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TREY: Thank you, thank you, thank you. We’re going to take it back to our homeland now, being so far away from home. We’re gonna tell you a little story here about…[crowd shouting the name Wilson] This is kind of about Wilson. It’s about Gamehendge but not particularly about Wilson.

For those of you that don’t know what all these people are screaming about up here, about Wilson, Wilson is of course the Evil King of Gamehendge. And, see Gamehendge began as a beautiful paradise in the middle of the woods somewhere. All these innocent people lived in Gamehendge, and everything was beautiful. They had this god, this huge mountain that grew out, and their god lived on top of the mountain. And he was of course [cupping mic] the great and knowledgeable Icculus, author of the Helping Friendly Book that all these people, the Lizards, used to govern their lives.

But, one day this guy Wilson came to town. He saw how innocent and stupid these people were, naive is a better word, and he took the Helping Friendly Book and hid it in the highest tower in his castle, thereby enslaving the people of Gamehendge. But, before any of this happened--he was a horrible guy--back when it was peace and tranquility, every year, once a year, these three chosen subjects would climb the mountain to find the great and knowledgeable Icculus. When they got up there, they would eat this special root. Then they would climb down the mountain, the three of them, and wander deep into the forest, and just keep walking and walking, days and days, until finally the forest opened up on this huge green field that goes out in all directions on the edge of Gamehendge. The three subjects would start to walk across this field for days. It would take them days, hiking, walking walking walking, feeling like it was never ending. Walking walking walking [Page and Mike plays a walking blues line]. There they’d go walking across the field, until suddenly in the distance they finally saw their destination…

It was an enormous black Rhombus in the distance. Of course you all know what a Rhombus is so i won’t tell you. There it was, the black Rhombus. They’d go up to this Rhombus, and take the three hook-ed instruments of climbing out of their packs on their backs and throw them up. They’d start to climb up the Rhombus until they were standing on top of the Rhombus. All they could see around them in every direction is this huge green field, floating, green fields, green everywhere. But, up above them in the sky, clouds would be rolling by, these great clouds. The spirit of Icculus was everywhere in the air, the great and knowledgeable Icculus. THey’d look up in the air and sing this little ditty…

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