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TREY: Thanks. I just want to say, before we go on any further what a great night we had tonight and how much fun we had. I mean, we really love playing here. I don’t know, some of you might have been at that gig in Milwaukee we did last summer. We were in the area. Lot of fun, that was a special night because that was the night that OJ was on the run. I’ll never forget walking offstage seeing the TV in the back, there’s OJ in the old… brings back a lot of memories. So it really makes me think… The white Bronco moving along really makes me think about life. So before I leave tonight, I just want to say… help me out here, will you guys? [backing vocals begin]

Before we leave tonight, I just want… When you all go on your way, I hope that you learn something. I hope that you learn something from the music because we like to think of music as an educational experience, not just a spiritual and functional experience. We think of life as one long learning experience, like every day you can pick up something new. Sometimes you feel like you’re a little bit lost. You do something stupid, you might hate yourself for it. Sometimes you really, you might need some guidance if you feel lost.

FISH: Guidance!

TREY: As you go on into the night, I hope that we can help you, because there is a place that you can look for some guidance when you’re lost. You’re lost, you’re feeling down, you’re feeling blue, lonely, homesick… homesick and lonesome. Because, there’s a certain book that we use. It’s a book that we use to help us with guidance, and I think that you people can use this book too. It’s a special book, it really gives a lot of help in life. You can look for it, we can help you find it, but whatever you do, remember, remember that it’s important because this is a special book, this book, this is a book that we use, we use this book for guidance, guidance, guidance, we use it for guidance.

FISH: Guidance! I need guidance!

TREY: It’s an important book. The book was written by a great man. The book was written by a man that can help you in your life. I’m talking to You! I’m talking to YOU! Try to find this book if you can and read it! Read the book! This book is a great book and it was written by a great man. A great man, the book was written by a special man, a great man, it was written by… a really great man! The book was written by the great and knowledgeable man who wrote the book! He wrote the book, so read the book! Read it! Read it! Read it! Read it! Read the book! Read it! Read the book! Come on! Find it! Listen to us! Read it! Read the book! Because it’s written by the great and knowledgeable man who wrote the helping friendly book! He was the great and knowledgeable man who wrote the book! His name was Icculus! [“Icculus” continues] is a non-commercial project run by Phish fans and for Phish fans under the auspices of the all-volunteer, non-profit Mockingbird Foundation.

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