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[Trey begins the narration after Llama concludes, while the band plays “Gamehendge Interlude”]

TREY: So you probably heard, we came out here and did what we call the “Kung” chant. The “Kung” chant is the kind of magical chant that takes us away from this place and brings us to a place that we call Gamehendge. This is the first time that we’ve ever played in West Virginia other than a short gig that we did… We’re very excited about this, too. So other than the short thing we did on Mountain Stage awhile ago. But, since we’re here tonight we thought that we’d start things off with the “Kung” chant. The “Kung” chant brings us, like i said, to a place called Gamehendge. Now, for those of you who don’t know about this since this is our first time here, we’re going to kind of tell you a little story about how this whole thing works

So the first song that we played there, “Llama,” as some of you know, is a song that tells a story… Actually, we better bring this down a little bit because i can’t talk over such… [whispers] quiet, quiet, yeah sounds good. Beautiful, so… Ok, “Llama,” the song we just played is a song that’s sung by this guy who lives in Gamehendge, and it takes place in the later years of Gamehendge. He’s sitting up on this mountain, and he’s in the middle of this war-torn period. There’s all these different factions fighting against each other, and he was on this mountain. That’s what he was just singing about right there.

Now the thing that needs to be explained is how he got to that point in time. So, what we’re going to do right now is take you back, if you will, to an earlier time here. Picture if you will, this guy, his name is Colonel Forbin, and he’s sitting in his bathroom, shaving in the mirror, looking around. He kind of has this dreary life that he’s been having for the last few years. He decides he’s going to go for a walk one day with his little dog named McGrupp. He’s walking along and comes across this sort of little sphere of energy sitting in front of him.

Colonel Forbin on this particular day steps through this doorway, this little sphere of energy, and finds himself in a completely different place, this magical place called Gamehendge. Now when he walks through the door, the first person he encounters is this knight. This knight’s name is Rutherford the Brave. Rutherford the Brave is standing in this hallway that is like a little corridor that goes down and leads out to the city of Prussia, which is the center of Gamehendge. So at this point and time, he starts having a conversation with this knight, and goes kind of like this…

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