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TREY: So... as you're standing here on this uh, day before New Year's Eve here in Maine. First of all, let me thank you all for standing out in the cold air for so long. Sorry it took you so long to get in. Luckily, now to fight the cold...

I don't know how many of you know this, but you're standing on a hockey rink right here, and that means that you're on basically a layer of plywood, which is laid across a layer of ice, which is laid across these pipes which are pumping hot, hot, water through or cold water to freeze the ice. Right now these pipes are pumping water underneath your feet so if you really stand very, very, very still out there... Stand very still and just kind of feel your body, the weight of your body on your feet for a second.

I don't know if you know of all the the action that's going on underneath your feet, but if you just stand there for a second you might be able to feel the vibrating underneath your feet because this is happening right now. So, let's just feel if you can feel the vibrations underneath your feet that are happening… [makes a slow pulsing sound] Woom, woom, woom, woom, woom You feel that? Woom...

So, you're not really in a steady building here because this vibrating's going underneath your feet, and if you really all concentrate here with us, you feel these vibrations that can sort of slow down. Right now, they're very fast vibrations. [makes a rapid vibration sound] Do do do do do do do do do do...

Coming up through your feet, up through your ankles, up through your legs, and it just kind of makes your feet feel more and more planted firmly on the ground. You're kind of moving with these vibrations on the ground. [makes a rapid vibration sound] Do do do do do do do… As you feel it, these vibrations are sort of slowing down, but as they slow down, they're turning more into sort of mounds of vibration.

So you're kind of going… [makes a slow pulsing sound] Wooooom... The floor is sort of starting to move up and down a little bit like that in waves. There's sort of little waves going on now underneath your feet. Little waves... [makes a slow pulsing sound] Wooom… as you stand there, you feel these waves sort of slowing down still and getting bigger and bigger. Until, they're bigger waves, and the plywood is sort of giving way into a liquid form. You're kind of going up and down on a wave, up and down.

You go up on a wave and down on a wave and then up on a wave and down. They're getting bigger still, and as you're standing there, underneath each of your feet, pieces of the plywood are breaking away, and they're turning into sort of these ovular pieces of wood. You're standing and floating on these things now. Now you're standing on them, and you feel like they're turning into these little surfboards.

You're floating on top of these waves; these were from the water underneath the hockey rink. They get bigger and bigger and bigger, and as you feel it extend to yourself, you're going where we all feel ourselves standing on these waves, and we realize we kind of have to hang on to the board now. As you look around, you realize that the walls have kind of given way. As you concentrate on this and you're now floating out in the middle of the ocean... on pieces of [plywood]... on these big huge waves now.

They're floating by, and you're kind of sitting out there on your little broken-off piece of plywood. You're looking off into the horizon waiting for the big waves that you're gonna ride into the shore. This one comes up and the little wave comes by, it's not that big. Look over at your friend there, he's floating on his little board over there. Suddenly, out in the distance, you see... on the horizon, a swell coming in. It's big... and you know it's big. You see it coming. And it's coming closer and closer.

As it gets bigger, you're starting to get a little scared because it's mighty big. It's way off in the distance now, but as it comes off it's a huuuge wave coming towards you, building up in energy as it comes. You're hanging on, getting ready. It's building up and building up, and you start to paddle a little bit. You're moving over sideways, trying not to get in the wrong spot. You're coming and as it comes up it's just a mountain, a wall of water looking up at you.

You get on your board… Woosshhhhhhhhh [sound effects]... stand up. Woosshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… So now you're riding on it.. Woosssshhhhhhh...

You're riding on this mountain of water, and as you ride it seems to get bigger and bigger. You're tucked inside of the whole thing. Woosssshhh… You're riding along. Suddenly, you realize it's too big. You're tipping over! You're gonna bite it... Oooooh!!!

Then you're falling. You're thinking you're gonna hit the water, but there's no more water anymore. There's nothing but blackness underneath you. And, you're floating down... And, you're floating down... weightless.

You look off into the distance and you see a tiny, green speck floating through the air, and you follow it. You follow it with your eyes. It comes towards you, and it starts to get a little bit bigger. It starts to kind of take a shape of like a geometrical plane... bigger and bigger. And you realize you're getting drawn towards it with its tiny gravitational pull, until you're up above it. Suddenly, it starts to take up your whole plane of vision, and you find yourself floating gently down towards it. And you realize that you're about to land... in GAMEHENDGE!!!

As your feet go down, the green speck starts to take on the field of vision as a horizon, and you see a mountain rising in the distance. You see a green field. You see a black rhombus. Mountain. Field. Rhombus. And, on the mountain you see a tiny little guy climbing up. It's Colonel Forbin and he's climbing up the mountain, and he's trying to find The Great and Knowledgeable Icculus...

He's trying to find The Great and Knowledgeable Icculus. So, as he goes up on the mountain, he looks for The Great and Knowledgeable Icculus. Icculus appears on top of the mountain and calls on his friend, The Famous Mockingbird, who's going to fly down out of the sky, go to the castle of the Evil King Wilson, steal the Helping Friendly Book, bring it to all the people of Gamehendge, and restore them to peace and harmony.

So, if you come with us now...

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