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TREY: As the sound starts to get quieter here…Gimme a little bass, gimme a little bass here so I can hold the bottom, Mike. Gimme a little bass, a little bass there, Mike. Ahhhh. That’s nice, thank you.
Okay, that’s... (unclear).

That bass, that bass note is starting to trigger something. I can see it happening out there in the little depths of the darkness out there. It has something to do with time and space, and as we’re talking here, things are sort of circling backwards in time and space. Circling backwards, everything’s circling backwards. And, as we’re standing here, underneath you, somewhere in the cir-, back, back innards of time and space you’re feeling water rising up under your feet, here. The whole thing is flooded with water.

Right now, everywhere down on the dance floor is flooded with water and it’s… It’s back and everything's kind of hectic. We’re standing up here, and we’re saying that we’re gonna make it up to you, we’re gonna make it up to you, we’re gonna make it up to you, we’re gonna make it up to you, we’re gonna make it up to you. Don’t worry, don’t worry, we’re gonna be playing again.

So, here we are that the beginning of three nights, now, here and… We’re standing here and the water is at your feet, but this time instead of canceling the show, which is what happened last time, this water sorta starts to bubble underneath. As we’re standing here, the water, it’s bubbling, it’s bubbling, its starting to boil. It’s turning into sort of liquid goo. It bubbles and bubbles, molecules bouncing off, and everybody’s feet are going like this to the water. This time we’re not gonna let it happen. So, we’re doing this...

Uh, uh, uh, ah [grunting rhythmically]

Mixing it all up and molecules bouncing against each other and bouncing against each other. Slowly the water is starting to sort of change form, and, it starts to turn into sort of bubbles of steam. All the kicking around is heating the water up, it’s starting to boil and turn to steam, the steam is drifting up. It starts to drift up into the air. You can see all the steam drifting up.

As it drifts up, its starts to engulf the entire crowd, and we start realizing that we’ve made a horrible mistake. We kicked our legs too hard and the heat, the molecules moving around, it’s been too much, and the whole entire room, we’re all turning into a huge bubble of white steam. The white steam is sort of drifting up. Condensation. All human forms. We feel ourselves, a big cloud, a big cloud is rising up, it’s rising up [makes rising sounds with his voice].

We’re starting to lift up into the air, and then slowly, the steam, we’re pushing up against the ceiling now, pushing up against the ceiling. So, these little cracks in the wood, the steam is too thin, but the steam seeping through the cracks. We start to feel the cloud lift up above the theater. It’s going higher now, and you look down. You can see the theater, down below, and the street, going off and all of Atlanta stretching out below us.

You start to get caught, caught in the wind, and the cloud now is rising up in the sky. We’re caught in the wind, floating along above Atlanta, and we start to see the whole eastern seaboard down below us.Looking down, we’re looking down and we’re getting higher and higher. You can see the ocean stretching off in one distance, and Florida going down the other way and the continent, and we start to get blown out to sea. The cloud is going out to sea, and we’re all going out to sea now.

We’re drifting up higher and higher. The cloud’s going higher and higher, and slowly it’s just mingling with other clouds. We’re up in the sky now, drifting down, and suddenly you start to feel a sort of electricity, electricity tingling through your body. Something’s happening; it’s getting, it’s starting to change. The cloud’s starting to change, and it gets a little darker, a little bit darker, a little bit rainier. And rain, you start to feel rain. Suddenly, off in the distance, you start to hear thunder crackling. [makes thunder sounds]

You realize that we’ve been in the middle of a storm, and we start to feel ourselves climbing together and the little drops of rain. One by one the drops of rain start drifting out of the cloud and falling towards the storm [more thunder sounds]. We all feel ourselves falling, a drop of rain, down towards the ground. As we fall down, we look down below us… we realize that we’re coming down onto it. Closer and closer to the ground and we look down and we see…

A huge green field, drifting off in the distance on one side. At this point the drops of rain start to slow down and widen into little envelopes, and now we’re floating down. And we see the field off in that distance. Right over there, we see a huge mountain going up into the sky, all the way up into the sky, and over there we see a forest, drifting around the mountain. The mountain is rising out of the forest and a little city and a green field. We’re floating down towards it. And we realize that we’re about to land… IN GAMEHENDGE.

We’re coming down into Gamehendge. We look up at the mountain as we see off in the distance of the mountain. We see a tiny black speck on the mountain, and the speck is climbing. We start to get closer and closer to the speck, and we see it’s Colonel Forbin. He’s on his way, he’s on his way up the mountain. He’s got his hands grabbed around roots and rocks, and he’s, he’s pulling with all his might. It’s a steep mountain, but he’s doing it, he’s pulling with all his might. Rocks are tumbling down around his head, tumbling everywhere, but he’s hanging on.

He’s going up! The rocks are tumbling down! The mountains start to vibrate! It’s shaking! The mountain starts to vibrate! It’s shaking and he looks up and he sees… Icculus. He sees Icculus. Icculus is up above his head, and Icculus looks down and says, “Colonel Forbin, I know why you’re here, and I know you wanna get the Helping Friendly Book, and you wanna give it back to the people of Gamehendge, the Lizard people, so that they can all live in peace and harmony with nature once more. So, I’m gonna call my friend, the Famous Mockingbird.”

He calls on the Famous Mockingbird, and the Famous Mockingbird comes flying out of the sky and, flying around, lands on Icculus’s shoulder. Icculus looks at the Famous Mockingbird and he says, “Famous Mockingbird, fly off to the castle of the evil King Wilson. Steal the Helping Friendly Book. Bring it back to the people of Gamehendge and they can live in peace and harmony forever.”

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