section peels away from "Hood" at 7:30, continuing for a good 5 minutes before coming home.
2003-07-19 Wilson East Troy, WI 5:57 Among the most metal, evil, shredding Wilson solos around. Mike is in a deeply-effected "DWD"-intro-like tone, which is the icing on the cake and adds a unique heaviness and intensity to this version.
2003-07-19 Piper East Troy, WI 22:40 A spectacular and awe-inspiring exploration. The first of 3 phenomenal summer '03 versions. Must-hear.
2003-07-19 Caspian East Troy, WI 9:23 -> in from "Seven Below." The band rocks this one hard. > to "YEM."
2003-07-19 YEM East Troy, WI 26:25 Fantastic jam segment in an excellent version.
2004-06-25 Wolfman's East Troy, WI 14:35 Excellent, improvisational "Type II" version has some awesome Mike early on followed by funk, then some deep, dark and far-ranging exploration before miraculously finding its way back to "Wolfman's" to close.
2004-06-25 Seven Below East Troy, WI 27:04 The longest version of "Seven Below" is arguably not the best version, but it has some very engaging improvsation. While the boys are ambitious, they never really catch onto a theme, so it seems a bit unfocused at times. If you want a better, albight shorter, '04 "Seven Below," check out the 6/20/04 SPAC version.
2004-06-25 Weekapaug East Troy, WI 11:10 The jam settles down noticeably around 3:00, with good quiet play by all four, before Mike builds a nice meaty foundation for Page and Trey to play over. As the jam returns to familiar ground, Trey leads an inspired, extended and celebratory peak.
2004-06-26 Boogie On East Troy, WI 12:43 During the outro, Mike has a brief solo, and from there, Trey and Page take off, while Fish and Mike stick to "Boogie On" for a bit. The latter two don't hold on for too long before joining the hard rocking, very optimistic (for 2.0) jam with a -> to "Ghost."
2004-06-26 Ghost East Troy, WI 16:03 Euphoric space-disco firehose dance party in Pere Lachaise Cemetery. [-> in from a strong "BORW." Improvisational and exploratory jamming morphs into a bouncy upbeat groove which grows increasingly celebratory. > to a strong "Free."]
2004-06-26 Free East Troy, WI 12:05 > in from a big "Boogie On" -> "Ghost" combo. This one has a really excellent jam.
2004-06-26 Piper East Troy, WI 16:13 A snappy, somewhat dissonant but rocking groove develops and gets out there. Page and Fish are excellent.
2009-06-21 C&P East Troy, WI 15:04 Very nice second set opener. This one rips from start to finish. Around the 9:30 min mark, Trey and Page really catch a hold of something and blaze through the back of the jam. At 12:30, it starts to explore spacier realms that eventually lead into "Down with Disease."
2009-06-21 Piper East Troy, WI 12:50 Page gets the jam section off to a great start, then Trey zeroes in on a nice blues riff. Taking turns playing off this riff, Trey and Page team up nicely, before the jam eventually dissolves into familiar '09 transition space.
2010-08-14 BOTT East Troy, WI 9:19 Very popular version with fans. Great staccato playing from Trey early in the jam.
2010-08-14 WTU? East Troy, WI 6:08 Notable more for the remarkable and semi-famous -> out of "DwD" than anything else.
2012-06-30 Golden Age East Troy, WI 10:30 > in from "Wilson." Rhythmic funk held together by a really fun, loose beat from Fish, with a nice -> to "2001" to finish it.
2012-07-01 Fee East Troy, WI 11:50 This patient and cohesive jam covers a lot of ground in a relatively short period of time. Excellent and Must-Hear.
2012-07-01 Ghost East Troy, WI 9:42 You ever have a pulled pork slider that's got so much flavor packed in such a small bite that it makes you crosseyed? It's like that. [An excellent short but improvisational version promptly departs standard "Ghost" at 5:30 to survey good and varied terrain, includes "C&P" quotes, then -> to "BOTT."]
2012-07-01 Farmhouse East Troy, WI 6:23 Very 3.0-styled jam with peaceful, swinging melodic leads. Everything is subdued and nuanced, and it's just as easy to hear each of the players' respective contributions as it is to hear the unified end result.
2015-08-08 DwD East Troy, WI 13:40 A really wonderful version which, while it follows a fairly predictable trajectory with a cohesive brightening, is accented by heart-felt tone and cool sonics. The concluding section neatly shifts between warmer and more introspective sentiments.
2015-08-08 Halley's East Troy, WI 8:23 Short but sweet: a nice funky and rhythmic back end jam develops and seems poised for lift off, but instead -> to "Twist."
2015-08-09 Tweezer East Troy, WI 14:18 Textural, repetitive improv eventually morphs into major key bliss, as Trey repeats a catchy melodic theme and the band reach a glorious peak before the jam dissolves into Dirt.
