Jam Chart for shows in the city of Albany, NY (59 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
1992-11-20 Stash Albany, NY 11:25 The first "Stash" with an extended section that breaks away from the song proper. While similar to 10/30/92, this one is more developed and spellbinding, and includes "Linus And Lucy" teasing. Returns to high tension, standard "Stash" to conclude.
1992-11-20 Tube Albany, NY 3:24 Strong early version with nice organ work by Page. "Buried Alive" tease from Trey.
1993-05-05 Stash Albany, NY 11:57 Breaks into a punchy, rhythmic groove, returns home, heads out again for more improvisational play, then builds into a powerful ending.
1993-05-05 My Friend Albany, NY 6:30 Great -> in from "Runaway Jim." Following the final refrain, the outro -> to "Manteca," then -> back to "MFMF."
1993-05-05 Manteca Albany, NY 0:55 -> in from "My Friend, My Friend." "Manteca" is sandwiched in the outro. -> back to "MFMF."
1993-05-05 My Friend Albany, NY 0:43 -> in from "Manteca" to complete this solid version.
1993-05-05 YEM Albany, NY 11:14 "YEM" -> to "Jam" with Aquarium Rescue Unit and RAGES!! (No B&D or VJ).
1993-05-05 Jam Albany, NY 20:38 -> in from "YEM." Aquarium Rescue Unit joins in for the jam segment and it RAGES!!
1993-05-06 Possum Albany, NY 11:11 Good improvisation and some cool licks from Trey early, then the Machine Gun lets it rip with great trilling near the end.
1993-05-06 Tweezer Albany, NY 19:44 Very melodic jamming. "Sweet Emotion" and "Crimes of the Mind" jams as well.
1993-05-06 Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da Albany, NY 4:51 -> in from the gnarly second jam in "Mike's Song," when a surprising "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da Jam" emerges. After toying with the Beatles classic, Dick Solberg (violin) joins the band and ignites a spirited and high energy several minutes of play, which neatly -> to "Rocky Top."
1995-12-09 Timber Ho Albany, NY 7:00 Set II opener. Overshadowed by the huge "YEM" later in the set, this version is dark and twisted, an impressive and musical "wall" of sound, but is also very well played.
1995-12-09 YEM Albany, NY 34:09 An incredibly melodic and beautiful jam segment makes this among the finest and most adored YEMs in Phish history. Also a "silent jam" and Shaft quote. Vocal jam includes quotes from a talking Beavis and Butthead doll. (No B&D section.)
1997-12-12 Taste Albany, NY 11:11 The Chairman of the Boards leads the way, but Big Red is no slouch either.
1997-12-12 Tweezer Albany, NY 15:46 Another stellar fall 1997 version.
1997-12-12 Saw It Again Albany, NY 11:54 "Saw It Again" rocks along in full power mode for a good 5 1/2 minutes before mellowing into '97-style ambient space and -> to a high quality "Piper."
1997-12-12 Piper Albany, NY 18:57 -> in from "Saw It Again." Very improvisational version that modulates back and forth between hard rocking bursts and quiet, pensive moments. Includes a "BOAF" tease and beautiful space before > into "Swept Away."
1997-12-12 Caspian Albany, NY 10:07 -> in from "Swept Away > Steep." Straightforward until 10:07, when the band launches into a post closing chord, rocking, funky, and cerebral "Jam." Great Fall '97 improvisation here with a -> to "Izabella."
1997-12-12 Jam Albany, NY 8:17 -> in from "Prince Caspian." A rocking, funky and cerebral jam emerges at the conclusion of "Caspian." Great Fall '97 jamming with similarities to "Llama." -> to "Izabella."
1997-12-13 Ya Mar Albany, NY 18:24 At about 8:30, the opening chords are replayed, and the band breaks into a funky, upbeat 10 minute jam of exceptional quality. Must hear. SBD recording "From The Archives" available.
1997-12-13 Vultures Albany, NY 10:29 Clearly comfortable, the band works through the intro into an awesome "middle" section featuring, unsurprisingly, inspired and deft play from Trey. The song loses its shape to assume a different form, the jam cooling after the 5:30 mark to become decidedly - and pleasantly - spacey, before a spirited return to the song's closing refrain.
