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[“Vibration of Life” begins during “Fly Famous Mockingbird”]

TREY: Now, some of you might know what this is. Yes, those people know what this is, some of you don’t know what this is. For those of you who don’t know, I’m going to tell you [pause] as soon as we get it going here. What you’re feeling right now, you probably suddenly feel stimulated, excited, and overjoyed, and let me tell you that we’re doing that to you because this, what you’re feeling right now, is the Vibration of Life, as long as we can get it here.

Now, a quick theory about the Vibration of Life: everything that you see and hear is a vibration. Every sound that you hear, sound, vibrates at a certain frequency and when you when you double the frequencies and double the frequencies you get into the light spectrum, so, uh, light, also, is vibrations. Now, people theorize that there’s a certain vibration that holds the entire universe together and that, that vibration is seven beats -- right around seven beats per second, which is what we’re trying to bombard you with. Now, healers who heal with their hands, it’s been said that their hands begin to vibrate at that vibration, and there’s lots of other things that all together, that seven beats per second is the Vibration of Life and should fill you up with great energy and tune you in with the universe by us doing this.

Now, tonight what we’re going to do is a really special thing. What we’ve realized is that by combining the light and the sound, and certain lights with certain frequencies of sound, we can actually start things happening in your brain. What we’ve realized is if Chris puts the special blue light on, turns off all the white lights, inside your brain, your brain is going to start to congeal and change until it turns into a tiny surfboard. What’s going to happen is your spirit is gonna get up on the surfboard, and you are gonna surf the Vibration of Life. [“Wipe Out” tease]

Slowly, Chris will turn on the blue light, and we’ll get rid of the, uh, whatever those colored lights are over there. Now, as it gets deeper, you can feel the water, you can feel the ocean in your brain. You have to use your spirit here now. The shell of your body is gonna stay here. Start feeling it, your mind is starting to get... Now, you can feel the waves of Vibration of Life floating by, and all you gotta do is float on your little surfboard out there and look around.

Wait for the right wave to come along, when the right wave comes along we’re going to surf the Vibration of Life. I think I see one coming right now. Paddle! Paddle! Here it comes! Woooooah Yeah! Woooo-Hoooo! Yeah! Surfing the vibration! Woo! Woo! [Extended “Wipe Out”]

[Quietly] Now, as you’re surfing here, you’ve suddenly realized that the ocean is dropping out from underneath you, and now you’re just kind of floating on your surfboard in space. The Vibration of Life has sent you out into space on your surfboard, and you’re floating on your surfboard. You look down beneath you, and there’s nothing but black space all around you now, underneath you.

As you look down, it kind of gets deeper and deeper in blackness, black in every direction that you can see, black in every direction that you can think, black in every direction that you can hear. There’s nothing but black, and then finally somewhere, deep in the deep recesses of your mind you can look, you start to see something in the middle of the blackness. It’s the tiniest, tiniest pinpoint that your mind can imagine, a tiny speck, a point smaller than anything ever conceived before. When you look at that point, the more you stare at it, the more it, the bigger it starts to get. It starts to come towards you. It turns into a little speck, and then slowly it starts becoming a dot.

As it slowly becomes a dot, you realize that it actually has some color to it. It’s sort of a green, hue, and you start. There it goes… You start to get a little closer to it, and as you get closer you realize that it’s really not small after all, it’s just that your perspective is all warped. Really, as you get close to it you realize that it’s huge, it’s the biggest thing ever in the universe, it’s everything, and as you get closer it starts to encompass your entire field of vision. Now, you’re looking and everywhere you see is just green. It’s not black anymore. When you look down you realize that there’s texture to the green.

It’s not just green color, but that actually it’s green mounds and bumps. When you look closer you realize it is trees and grass and forest, and you look down and suddenly you say, “Oh, my God, I must be. In Gamehendge!” You’re in Gamehendge. You look down, there it is: The Rhombus, the green field, the Unit Monster, Rutherford the Brave, Tela, and the mountain. When you look up in the mountain, you see that there’s a little guy climbing up the mountain. He’s a tiny little guy. It’s Colonel Forbin.

He’s climbing up the mountain, and you realize that it must be Colonel Forbin. He’s on his last-ditch effort to save Gamehendge and bring it back to peace and tranquility as it was thousands of years ago. What’s he’s going to do, he’s going to try to find the Spirit of the Great and Knowledgeable Icculus, who lives at the top of the mountain. So, there he goes now, and when he gets up there, he sees the Great and Knowledgeable Icculus.

The Great and Knowledgeable Icculus comes out, and he calls on the Famous Mockingbird. The Famous Mockingbird is now going to come flying out of the sky. He’s gonna steal the Helping Friendly Book from Wilson and bring it back to all the people of Gamehendge, the Lizard People. They will read it. They’ll have all the knowledge in the universe, save themselves from this horrible tyranny, and off they’ll go into thousands of years of peace and happiness, all because of the Famous Mockingbird.

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