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brothers venn diagram
brothers venn diagram
Brothers Day (May 24th) is as good a day as any to satisfy a common request in comments about previously posted charts. So, here finally is a Venn diagram with Phish songs that mention brothers. (Another, for "dog shows", will come later.)

Phish has sung the word "brother" live 1,603 times, in 311 song performances at 283 shows. But no shows have included all four songs that use the word ("Brother", "Wolfman's Brother", "Sand", and "Crowd Control"), or even any three of them; and only 28 shows have included any two of the four. There just aren't a lot of Brother Shows (though there are a few more Bro Shows, if we expand to include the slang "Brutha" in Julius).

Including other family roles doesn't help much. For example, no shows have included both of the songs that mention sisters ("Crowd Control" and "Rock a William"). And only one show has included "Rock A William" and any of the four "brother" songs, making 2/13/97 agruably the only Sibling Show (not counting the 13 shows with "Crowd Control", which uses both "sister" and "brother", nor the 73 with "Sand", which uses "siblings".)

BTW, Siblings Day was April 10th and Brother and Sister Day was the last Saturday in March.

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, comment by Switters
Switters I might be wrong, but doesn't Julius use the word "Brother?"
, comment by louster200
louster200 Oh brother, more graphs?

I kid, I kid! These are silly and I love it.
, comment by Lemuria
Lemuria @Switters said:
I might be wrong, but doesn't Julius use the word "Brother?"
Julius uses "brotha" as a slang term - though arguably any use of "brother" or "sister" is metaphorical/symbolic rather than literal.
, comment by Ez_and_not_so_Fast
Ez_and_not_so_Fast Julius uses "brotha" as a slang term because it was sung on Hoist by a black chorus and maybe therefore should not be taken literally? Um... Okay, @Lemuria.


, comment by Beaches_En_Regalia
Beaches_En_Regalia Paralysis by analysis....
, comment by ChalkDustTeacher
ChalkDustTeacher The number where Wolfman's Brother intersects Crowd Control and Sand is missing.
, comment by uctweezer
uctweezer "Phish has sung the word 'brother' live 1,603 times" -- how is that being calculated? Assuming the number of times the word "brother" appears in those songs is constant?
, comment by melt_the_tek9
melt_the_tek9 Well, actually the way they sing "brother" in "Brother," Trey kind of does a 'bru'tha!!' kind of pronunciation. I don't hear him enunciating it with that distinct "-er" syllable at the end. Therefore, you should include Julius in this chart! If anything, they sing "brutha" many times in Julius, which makes it actually a more "brother-rich" song than Brother is. But, this is all just my opinion :)
, comment by illbuyyouaewe
illbuyyouaewe For what it is worth, the lyrics that you link to have "brotha" in the second to last chorus and "brother" in the last chorus. @Lemuria
, comment by amazeingbowie
amazeingbowie According to my phish hoist guitar sheet music book, the use the word "brother" in Julius. Not sure what the album insert says but I think this is legit. Maybe? It's the Hal Leonard transcriptions
, comment by TheChronicler
TheChronicler How about Sleep Again, eh?
, comment by TwiztAround
TwiztAround I love that phans actually take the time to do exercises like this, especially in the dead pre-tour part of the year. Thank you for wasting your time with me! Summer tour will be here soon enough!
, comment by makisupaman
makisupaman Fun as always. If I am reading this right, I have seen one of the two Brother/Wolfman's shows (Alpine '09, N2) and one of the two Crowd Control/Sand shows (Deer Creek '12, N2). Something to hang my nerdy phishtistics hat on no doubt.
, comment by thinktankted
thinktankted @Lemuria said:
@Switters said:
I might be wrong, but doesn't Julius use the word "Brother?"
Julius uses "brotha" as a slang term - though arguably any use of "brother" or "sister" is metaphorical/symbolic rather than literal.
I just looked at the lyrics for Julius (on this site...), and they list 1 chorus(refrain?) with the word "brotha" and 1 chorus(refrain?) with the word "brother" Charts, numbers, all rendered invalid (mmmmm rendered....) DOH, now I need to go home and make some lard, what were we talking about again?
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