1997-12-13 Tube Albany, NY 8:42 Lots of funk in this very good version. Page leads the way with his clav and piano work.
1997-12-13 Weekapaug Albany, NY 9:37 Excellent, adding an exclamation point to a multi-song "Mike's Groove." The jam dwindles into nothingness before -> "Catapult" and finishing strongly.
1997-12-13 Catapult Albany, NY 0:58 -> in from "Weekapaug." "Catapult" is sandwiched amidst a strong "Weekapaug." -> back to "Weekapaug."
1997-12-13 Weekapaug Albany, NY 5:35 -> in from "Catapult", with a "CYHMK" tease, to complete another strong '97 "Weekapaug."
1997-12-13 Hood Albany, NY 17:44 The jam drifts away from the typical "Hood" quiet section into an ambient sort of section at 8:45. At 12:15, an excellent, rocking, and non-"Hood" rhythm kicks in and continues until 13:40, when a huge traditional peak erupts.
1999-10-09 Ghost Albany, NY 23:01 A drive up Saddle Road to the summit of Mauna Kea to watch the sun set and the sky explode with stars. [Classic '99-style "Ghost" jamming breaks into a serene and light groove that some hear as "My Left Toe," but it's not. Instead, it's just great Phish. -> to "Free."]
1999-10-09 LxL Albany, NY 13:55 Excellent version with strong playing. The jam hits usual peak indicating the song's finale - then at about 8:30 breaks into a low-key groove that works its way back to the "Limb" theme with a soaring peak.
1999-10-09 2001 Albany, NY 20:08 Killer intro that creates one of the most upbeat, grooviest dance parties Phish has ever thrown down. So much goodness.
1999-10-09 Slave Albany, NY 11:50 According to an unconfirmed story, Phish played this emotional encore to honor a fan tragically killed in a car accident on the way to the show. There are powerful moments prior to the jam and a somber sentiment at the beginning, which miraculously transforms to an uplifting, joyful celebration by the end. A truly gracious and heartfelt version whether or not the story is true.
1999-10-10 Vultures Albany, NY 10:01 Cool version and another unmistakable "99". Trey's approach is notable, in that he opts for more direct and straightforward, fiery play, which, offset by Page, builds not so much to a peak, but a crazy sort of cacophony. This culminates in a grinding, shreddy sort of release.
1999-10-10 Stash Albany, NY 17:14 Some gorgeous major-key jamming in this one (from 9:00 - 11:15) and good staccato playing by Trey later in the jam.
1999-10-10 Jam Albany, NY 7:33 An ambient jam, uncharacteristically darkish in tone kicks off Set II and > to an excellent "You Enjoy Myself."
1999-10-10 YEM Albany, NY 26:20 TWO AWESOME JAM SEGMENTS!!!! (No B&D, no VJ.)
2000-09-08 Jam Albany, NY 7:04 An ambient jam develops by > on the back end of "Gin," and includes Fish on vacuum and Trey on drums. > to "Zero."
2000-09-09 My Friend Albany, NY 7:28 A ghoulish sounding outro with delay bombs and no "Myfe" ending -> to a short "Jam" which continues the eerie jamming.
2000-09-09 Jam Albany, NY 1:26 -> in "My Friend, My Friend." A short, ghostly and eerie jam is tacked on the back of "My Friend" and > to "Gumbo."
2000-09-09 Gumbo Albany, NY 9:45 Another very tight full-band groove.
2000-09-09 Roggae Albany, NY 8:15 Great Mike and Page in a version that opens up the jam section to interpretation rather than static melodic repetition.
2000-09-09 Jibboo Albany, NY 10:55 Gorgeous Trey/Page interplay in the beginning of the jam; a nice, clean, somewhat straightforward build to a massive but abbreviated peak.
2000-09-09 Sand Albany, NY 19:50 > from "The Curtain" with Michael Ray on trumpet and includes a "First Tube" tease. Ambient space jam before Michael Ray joins in.
2000-09-09 CTB Albany, NY 4:53 Following some odd, onstage antics, Michael Ray, already on trumpet, moves from "Makisupa" > "CTB," adding extra oomph to the song's choice set changes, before the band breaks for an excellent "Funky Bitch." (Stick around for his contributions on show encore "Hood.")
