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Credit: team
Fly Famous Mockingbird
The Macauley Theater
Louisville, KY

TREY: OK, you’ve got to get out before I get in. Even though Peter Gabriel said you have to get in before you get out, you also have to get out to get in. So right now, as we’re all standing here, we’re going to get out so we can get back in. If you want to do it, if you just kinda close your eyes, kinda feel yourself just standing here. It’s always good to just feel your feet resting against the floor and think about how much gravity is sucking you down to the ground.

While you’re doing that, you just kind of imagine a spirit side of you or the ego side, anything other than the physical body itself, just kind of squeezing out of this tiny little pore that is right down here around the center of gravity. Everything just kind of squeezes out.

OK here it goes, let yourself just kind of get out of your body here, it’s all just squeezing out. Beautiful thing about squeezing out of your body right now is that the whole kind of spirit side of your self can come around into a ball in front of you and just become this tiny little speck, squeeze together into this tiny little speck. And the whole thing here is as we’re all squeezing into this tiny little speck, we’re now going to go back inside through this little speck.

If you can picture, you’re looking at your own body now, trying to imagine what your own body looks like from the outside. You’re looking at your own body. As you’re looking at it, you just get closer and closer so you can see your own face, coming up closer to it, what you really look like to other people. As you’re getting closer to it, you’re seeing your eyes there and your nose. As you get closer, really close up to the skin, it just starts to look like sort of ugly and hideous because you just see this big pores,[someone sounds as if they’re losing their mind off mic] hairs and the whole thing.

Getting closer and closer, all the way up to your cheek there, what happens is that you climb under, going up enough until your whole field of vision is your nostril, you’re looking up into your own nostril. You look up and you see this black hole of hair and snot and everything up there. You decide to climb in.

So at this point, you’re climbing up past the hair, you’re getting smaller and smaller, your hairs are like big trees sticking out there. Wading through the mucus into the back here of your hole and now you’re back here in the back of your throat. You see this huge tongue underneath you and all this saliva all over it and everything. You’re kind of standing in the internal hole at the back of your sinuses and you just jump down on the tongue. Now you’re kind of knee deep, you see that little thing that hangs down there [inaudible].

Now you start climbing down into the throat, you’re going down your own throat there, going down, climbing down. The muscles constrict as you’re going down there. And finally you end up in your own stomach. You’re entering the stomach and you start to see exactly what you ate all day today. You’re in there and that mayonnaise from that sandwich you ate. The meat is already turning into a kind of paste in your stomach, or the vegetables or whatever, fit for life.

You’re in there with the digestive juices, swimming now. As the whole thing starts to just kind of bubble into this kind of digestive thing, you feel yourself just kind of getting sucked down into the intestine, you’re going down the intestines. Luckily before you get any further, you start to get sucked into the walls of the intestine, into the bloodstream.

Now you’re floating on these things of blood. You’re going through veins, you find yourself pumping through veins [Trey makes pulsing sound}. It’s kind of getting warmer now. You go from a tiny vein to a bigger vein and then [mouths sound effect] opens into an artery, Now, you’re going through that artery and you find yourself getting closer to your own heart. You get up to your own heart and you start to hear it [pulsing sound from Fish’s kit]. It’s quiet now except this big muscle [mouths heart beat sound].

You come up to it, it gets louder as you get closer, a little bit louder [Fish on kit pulsing]... You realize you’re coming right up to it now. The big ventricle opens up and you find yourself floating in the middle of your own heart. You’re looking around and you see it, your own heart muscle it’s pumping. You can feel it from the inside and feel it from the outside, it’s pumping. It’s been pumping for years and years now, keeping you alive. The pumping just seems to get louder and louder as you’re standing in there [Fish increases volume of pulsing beat and Trey accompanies with guitar].

It gets louder and louder. As it gets louder, it starts to get deafeningly loud. When it gets louder, it starts to scare you. The louder it gets, the more scared you get. The more scared you get, the faster it beats [Fish quickens]. The faster it beats, the more scared you get. The more scared you get, the faster it beats. Now, you’re getting worried because it shouldn’t be beating this fast. [background becomes cacophonous]

You can feel it inside of you and outside of you. [Trey exclaims] It’s got to slow down! You’ve got to stop being so nervous [screams]. And then, it stops…Now you just don’t feel anything anymore. You’re just floating there, you don’t feel anything, you don’t feel good, bad, just nothing. NOTHING. [Fish delivers scary NOTHING echoes]. You feel nothing.

You. Are. Nothing. Nothing. You’re nothing. You, you have nothing.

As soon as you realize that you’re nothing, you realize that you’re everything [Mike strums deep note]. And that’s when you realize… you’re in… GAMEHENDGE!!! You’re in Gamehendge because as soon you realize you’re nothing, you realize you’re everything, and that’s when you realize you’re in Gamehendge.

So there you are, standing in Gamehendge. It’s green all around you, and you realize that all the people around you, which are the Lizard people, used to live in peace and harmony with nature because they too realized they were nothing, and they were everything.

So, they got to live in peace and harmony with nature until King Wilson came. The evil traveller Wilson came, took over and enslaved everybody, took the Helping Friendly Book, put it in the castle, and enslaved all the people of Gamehendge.

So, at this time, you’re standing in the middle of Gamehendge, and you realize you’re nothing and everything. You’re looking up at the huge mountain in the distance, and you are seeing climbing up the side of the mountain, Rutherford the Brave, who is the hero of this song. Rutherford the Brave is climbing this mountain to find the great and knowledgeable Icculus, who’s going to send the Famous Mockingbird to fly to castle of the Evil King Wilson, steal the Helping Friendly Book, give it to the people of Gamehendge, and everybody’s going to live in peace and harmony forever.

I hope you all got that. So here he comes now, the Famous Mockingbird… flying out to save the day, how incredible. is a non-commercial project run by Phish fans and for Phish fans under the auspices of the all-volunteer, non-profit Mockingbird Foundation.

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