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TREY: Somewhere in the teeming jungles of Brazil, deep, thousands of miles from civilization, there lived an evil man… The evil man is the guy who was just singing that last song, and he was singing that song about his, about his pet, because he had this beautiful pet that he loved, and we happened to bring it with us today. Let's see if we can get it out here [cheering, as Trey's dog Marley is brought on stage] That's right folks this is history, her-story, the story of Harpua. Harpua looks like an innocent friendly golden retriever, but in reality she's a vicious flesh-eating animal.

Anyway, one of Harpua's favorite pastimes is wandering into suburban neighborhoods looking for a hot lunch. So one day in the teeming jungles of Brazil, Harpua started walking along looking for some action so he wandered and wandered and wandered until finally he crossed a mountain and came into a little area with a beautiful little town. He walked around, and he's looking for some hot stuff.

Meanwhile, in one of the suburban houses [quotes song “Brazil”: Brazil la la la la la] there lived a young boy [“Brazil” again] and the young boy's name was Jimmy [Hendrix "Fire" tease]. Jimmy was sitting on his couch innocently, lolling around the house ??? his guitar and watching TV. He too had a beautiful pet that he loved. His pet was a— innocent kitty cat, and he sat on the couch petting his kitty cat that day.

He looked down at the cat, and he said, “you're such a beautiful kitty, such a beautiful pussycat. Ohhh ohhh, I love you so much my little pussycat, my little uh [purr] my little uh [purr] cat that I named, my, my favorite cat. Your name is so beautiful. It, it goes like with your beautiful soft fur and it it rings like mountains... I love petting you. I love to pet you, oh oh god, oh I love petting you. Oh god god I love petting you, oh you — you little pussycat I really like petting you, Poster Nutbag [riff]

Poster Nutbag, Jimmy's little cat, anyway on this particular day, Poster Nutbag decides to go for a walk so Jimmy opens the door, and Poster Nutbag walks out into the street. He walks down the alleyway, he gets to the edge of the yard, and he turns left. He's sauntering innocently along, but suddenly in front of his he sees the evil Harpua. Harpua is letting out a low growl. Poster Nutbag is terrified. He sticks out his claws. Poster Nutbag coils his body into a deadly arch. There's going to be a horrible fight! Oh my god! is a non-commercial project run by Phish fans and for Phish fans under the auspices of the all-volunteer, non-profit Mockingbird Foundation.

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