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Original transcription by Yance Davis, Harpua Files

[“Harpua” begins without “Oom Pa Pa”]

TREY: Well thank you all so much for being a part of this whole thing… It's just incredible, man. Incredible. [Inaudible mumbling from someone as a concert-goer hops up on the stage and stumbled over to Trey to hug him before getting carted off] Hahahaha… Other than that guy, it was incredible. No, really...unbelievable. Um, thank you really.

Anyway, I'm gonna leave you with just this last little story about… something that I was kind of dreaming about last night. This of course take place with our old friend Jimmy, who you know so much, in the outskirts of Gamehendge somewhere. On this particular day, Jimmy is in his house and -- as you know, what I was just singing about was Harpua, the evil man, and Gamehendge and all that stuff and you know what's going on, but -- on this particular day, our good friend Jimmy is sitting on his couch in his house. He's sitting on his couch, and as he's sitting there he starts to drift off into sort of a dreamland.

As he drifts off in the Dreamland, he's kind of, eyes rolling back in his head. He's drifting off, and he starts to have this incredible dream. In this incredible dream, he realizes that he can fly so he looks forward at the window in front of him. With his mind, he lifts up the window because it's a lucid dream, and he starts to go out the window. He goes out the window, and he's flying along. t's just the most beautiful, deep and amazing dream he's ever had. He feels like the air underneath his arms, pushing as he kind of pushes up, and the… It gets better and better. Everything is crystalline and crisp around him. He can smell the beautiful clean air. And he pushes with his arms and feels himself flying. He goes up and he goes up, higher and higher up into the air...

[Meanwhile, a plane flies above the stage emitting a sparkling trail of fireworks from its tail, lighting up the sky while doing all sorts of spins and dives.]

As he flies, he realizes that he's sort of flying through time and through space, all at the same time, so that everything is kind of blending into one. As he comes along, he comes over, and he starts to fly over the Clifford Ball. He looks down out on the Clifford Ball... As he flies over, he gets this incredible energy from this audience, all these people that were here, hanging out, and all the people up at Ball Square, just beaming up towards him, and he feels himself kind of turning into this mass of beams of color, beams of sparks flying off his arms. He just looks down, and he thinks to himself “What an amazing weekend it's been!”

[Band builds a huge wall of cacophony]

TREY: Thanks a lot everybody, I hope you come back next year. We'll see ya…[cacophony continues]

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