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I went online in a Phish chatroom once. I logged on as Crackhead and was talking about smoking crack with Trey backstage. And they were like, 'Bullshit! He doesn't do that!' and I was like, 'Yes he does.' And they were like, 'What was Brad Sands, Phish's road manager wearing?' and I said 'Red Shirt, black tie, standing over by the hors d'oeuvre tray.'

Trey Anastasio - "Back to the Phuture" article in July 2000 SPIN magazine


, comment by TheEmu
TheEmu That is so awesome. Now it does make me wonder if he occasionally lurks on .net and does things like omit the Ghost jam just to mess with people.
, comment by AugustWest2001
AugustWest2001 He's definitely the type to screw with fans.
, comment by forbins0218
forbins0218 I am pretty sure Trey does not check the forums anymore.
, comment by AugustWest2001
AugustWest2001 I personally wouldn't want to look at any forums if I were him. We all talk so much shit about him or the band as a would be pretty upsetting to read.
, comment by walstib
walstib @AugustWest2001 said:
I personally wouldn't want to look at any forums if I were him. We all talk so much shit about him or the band as a would be pretty upsetting to read.
It would be pretty upsetting to read if you were you, which you are. On the other hand Trey is Trey, and if you think reading what a bunch of whiny shits have to say UPSETS him you're crazy. Trey knows what it looks like from the stage each night. 30,000 screaming, dancing, not whiney people looking at him having the times of there lives. I'm pretty sure that helps him keep a prespective on things he he reads from people on there couches.

Finding our words upsetting? I don't think so.
, comment by custynoob
custynoob I can picture Trey reading a post that goes "I think Trey was having difficulties with is guitar last night. He kept cutting of jams....He stopped ghost after, less than four"...and him laughing his face off, thinking sorry fucker I just wanted to do what the fuck I wanted like I've been doing from the get go and thats why I get to play tahoe and wherever the fuck else we want anytime we want.........
, comment by ThatPharGone
ThatPharGone maybe youre trey
, comment by AugustWest2001
AugustWest2001 Just trying to be empathetic.
, comment by fromsliptofall
fromsliptofall Yeah, Trey and the other band members go on here and PT. Their management team does as well.

Why do you think they opened SB9 with Possum then follow it up with Peaches? They read the boards and they post too.

@AugustWest2001 - I think trey understands that the shear fact that a website, in fact many websites, exist only for commenting on something that he has created over 30 years ago is a compliment in of of itself.
, comment by brando
brando I am sure they check to see what the news is.
Why do people ever talk shot about what they love? Never got it.
, comment by forbin1
forbin1 hmmm...maybe Petey M was really Trey..

all kidding aside...I wouldn't be surprised if they read these sites..not necessarily post...could explain the influx of Possums..especially the superball opener..
, comment by DistressTube
DistressTube I'm so tired of people complaining about how overplayed Possum is...because it's not being played now any more than it ever has been. This summer tour...11/31 shows, that's roughly 1 out of every 3 shows, just like its historical stats. In 2010 they played it 17/48 shows...again roughly 1/3. Plus BDTNL has been played 11 times this tour as well and no one is complaining about that. Not to mention several other songs that have been played 9 times each this tour...

And when did hearing Possum ever become a bad thing? Sure, some versions may stand out more than others, but that doesn't mean that if they played it two shows in a row I would be complaining about it. I didn't realize it was annoying to listen to good music...

And for everyone who COMPLAINS about ANY element of a show has no right to have a good time at a live performance, because you are the person who would sit be the one saying "Ugh..possum again..." and then dancing your ass off at a show. You are a hypocrite. (And when I say "complain" I don't mean "critique"...everyone is perfectly welcome to their own opinion of a show.)

Stop focusing on how many times they play shit and enjoy the music!
, comment by AugustWest2001
AugustWest2001 ::slowly, quietly walking backwards out of the room::
, comment by easywind111
easywind111 Hey Trey if your reading this abortions are for babies, not jamz
, comment by User_11821_
User_11821_ Trey,

Quite devine. Thank you.
, comment by forbin1
forbin1 @I_Enjoy_Yourself

I'm assuming you're referring to my post...just be advised, that I was not complaining about how many times they play a certain song...I was only trying to state that since this summer tour started, people have taken notice to Possum...maybe a little bit more than they have in the past...and that the point I was trying to make...was that since all this chatter about Possum, maybe someone in the band actually reads this forum, and noticed it too, and that's the reason why they opened up superball with it...that's harm, no foul...



, comment by TheEmu
TheEmu @AugustWest2001 said:
::slowly, quietly walking backwards out of the room::
Right behind ya.
, comment by Kodiakfloyd
, comment by fishinole1
fishinole1 @Kodiakfloyd said:
#sand #pushingittothelimit #stillwaiting
It's always #sand! Hahaha!
, comment by careful_w_that_axe_Miller
careful_w_that_axe_Miller You don't say
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