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TREY: Ok, here’s what we got so far. Colonel Forbin, the guy in the dentist chair, is sitting there and he’s getting his teeth drilled and feeling the throbbing pain and everything, and he disappears down this corridor. As we heard in the last song, he meets up with this guy Rutherford the Brave who’s leaning against the wall. As they stand there, they start to talk. As they talk, Rutherford the Brave starts to tell Colonel Forbin about the land that he lives in here, and this is this place called Gamehendge. He tells him about the Lizard people. He tells him how this whole area used to be a beautiful, peaceful, tranquil, green, luscious, forest village for thousands of years where all these people lived in peace and tranquility with the help of this book that they called the Helping Friendly Book.

Now, the Helping Friendly Book was a gift to them from Icculus, who lived up on top of the mountain, the Great and Knowledgeable Icculus. For years they had lived in peace and tranquility, until along came this guy named Wilson, who took the book from them and enslaved all the people. At this point in time, he was basically the tyrant who was enslaving all these people and keeping them captive. So, what Rutherford explains to Colonel Forbin is that there’s this underground movement going and they’re trying to overflow… overflow… they’re trying to overflow. [pause] They’re trying to overthrow Wilson, and Rutherford is part of this whole thing.

Now as they talk, they come upon this river. Rutherford, he’s not too smart so he decides he’s gonna dive into the water with his suit of arms on, and he dives under water and sinks to the bottom. At this point, Colonel Forbin looks across the other side of the river, and he looks up and he sees this woman riding on this large hairy beast. Standing next to her is this strange creature… strange, kind of hairy, six-and-a-half foot tall creature called the Unit Monster. The Unit Monster dives under the water and takes Rutherford the Brave up from the bottom, pulls him up above his head and saves him, lays him on the ground.

So, now you’ve got the four of these guys standing there. As they’re sitting there, Colonel Forbin looks up at this woman, and he realizes as he looks up at her that he’s falling madly in love with her. Her name is Tela, and as he looks up at her, he starts to sing this little song to her...

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