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TREY: Hello. Hello, everybody. I see some people that were probably in Boone last night, and those people that were there know we were talking a little about vibrations. We're going to talk a little more about vibrations right now. So what i want to talk about is, everything that you see and hear is a vibration of some sort. Sound is a vibration which is coming at you; electricity is a vibration that is running our whole sound system up here. Sound is a vibration. My strings are vibrating; the speaker cones are vibrating; the air is vibrating; your eardrums are vibrating, and you're hearing music.

If you keep going up the frequency spectrum to higher and higher frequencies, you get light. Light is a vibration; i mean, some people think it's particles. It's all vibrations. Some people theorize that there is a certain vibration that is the glue that holds the whole universe together. We like to think of it sort of as the Vibration of Life. We're going to start this whole thing out right here by getting the Vibration of Life going. This is supposed to seven beats per second, and this should make you feel charged and energetic, in tune with the universe. Here it comes, let's start things off with the Vibration of Life.

["Vibration of Life" begins] You should be feeling now, if we can get this right, this is the seven beats per second Vibration of Life filling up your body with energy. Now, what we're going to do tonight that we've never done before, this is a special thing. We have Paul, who sits back there at the soundboard, has been working on this now for weeks. He's now installed a special switch on my guitar, which you may be able to see right here. Now what this switch is going to do, if i flip this switch, i'm going to invert the phase on the Vibration of Life, sending us hurtling into another dimension. Get ready now.

I told you before that light has a vibration, to, and that the combination of light and sound has this¦ Supposedly, light can¦ Um, colors are sort of on a cosmic plane: they can affect people's aura. So when i switch the phase inverter on the Vibration of Life, Chris is going to change the light into the deep green, which will send us hurtling into another dimension, a parallel dimension, and we'll find ourselves floating over the green fields of Gamehendge. Here we go now, i'm about to switch the switch¦

I can feel it. You can see it down below you now. Somehow, your spirits are drifting to Gamehendge. It's a green kind of feeling; everything feels kind of different now, just a little bit different, because basically we're in the same space, physical space, but in a parallel dimension spiritually. You can look down underneath you, and you can see in your mind's eye -- you have to reach into your spirit's eye there -- and you can see the green fields of Gamehendge underneath you.

You can see the castle of the Evil King Wilson, who we sang about in the first song, Wilson the King of Prussia, Duke of Lizards, and you can see over in the distance a huge mountain rising out of the forest of Gamehendge. On the mountain, you can see this little guy, Colonel Forbin, and he's climbing up the mountain.

The problem is, something doesn't feel quite right here in Gamehendge. There's some kind of weird energy in Gamehendge because the Evil King Wilson has come and taken this peaceful place, and he has enslaved the innocent people of Gamehendge. He's stolen the Helping Friendly Book from them, which is the book they base their lives on.

Right now, this guy Colonel Forbin is climbing up the mountain over there. He's trying to find the spirit of the Great and Knowledgeable Icculus who is going to help all these people regain their peace and tranquility that they used to have in Gamehendge by sending the Famous Mockingbird to try and steal this book back from Wilson and bring it to the people.

So if you really listen and watch with your spirit's eye, you'll be able to see the Famous Mockingbird come flying down out of the sky, whipping past your face; the air from the Famous Mockingbird's wing beating on your face.

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