2000-09-09 Funky Bitch Albany, NY 7:48 With Michael Ray on trumpet!
2003-12-01 Wolfman's Albany, NY 15:22 Funks around nicely for a good stretch, but when Page hits the piano at 8:50, it's release time in a big, big way. Then the jam really expands into a euphoric, overdrive celebration. Call it "Type I" on steroids.
2003-12-01 Tweezer Albany, NY 17:31 Very odd version. Trey's not really present for the most part. Excellent segue into "2001" though.
2003-12-01 2001 Albany, NY 8:15 Liquid '03 Mike goodness with strong interplay with Trey.
2003-12-01 YEM Albany, NY 23:58 An order of magnitude better than the typical "YEM" since 2003, a strong jam segment peaks excellently, not once but TWICE, before the bass and drums section kicks in.
2009-11-27 Timber Ho Albany, NY 6:49 Shorter, yes, but it's well-played and packs a lot of the punch that older versions did. This is what "Timber" is supposed to sound like.
2009-11-27 Golden Age Albany, NY 9:33 > in from ""MFMF."" In the Phish debut version, the bulk of the jamming is contained within structure of the song, except for a brief cacophonous outro.
2009-11-27 Hood Albany, NY 12:49 Sweet Mike action in the intro, then the jam has an excellent and measured build up in intensity, it peaks, and > to "Suzy."
2009-11-28 Seven Below Albany, NY 24:30 Probably the King of "Seven Below"s! Initially, the jam sounds reminiscent of a mid-90's "Bathtub Gin" jam. Around the 7:50 mark, they briefly bring it back to the "Seven Below" theme. After that, they delve into darker realms, moving seamlessly for the next 20 minutes between dark and triumphant passages of music. Eventually, this one gives way to a "Ghost" that is loaded with "Seven Below" teases. If anyone asks what jam from '09 they have to hear, tell them to reach for Albany's" 7 Below->Ghost" first!
2009-11-28 Ghost Albany, NY 22:25 Festive post-tryptophan aerobicize flanges into crystal elves riding bullfrogs down to the hypersonic neon metallic dragon boat races. [A multi-section improvisational juggernault. This jam travels far, and little of it sounds like familiar "Ghost" territory. Eventually the jam builds to a rocking firestorm.]
2009-11-28 YEM Albany, NY 18:40 Very brief jam, but an excellent one.
2018-10-16 Tube Albany, NY 10:27 Page digs into his bag of tricks at 4:15, layering synthesizers on top of the groove, and later Trey takes charge as the jam becomes more rocking and peaks.
2018-10-16 Everything's Right Albany, NY 13:03 Retains an understated intensity throughout and after 7:30 takes on a graceful, ethereal feel, coalescing at 9:30 with a truly beautiful sequence of soaring guitar and deep impact bass. Around 11:30, a Page-led groove is introduced which brings things to a close with a slick -> "Cities".
2018-10-16 Twenty Years Later Albany, NY 14:25 A sick and twisted, evil monster. At first, it sounds like the band is content to tinker with the basic song. But at about 8:00, Fish and Mike hook up and develop a high-power, pulsing and driving base. Chaos ensues, as spacey effects, unusual keyboards, and sick Mike create a throbbing, mind-blowing sensory assault.
2018-10-16 Show of Life Albany, NY 8:55 Regardless of your impression of this song generally, this version deserves a listen. Featuring heartfelt, emotive play and strong communication and interplay, the band, especially Trey, is clearly "in the zone" here, and fans are rewarded with an exceptionally strong version, a cathartic relief following the insane "Twenty Years Later" which immediately preceded.
2018-10-17 CDT Albany, NY 14:54 Following the instrumental bridge and final verse, a pleasant, upbeat groove takes hold. Gradually, the energy in this jam increases to a celebratory peak, before finally returning to "CDT" to conclude.
2018-10-17 Set Your Soul Free Albany, NY 13:35 Somewhat dark grooving, with strong Mike emerges from the song proper. The sentiment brightens with a warmer tone, before returning to darker, more rocking place.
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