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[The first narration begins after “It’s Ice” with a wood block ‘tick-tock’ sound underneath throughout.]

TREY: Uh, at this point in time here, if you guys could come with us. We’re gonna kinda take you to another place. I’m gonna tell you a little story. Okay, this story takes place… I’m just doing this because I haven’t had such a great, attentive, quiet audience in such a long time, years. So, I wanna tell you guys this story here.

Okay, what we were just singing about there in that last song here, is this thing where the guy is skating out in the middle of the ice, he’s sort of attached to his mirror image on the ice, and he starts to have a battle with his mirror image. His mirror image reaches up and is trying to drag him down into the ice, and right now we’re kind of sunk down into the ice, below the ice. Down in this ice here, we’re gonna kind of travel down into a kind of different land. Now, if you come with me, you can kind of picture, off in the distance here, green fields stretching off into the distance and the forest rising up, over that way, and the mountain coming up out of the forest. This is a place called Gamehendge.

Now… So, if you can imagine, we’re all there there, there now. For thousands of years, millions of years, eons, Gamehendge was one of the most peaceful and beautiful places in the Universe. People lived in peace and harmony with nature. These people were called the Lizard people, and everything was great. They had a God that they prayed to that lived up on the mountain, and his name was The Great and Knowledgeable Icculus.

Now, Icculus had written this book for the people and it was called The Helping Friendly Book. It had been written so long ago that no one could even remember; it had been around forever. The book sort of gave them their reason for being, and it told them how stay in peace with nature and peace with the trees and the land and everything. So, like I said, for eons, for thousands of years, everything was great. They were living in beautiful harmony.

Eventually one day, this traveller came along and he came from a sort of a later time. He came along and he saw all of these innocent people. Since he had already been corrupted by society and everything, outside of this little community, he saw the potential for enslaving these people and using them for power. So, what he did was he stole the book from them, and he built a castle, cut down all the trees, built this huge castle that raised up out of the forest. He hid the book in the highest tower in the castle and declared himself king. And, without the book, these people were pretty much helpless so he enslaved them and gained a lot of power from this.

Now one day, in a sort of another part of the universe, there was this guy named Colonel Forbin, and unbeknownst to him, he was shaving in his mirror one day, and everything was cool, and his life was kind of... He was older, he was a retired Colonel, and his life was kind of going nowhere. He was walking his dog out there one day, McGrupp, McGrupp the watchful dog. As he’s walking along, he’s kind of going over the crest of this hill, and he sees this sort of, um, it’s sort of a, just in the air, sort of an imaging thing, and things kind of swirling around. It caught his curiosity, and so he walked towards it, came up to this thing. As he got to it, he stepped through, and he found himself in a corridor that was leading as far as the eye could see down to a tiny pinpoint of light. At this point, he sings this little song.

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