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A rambling Huffington Post post blames Mike and Jon for the "statistic out there, unverified as it may be, that roughly one third of the audience at any Phish show is Jewish." The rest is a mix of rehashed tripes and stretched imagination.

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, comment by RobGoll
RobGoll I read this article, and while it does point out some good spiritual aspects of a Phish concert, it is very disheartening to have to see someone trying to box it into a religious culture steeped in corruption, greed, and political posturing. Phish is non-denominational and that is a major key ingredient to their success and wonderful influence. If you want devotional you can go to Matisayahu concert and feel the difference - he does not transcend because he's stuck in a box, Phish and the heavy majority of their fans are not.
, comment by phishmakesmedance
phishmakesmedance RobGoll. It is a shame that you feel disheartened over someones thoughts. I can't imagine what someones actions do to your fragile heart.

BTW. Since I assume you are not bright enough to understand what I am writing I direct this to someone out there who may know you persoanlly and be able to speak slowly and bust out the crayolas and magnadoodles to help you get it. Your ignorance is dangerous. The "religious culture steeped in corruption, greed, and political posturing" is the RELIGION of half the band. Ah...nevermind I wont try and outwit you, it will in no way improve anything as I need a challenge to sharpen my wit. Shmuck.
, comment by RobGoll
RobGoll I'm sorry. I admit I'm not too smart. Apparently, in order to be smart, I'd have to be Jewish and love war and hate Muslims, which I don't. So I accept being dumb. Thank you for clarifying this fact.
, comment by RobGoll
RobGoll Wait a minute, person who is affraid to identify themselves. I just experienced a notion that you must have said, "nevermind, I won't try and outwit you", because you would have no way of defending that Judaism is not steeped in corruption, greed and political posturing. So you instead resorted to name calling. And it's funny too, that the half the band you're referring to are not practicing Jews let alone devout. The smart ones always transcend religion when they find god.
, comment by Fujidude
Fujidude here's a better article from 1999, more serious and contemplative...of course, that's not the point of the huffington post. />
i looked up this article because i myself had wondered the same thing...i started going to phish shows as soon as the hiatus was over (i became a big fan about three years back) and i noticed a lot of people who seemed to fit into jewish stereotypes/cliches (which are flawed and incorrect in many ways)...lots of red and/or curly hair, and enough star of david art/tatts/jewelry to go around!

i think spiritual people are inclined to like phish, and other bands that (at least try to) tap into a greater spiritual consciousness through music. even though half of phish may only claim jewish heritage, as opposed to actually practicing religion, there is still very much that goes along with what you might call an "ethnic" jew.

correct me if i'm wrong, but wasn't it the ancient jews who believed they contained, or were inhabited by, a little spark, a piece of god...while it may not force you to be "totally jewish", it's an emotion that not all people feel perhaps...i guess depending on whether you believe in nature or nurture. and, when we all gather at a show, we form some sort of a collective and cosmic river of consciousness...according to some people (not me) just because you're not aware of you're heritage, doesn't mean it doesn't manifest itself.

on a more brief note, just listen to jewish music of all kinds, and you will see where rock and roll got it's "edge"...phish is a rock band first and foremost.

and just for clarity, i don't believe that statistic...but, it's something to think about.
, comment by phishmakesmedance
phishmakesmedance RobGoll.

My apologies for allowing my anger to manifest in name calling. Doesn't happen often but you touched a nerve. I should know better. Yes, I am Jewish as is my family and many of my friends. I am also human, just like you.

I don't hate all Muslims but admittingly I am not fond of those who put me in a box because I'm Jewish...because they can't "transcend" if you will. I sat next to a Muslim family this past Sunday at an event. I had a wonderful conversation with them and enjoyed their company.

I am not corrupt...I make mistakes but also make a point to learn from them and try to make things right if I harm someone.

I do not embrace war as a solution but believe in self-defense. If you have a target on me and it comes down to one of us walking away, you better believe it's gonna be hard for you to take me down, I expect the same from all of humanity.

Now for greed: I am probably greedier than some but much less than others. I can sleep at night knowing that what I possess is much less at the expense of others than the majority of those who have (but alas I have probably unwittingly bought things that were made by children in a sweatshop). Maybe that's why I have less material wealth than the overwhelming gentile community I live in but I am comfortable and surrounded by people who care about me and whom I love; I would take that over a Mercedes Benz any day and I thank G-d for it.

Finally, political posturing: Since the “Great Jewish Conspiracy” hasn't come knocking on my door for advice I can't really speak to it but I hazard a guess that if the posturing by the “Jewish Lobby” is significantly more active than that of big business, the Conservative Christians, etc. then it is done so as a reaction to a long and rough history of being demonized and slaughtered as well as to real threats from real people who are unable to "transcend".

I write about myself here but simultaneously (I am certain) for a percentage of Jews that is close to the percentage of gentiles who feel the same way. If not then at least for many (not all) Jews I know.

I am not sure what the word "transcend" means to you as it may mean different things to different people but if acceptance has anything to do with it then a good deal of the Jewish People I know embrace it. We accept and expect the same-as people. Tolerance for prejudice on the other hand has worn thin. We may have somewhat of an understanding of its etiology but certainly don’t have to entertain it.

If I offer some insight and help change your mind about Jewish people then I am glad. If not then my initial instinct was correct and though I apologize for my words I do not for my feelings; I will take that up internally and with a higher power.

My sincere apologies to those who found my earlier words offensive. I hope this long winded response paints me and the people who are Jewish in a better light as what I say is truly what I feel.

RobGoll-I’m not leaving my name as I see no sense in it. I’ve made my peace. Say and feel what you will. I hope it’s positive and informed.

Good day
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