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TREY: As we start off this three-day stand here at The Warfield that hopefully we’ll be seeing all you guys at. I just want to tell you that there’s two things that we’re going to do here that you might have heard before: First of all is that we’re all going to become one. And, the second is that we’re going to take you higher, and here’s how we’re going to do that, though, not the normal way.

We’ve worked on this for months now, and it’s gonna seem to you probably like you’re all here standing here in the same place, but you will feel an emotional lift. This is sort of on a different level, but what is basically happening, as I speak right now Paul up there at the soundboard is ignition… He’s starting off the motion of this little thing that he built. It’s basically an energy kind of thing that has to do with all this equipment, and what it’s doing right now, is that in a sort of a spiritual way, it’s pushing everybody into this giant lump in the middle of the room. So, you might kind of feel yourself, as you’re standing there, kind of getting pushed around by some kind of imaginary field, and some kind of field that you can’t see.

So, if you just kind of feel this for a second, feel with us here, you’re being pushed, and as we stand here, there’s this pushing you into this lump. And so you’re kind of getting closer to the guy standing next to you or the person standing next to you, you might feel yourself brushing up against them. Bodily, that’s how you’re going to feel, but, spiritually, you’re getting pushed into this one little lump, and as we get pushed into this lump, different forces from the outside are sort of pushing you into this circle of goo, circle of clay, sort of thing, till it’s this one big circle of clay, of goo, of human energy goo in the middle of the room.

So, there it is. I can see it right there now. I believe you all can see it there now, in the middle of the room, there it is: it’s a big clump of human goo. What happens then is that Paul has now engaged the giant slingshot that he set up. So, the whole back of this building is actually turning into a huge, giant slingshot,. You can see the circle of goo, and we’ve got about a hundred people outside pulling back on the back wall, pushing the circle of goo into the sack at the end of the giant slingshot.

So here we go, they go now, all the people on the outside of the building are pulling the giant circle of goo and pulling back the giant, pulling back the giant… They’re pulling the giant rubber back. The slingshot is backing up, and you’re all tucked into it. Pulling harder! They’re going. It’s pulling back, it’s pulling back! And then, when Paul pushes the button it’s going to launch us into outer space. Here it goes! Annnnnnnnddddd! Boom!

[Quiet, Fish plays a drum roll]

[Hushed] Now, we’re going flying up in the air. We’re still going up because that’s a big slingshot, and we’re floating up into the air. We’re kind of going away from the Warfield here, and we’re going away from Market Street. You can see the Bay underneath you and just drifting [Page loosely teasing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”]. If you just happen to be one of the people who got squashed underneath the bottom of us a little while earlier you’re seeing, you know, a whole ocean, and everything drifting away from you until the Earth just becomes this tiny little sphere that starts to disappear in the distance until you’re surrounded by nothing but blackness.

And, you’re floating. Now we’re flying in this big huge pile of gooey clay, kind of pushed around, and, as you float along, you look around. You can sort of see the stars that are in the distance, and you might see little planets or solar systems. Until, if you keep going so far as time, you get completely away from all of that until there is nothing but blackness beyond you, beyond even the scope of imagination, that there is an outside to the universe. We’re floating out there, a completely different place. As we float, we find that we’re not really floating at all, we’re actually rolling now, and we’re rolling on some kind of plane.

Somehow, without ever really feeling any kind of impact, we’re landing on a plane. So the whole ball is rolling, and, as it’s rolling, it sort of starts to melt and come apart into little pieces, and then you find that we’re all walking. Now we’re not in a big ball anymore, but we’re all just kind of walking next to each other. We’re all standing back again the way we were before, and we’re all... Something’s different now.

So, everybody’s walking along, and as they walk, these little walls come back down ,and now it seems like you’re back here, it seems like you’re back in the Warfield but something is different. And that something different is that: You have now... arrived in GAMEHENDGE! Yes, you have arrived in Gamehendge.

As we’re standing here in Gamehendge right now we see green fields, beautiful green fields, and forests and mountains rising out of the forest,. Over on the mountain, we see this little guy, and it’s Colonel Forbin. He’s climbing up the mountain. Colonel Forbin is climbing up the mountain to get to the top of the mountain, and he’s gonna talk to the Great and Knowledgeable Icculus. The Great and Knowledgeable Icculus is going to help Colonel Forbin find the Helping Friendly Book, which was stolen by the Evil King Wilson. The Helping Friendly Book is gonna go back to all the people of Gamehendge and bring them back to living in peace and harmony with nature forever.

How he’s gonna do it is, Icculus is calling now on his friend the Famous Mockingbird. I hope you all followed all that, but here he comes now, flying out of the sky. Flying around. And he going to go help get the Helping Friendly book. Here he goes... is a non-commercial project run by Phish fans and for Phish fans under the auspices of the all-volunteer, non-profit Mockingbird Foundation.

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