2015-08-09 Mike's East Troy, WI 12:27 The 1st jam begins well with Echoplex-infused effects, before Trey drops into more familiar territory. Again, there is a 2nd jam, also with an unusual transition after the traditional closing chords. This time, a high octane section leads off, followed by a funky breakdown jam which grows intense with a "Help On The Way"-like sense around 9:30. Woos make an appearance, followed by more funk action.
2019-07-13 Runaway Jim East Troy, WI 11:01 > from "A Song I Heard the Ocean Sing." While not quite reaching the heights of the Charlotte version from earlier in the summer, this version certainly has merit. Atypical jamming for the song starts around 5:30 as Page begins playing some truly spooky sounds. Mike jumps in and together they create what sounds like the backing music to a scary movie. Trey and Fish eventually lead the band back to more familiar jamming and then a nifty segue -> "Undermind."
2019-07-13 BOTT East Troy, WI 9:03 The jam begins predictably enough, with quieter straightforward playing. But the locomotive on this train really builds up a head of stream, and by 6:00, it is rolling down the tracks and continuing to pick up speed, before finally easing the passengers safely into the station.
2019-07-14 Ruby Waves East Troy, WI 38:08 An unflagging improvisational behemoth that moves from moody rocking out to a low-simmering groove to a propulsive Trey-led anthemic rush to swampy blissfulness to reggae (!) to motorized power riffing with a thrilling peak to ambient space to a surprising and welcome effects-laden gallop into the unknown to a breathless and ferocious finale (and second ambient deep space segment, for good measure) with neither muss nor fuss. At the time of writing, the longest modern era jam and seventh-longest ever to date, and not a second wasted on top. Listening to this masterpiece is non-negotiable.
2022-08-12 Moma East Troy, WI 17:53 Trey's frenetic playing before the song proper ends indicates this won't be a typical "Moma". The tempo slows momentarily before culminating in a classic latter-day peak. The last minute sees Trey meander his way back to the "Moma" riff which allows the band to finish the song.
2022-08-12 Ass Handed East Troy, WI 5:25 Following in 10/29/21's footsteps, the band again launches into a jam which rocks through a few sections and ends > "SYSF".
2022-08-12 Golden Age East Troy, WI 14:55 A light and breezy, highly danceable groove is followed by some soul-piercing guitar when Trey gets out in front on the backend.
2022-08-12 Ghost East Troy, WI 13:10 Upbeat major key bliss turns fiery and funky, getting 'ass-handed' before the band carves out a final trench of grimy filth that breaks for "The Howling".
2022-08-12 Bowie East Troy, WI 12:07 Peeling away just after 6:00, the jam rolls along with swinging feel-good vibes and a bit of countrty twang, then does a few fakeout returns before finally reverting back to "Bowie" at 10:30.
2022-08-13 Fluffhead East Troy, WI 22:13 Toss a dart at a summer show and you're bound to be delighted by any date's opening song sequence. It may not get better than this. If you don't know "Fluff's" Alpine travels, check the Jam Chart. Here, following a fan-favorite "1999," there arrives that once-in-a-tour rush where (at 14:00) you realize this time it's going to be different, and you're going to see "it" again. When Trey lays down his loop and then kicks his pedal to augment his tone? Well, you're better off listening than reading what we have to say. Awesome.
2022-08-13 Saw It Again East Troy, WI 6:46 Completing the 7/24/99 throwback sequence, this version's outro rocks hard and then becomes even more noxious with an accompanying siren loop and synthesizer backing.
2022-08-13 Leaves East Troy, WI 9:18 Outro diverges from standard and quickly enters a dreamy late-night groove before ending with a -> "BOTT".
2022-08-13 BDTNL East Troy, WI 13:39 A reminder of why we fell in love with Trey in the first place. Trace this play, marked by his incredibly warm tone, backwards or forwards, through rhythmic shifts and offset variation - of course accompanied by his best bud Fish (whose fills are outrageous) - through a passage of surprisingly stately improv, accented by Page on his piano and on-point Mike. Cerebral. Surprising. An awesome Alpine-II opener whose late-patterned play bleeds into "Maze."
2022-08-13 Mr. Completely East Troy, WI 14:15 First locks into a super-cool and menacing, textural jam with a perfectly integrated "Crazy Train" tease from Trey, then slides into major for a heavenly spell before more familiar bliss brings it all home.
2022-08-14 Slave East Troy, WI 10:24 "Slave" is often relegated to rote status, these days... A means to cap a terrific show... A "call" your 'bro' made a mile away. This is not one of those. Patient. Melodic. Forceful. Special. Here, the four, as if time (or curfews) were not invented, artfully work a version worthy of multiple re-listens, music worthy of myriad, fist-pumping adjectives. Awesome.
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