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TREY: Here we are now in this beautiful serene building [laughs], playing our last set of 1992. Who would have thought that we’re sitting here right now and everything’s beautiful in the middle of Boston and the building is looming up in the middle and there’s streets all around us and… And, as we speak right now, this huge ship is slowly coming down out of space and drifting down towards the top of Boston. As people look down from the ship, it’s, it’s a big round ship with lights going around it, and everyone is looking down out of it and they see Boston Harbor over in the distance and it seems so beautiful and peaceful and everyone all over the city is getting ready for New Year’s, and getting ready for the ball to drop.

And, meanwhile nobody really notices that this huge ship is coming down. It’s going over different parts of Boston, and it goes over to the Garden. Slowly it starts to come over until it’s right up above Matthews Arena, and right now it’s, it’s coming down, I can FEEL the energy from this thing coming down. As it, as it comes down and it’s looking down on the Arena and, and beams of light are coming and it’s gonna circle, surrounding the arena. The whole arena is now starting to tilt from side to side. It’s like the ship is lifting the whole building up off its foundations. It’s starting to tilt over to the right! And it’s tilting! And you can hear rocks breaking and the building is starting to lift up in the air!

[Mass Hysteria signal?]

[Screaming] Oh my God! What’s happening?! The building is… Ahhhh! We’re going up in the air! Oh my God! My God, this is terrible! The whole building’s going up into the air, and, it’s tilting from side to side. Slowly we’re climbing this tractor beam. It’s starting to spin around. The building is spinning around. It’s spinning around, and as it spins faster and faster we’re starting to... the people are shifting off to the side now and, and we don’t know what’s going on, but we can feel it spinning. Everyone is clearing out of the floor. The people are all pressed up against the side now, and the building is spinning faster and faster. You can feel your cheeks melting back.

Everyone is pressed up against the side of the thing, and slowly people start climbing and grabbing towards a huge pole that’s dipping down into the middle of the Arena. It’s silently spinning around now. [Page begins “Charge”] People climbing towards the pole. Grabbing with all their might. People hanging onto other people, grabbing them, pulling, until finally some people are all holding onto the pole and it keeps spinning and everyone is looking like a big pinwheel now, holding onto the back of the pole. Slowly, it starts to take off… Into the air, and silently, everyone is holding onto the pole. Each person holding onto the next person’s feet in long chains, and we’re spinning around up into the air.

We start to go past the ship, and the ship is the, gives us the energy. Now, everyone is spinning around, and we look down and we see Boston down below, with the night, the stars up above. It’s spinning, and it’s, it’s kind of serene up here, holding onto this pole. As we spin, we go out over Boston Harbor. Then, we start... keep spinning and slowly we’re moving down towards the water, spinning, and we just touch the surface of the water. We’re skidding across the surface of the Boston Harbor, farther and farther out into the water, until slowly we start to sink. Down. Down. Down. Dowwwwn. Dowwwwn. Onto the water. Deeper. Deeper.

It’s getting darker and bluer, and we’re still holding onto the pole, spinning and spinning. Slowly the whole circle starts to tilt over to the side, and now it’s like all the people created a huge propeller. The propeller is moving people through the ocean, and you see whales drifting by. We’re going deeper and deeper and deeper into the ocean, deeper than anyone’s ever been before. And, down, it’s almost pitch black and it’s cold. But, everybody’s still hanging on to each other’s ankles going deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper and slowly, deeper.

As we get deeper, the water starts to get thicker. It’s a place where no one, no human being has ever been before. The water’s thicker, it’s almost like gelatin. There’s weird jellyfish that people have never seen before, drifting by and huge rockfish and strange creatures that man doesn’t even know exist. And slowly gets thicker and thicker and we’re slowing down and soon. We. Just. Start to congeal. In. To. Solid. Rock. And there… we sit. For thousands of years. But, we’re very patient. Because, we know that the glaciers are all gonna slowly move, and as the glaciers move, different pieces of rocks start to get pressed up and different little layers of rock are lifting up towards the surface.

By this point, we’ve all become fossilized, but we’re patient. As we move up to the surface, one glacier starts to melt. The temperature is starting to change. Slowly our glacier is on a sheet, and it starts to move towards the surface over thousands of years. Then one day, we come up, back onto the surface, and everything is different than it was when we left it.

We start to shake out our arms and legs [coughs] We’re shaking out our arms and legs cause we haven’t stood up for a thousand years. Uh, uh, uh, ah. And we look around. And we’re in Gamehendge. We’re in Gamehendge, and we’re standing at the edge of the most vast green field we’ve ever seen in our life before. The deepest richest green stretching off like a perfect plain into the distance, everywhere we see. We start walking and walking, along the plain, walking through the lush green grass. Off in the distance we see a tiny speck, and we walk and walk. As we walk by, we see that it’s a black rhombus floating in the middle of the stream. Then, as we walk up, we walk up farther and we see a mountain, rising off into the distance, and the edge of a forest that goes off as far as the eye can see in a whole different direction and a castle rising out.

We look up at the mountain and as we look up at the mountain, we see a tiny speck climbing up the mountain. We know that it’s Colonel Forbin. Colonel Forbin is going up the mountain right now, and he’s grabbing onto rocks and going up the mountain because this land where everyone used to live in peace and harmony here in Gamehendge, has been taken over by the Evil King Wilson, who we sang about. Colonel Forbin is climbing up the mountain, and he’s trying to get the Helping Friendly Book to give it back to all the people so they can live in peace and harmony again. It’s his last resort so he’s climbing up the mountain and climbing up the mountain. The rocks start to tumble over his head, and he looks and he sees the spirit of the Great and Knowledgeable Icculus.

He says, “Icculus, can you help us?” And Icculus says, “I’ll send for my friend, the Famous Mockingbird…” And, he looks up into the sky. And he looks up into the sky and there he sees, the Famous Mockingbird! Flying through the air! And he says, “Famous Mockingbird, go fly and get the Helping Friendly Book and bring it back to the innocent people of Gamehendge and bring Gamehendge back to peace and tranquility once and forever.”

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