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TREY: Once upon a time… Once upon a time in a town far away from here there lived a mean dog. Once upon a time far from here, there lived a mean dog and his name was Harpua. Well, he lived on the outskirts of town. Every once in awhile, Harpua decided that he wanted to go to the town and wander around and look for a little action. Well, this just happened to be one of those days that Harpua decided he wanted to wander around the town and look for a little action.

Meanwhile… Meanwhile… Once upon a time, there was a young boy named Jimmy.

[Extended “Purple Haze” tease]

So Jimmy was sitting there, so he was sitting in his room, he was sitting on his couch listening to his stereo and petting his pet cat. And he looked down at his pet cat and he said…

FISH: This is Jimmy talking to ya.

TREY: Move over… And he looked down and he said “Love you. I Love you. You’re such a sweet little kitty. And that’s why, that’s why I named you… That’s why I gave you the name that I gave you. Because it’s such a, it’s such a nice little cat. I look down and I say ‘ Aw, what a nice cat.’ That’s why I, that’s why I gave you the name, that’s why I named you, that’s why I gave you the name, that’s why, that’s why I decided I should probably name you, that’s why I should probably give you the name, that I gave you because… Because the name is, the name is, oh my God (? & screaming) POSTER NUTBAG!!!! [“Purple Haze” is teased again]

Poster Nutbag. So Poster Nutbag stands up and says “Jimmy, Jimmy, I’m wanna go outside for awhile.” and Jimmy says “Okay Poster Nutbag.” So Poster Nutbag goes out, Jimmy opens the door and Poster Nutbag walks out into the street and starts wandering down the street minding his own business when suddenly he rounds the corner and sees Harpua. The mean fucking dog from the beginning of the story. Tensions flare and fur stands on end. There’s gonna be a horrible fight. Oh my god!

Poster Nutbag coils his body into a deadly arch. Harpua let’s a mean growl. And a huge hungry drop of saliva drips out of his mouth onto the ground below!

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