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TREY: Does everybody understand what's going on right now? Because some of you don't seem to notice what's happening right here, right now. Basically, what's happening right here without you knowing it, I mean I'm looking out at you. You're all tucked into this beautiful little square so neatly and cleanly.

From where I'm standing here it really looks beautiful the way all the different pieces kind of fit together. You've got these long, tall people standing there next to sort of maybe some other more crooked sort of people. Then, some little angular people, people with big feet standing with their legs... But you all kind of fit into this beautiful, beautiful little square with these things out to the side.

It just does my mind right to see that because as I'm looking out here, I don't know if you noticed it, but these sorta spirits coming down next from above your head that you don't see. They're all different shapes of people... little square people... little kind of people with big feet sticking out. They're kind of dropping one by one. What you really don't know is that this little pedal board here that I have in front of me is a thing. I can control the different spirit people who are falling down, and by pushing these different buttons on my pedal board, I can make them fit into the empty slots that are sitting down there next to you, basically.

So, they're kind of coming down right here. It's basically a big Tetris game is, that's what I'm trying to get at here. So, as I'm looking there are different pieces kind of falling down. I'm dropping them into place, and they're falling in... big tall people. A little pile starts building up over here, see, because every time I make a line they all disappear. So the pieces are coming down, they go [Page teases "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies"] slipping into the little crevice.

Filling up more and more people in here, and then -- ohhh! -- one of them falls sideways. It's kind of sitting on top of you now. More of them are falling down, and they start stacking up higher and higher. People are slowly stacking up higher and higher and getting closer to the ceiling and closer to the ceiling. There's nothing I can do here. They're falling... gonna get all the way up to the ceiling [crash sounds], and then this huge sort of garage door, multi-colored garage door, comes and closes down before our eyes here.

This is happening right now. It's coming down. Now the whole thing slowly starts to wash into sort of blue, and it vanishes. And you see... the space shuttle... and the Kremlin.

The space shuttle. The Kremlin. Shuttle. Kremlin. Shuttle. Kremlin. Shuttle. Kremlin. Shuttle. Kremlin... uttle... lin... uttle... lin... ttle... lin... etc.

The space shuttle. The Kremlin. Luckily, I was doing so well with this peddle board here. I look over at the Kremlin. The Kremlin starts to take off into space (rocket sound). And as it goes up into space, these tiny little wires are hooked all up to you. You don't even realize it, but it starts to pick up the whole crowd one by one in this big kind of heap. And you all get lifted up into space getting dragged by the Kremlin. And the Kremlin's going up into space. It goes higher and higher up into space. It's out in the atmosphere. It's getting darker and darker everywhere that you look and we're up in space now. We're all in this huge bundle hanging by wires from the Kremlin which is flying around. [Page teases Star Trek theme]

The earth starts to get smaller in the distance as we float away... smaller and smaller. We can kind of feel the weight of our feet and our hands hanging down because we're being lifted up by these wires in our shoulders. We look up and we see the Kremlin up above us floating. We look around and see all the other people. We don't know where we're going. Floating along... just floating. The Kremlin sort of starts going like this and we all are swinging sort of side to side. And as we're swinging along everything seems okay and we're starting to calm down. We're like, "Okay, I can, I can deal with this. I'm hanging by the Kremlin in space." And suddenly, some one up in the Kremlin... cuts the wire (crash) and we start to fall. At this point we're falling kind of slowly because we're not near any planets yet so we're just kind of floating free in space. But then, this planet, this kind of strange, amorphous blob starts to come out of the space. We start to feel that it has gravitational pull because we're no longer floating. We're kind of starting to speed up. We're getting sucked towards it. It's getting bigger. At first we think it's small, but once we get to it, we see it's huge, vast amorphous blob. We're floating along. We're gonna break through the atmosphere, clouds and everything. When we slow down again, we see that we're hovering over some new land, we've never been before. Floating down we look over in this direction. We see a huge green field stretching off in the distance as far as the eye can see. On the other side we look over and see a huge forest, and coming out of the forest we see a huge mountain. Sitting on top of the green field we see a strange looking little man wearing a white frock with goggles on his head playing the drums. And we look down at the field, forest, mountain. Field. Forest. Mountain. Floating down we see a black rhombus floating in the middle of the field somewhere. We see a little guy climbing up the mountain here. We realize that we've landed in... GAMEHENDGE AHHHHHHHH!

We're in Gamehendge. We're all in Gamehendge . We look over at the mountain and we see this little guy climbing up the mountain right over there, this little guy, and we know that it's Colonel Forbin (no relation???). And Colonel Forbin's climbing up the mountain , and he's looking for the Great and Knowledgeable Icculus. He lives up on top of the mountain. And he's gonna ask Icculus to call on a certain friend of his to help all the people who live in Gamehendge. These are the lizard people who've lived there thousands of years in peace and tranquility, were overtaken by the evil tyrant, Wilson, and Wilson has taken their book that they live by, The Helping Friendly Book, he's hidden it in the castle. And right now, Icculus is calling on his friend, The Famous Mockingbird, who's gonna come flying out of the sky, land on his shoulder. Icculus is gonna whisper to The Famous Mockingbird, "Fly to the castle. Get the book. Bring it to the people. Set the people free to live in peace and tranquility again". And uh, Icculus says, "I'm gonna do this, but you never know what's gonna happen"... and that's another story. But, right now I can hear his little mockingbird wings fluttering off in the distance there coming towards us, coming towards us. Here it comes, The Famous Mockingbird, to save the day... is a non-commercial project run by Phish fans and for Phish fans under the auspices of the all-volunteer, non-profit Mockingbird Foundation.

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