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TREY: Man, it is so amazing to be standing out here in the middle of this whole thing with you guys. I’m just trying to take it all in. As we’ve been standing over on one end for thirty years. You know, just trying to get our message, our message across to you all. That’s what we do up there, you know, through the music, we have a message… [Backing Vocals Begin] We got a message that we try to get to you. Vibrations from our hearts to yours. You know, it usually works. We usually have a pretty easy time getting our message to all of you. And we hope that you’re hearing it and feeling it, the message. You guys all feeling it, the message? Because I remember, when we started this band, before our first gig, we sat in a room together and we said, “I’ve got a message, do you have a message, Mike?”

MIKE: Yes.

TREY:Mike said yes. So, we said let’s start a band so we can get the message across. Now, the thing is, some of you aren’t getting the message. And it’s pissing us off! So you know, we’re here tonight, TONIGHT, in the middle of Madison Square Garden to give you the fucking message! Now, if we’re gonna keep blaring at you and you can’t get it, I gotta make one suggestion. If you can’t get it from us, there is a book that you can all read. And in that book, you’ll get the message. That’s how we got it in the first place. You won’t find this book in Barnes and Noble. But I really want you, before you leave here tonight and move into the next thirty years to take my advice after all this time and read the fucking book! Okay? I don’t know well we can keep singing it, but I’m thinking, okay, and I’m looking around, and I’m thinking a lot of you have NOT READ THE BOOK! I can see it!

This isn’t just any book, so I’m gonna tell you you’ve got to find it. It’s the book that’s written, I think you know who it’s written by. You know who I’m talking about. You got to read it. Because it’s written, it’s written by the one, the only, the man who wrote the Helping Friendly Book his name is… he is the one and only… he’s the one who wrote the Helping Friendly Book. Read it! Read it! Read it! Read it! Read it! Read it! Read it! Read it! Read it! Read the fucking book! Because you know I’m talking about the great and knowledgeable Icculus!

[“Icculus” continues. After song’s conclusion, Trey returns.]

TREY: You know, in all seriousness, we used to play that song every Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday down at Nectar’s in our little hometown, and I did not think “Someday I’ll be playing that at Madison Square Garden!” Never crossed my mind! Well, life is weird. Did you think that, Page?

PAGE:I actually thought we’d be playing it right here, tonight, thirty years later. I had a premonition on that Nectar’s stage. At the Nectar’s, on the Nectar’s stage, during the Nectar’s stage of our career. That we’d be playing this here tonight.

FISH: That’s the kind of advanced thinking-

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