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TREY: Okay, now if you want to come with us, here, where I’m gonna go right now, all you gotta do is kind of stand there on the floor, and just let your weight, fall down on to the balls of your feet, just kind of relaxing now, a little bit. We’re just gonna do that for a second. So, as you stand there you can feel all of your weight and all of your tension kind of hang down on the balls of your feet, your feet kind of feeling themselves just glued to the floor there for a second.

The reason that we’re doing this is because if you try really hard with your feet -- just relax and clear your head there for a second -- you can kind of start to feel these tiny, tiny vibrations going on the floor. These little vibrations are just gonna kind of tingle the bottom of your feet a little bit and just kind of work their way of your legs for a second.

So you’re standing there. Feel it? I do [laughs]. So, you’re probably feeling those by now, just kind of feel those little vibrations, kind of little ripples. As you feel them, you can kind of feel them start to get a little bit bigger from tiny little ripples they start to become a little bit sort of waves, and the waves are kind of gently going underneath your feet, little tiny, tiny, inch-bit waves that are rolling underneath your feet. As you do it, you’re kind of standing there, they’ll start to feel it a little bit bigger.

Right now, I’m feeling them, and the waves come slowly, move by a little bit bigger and a little bit faster, and a little bit bigger, and a little bit bigger, and sort of farther apart. Until now, you’ve kind of, it’s a kind of rocking, and, as you’re sitting there rocking, I don’t know, if you look around... Kind of in your mind’s eye, you can see the walls of the building are sort of melting away underneath the rocking, leaving just sort of a perimeter of the building going around us like that.

Now the building is really kind of starting, the whole building is starting to rock back and forth a little bit. [Music builds in intensity]. The roof is kind of dissolving away, and its dissolving away into this sort of blue, sort of light above us. We’re rocking along, and you can feel it. As we look out around us all the city, the buildings, are kind of starting to melt away all around us, and they’re turning into these sort of white caps.

Now we’re floating out into the middle of the ocean in this huge boat together, no war of course, bereft of war here, floating along, upstream on this big river. It’s not really an ocean, it’s a river. Because, it’s a huge river, kind of floodwaters going along, and now we’re going along on this spume. We don’t know where we’re going. As we roll along on this river we start to feel it, the water’s getting a little bit rougher, around us it gets a little bit rougher [Music builds in intensity]

Dude, we’ve all been kind of hanging on to the sides as we’re rocking along here on the boat. It’s kind of tumbling along. We start to see these sort of boulders flying by, and we realize we’re really moving now, flying along down this river. We’re floating along. Suddenly, we see up ahead of us the white foam, and then there’s nothing but space on the other side. We realize that we’re coming up to a waterfall. Oh my God! We’regoingtogooverthegooverthwaterfall! [Musical splash].

And as we’re floating down off the waterfall, now off the cliff of the waterfall, and all the water sort of starts to dissolve all around us into mist, and it just disappears and we realize that this is the Bottomless Waterfall we’ve just gone over. So, now as we fall, things start to kind of drift away, and the boat kind of tips away and floats away in the wind until we’re all kind of floating free. What happens is as you’re falling, you kind of reach this terminal velocity where it feels like you’re not really falling fast anymore, but, at this point, you’re just kind of floating there in space and drifting down and drifting down. Everything around kind of turns black, and now you’re just kind of drifting through space for a while, until off in the distance you start to see this tiny little speck, a tiny little speck.

You realize that the tiny gravitational pull of this speck is pulling us toward it, even though it’s so very far away, and as it gets closer and closer we realize that it’s not really tiny after all but it’s a huge sort of green blob. We keep heading closer, and we feel ourselves circling around it. Now, we see that it’s actually, sort of a geometrical plane of a blob. It’s like, like a, a sort of a flat, you know, rectangular thing coming at us. You keep getting closer, and as we get really close to it, now it fills up our whole field of vision so that we can’t see anything but this kind of green plane drifting off in the distance. It’s this huge green thing. We float down. We look down. And we realize that we’re coming in for a landing. In GAMEHENDGE. [Creepy screaming]

As we look down in Gamehendge, we see the green field kind of growing off in this distance in that part. The forest going off in the distance and then a huge mountain rising out of the forest, off in the distance there, somewhere a little castle over there. We realize we’re in Gamehendge. We realize that we’re in the land of the Lizard people now, and, as we look up we see a little guy. He’s climbing up the mountain. For those of you who didn’t hear what I was saying in the last song, that song is about him, and his name of course is Colonel Forbin.

And Colonel Forbin right now is climbing up the mountain, and he’s trying to reach the god on top of the mountain, the Great and Knowledgeable Icculus. Icculus is gonna help Colonel Forbin to help all the Lizard People, saving them. What they need to do is get the Helping Friendly Book back, which has all the knowledge inherent in the universe. The ultimate goal, here, is that they can live in peace and harmony with nature, without raping the land anymore, and get out of the control of the evil tyrant Wilson.

So, at this point in time, at this point in time, there he goes, Colonel Forbin, climbing up the mountain, and he’s talking to the Great and Knowledgeable Icculus up there. He’s this huge spirit, you know, kind of built into the mountain, a kind of spirit. Icculus calls on the Famous Mockingbird, who comes flying out of the sky, tells the Famous Mockingbird to fly to the castle of evil Wilson. “Get the Book. Bring it back to all the people.”

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