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TREY: Thank you. Before we move along here, lemme just say that, first of all we’re very happy to be here. We’re far from home, and we’re happy to be playing here and all. I’m gonna tell you a little story right now. Some of you might know already, but most of you probably don’t.

Basically it starts with the fact that we were troubadours from different place than this. So, we’re coming from far away. We’re troubadours from Gamehendge ladies and gentlemen. Some of you probably know about Gamehendge and some of you don’t.

Gamehendge is a land far away from here. I’m just gonna tell you about kinda the early years of Gamehendge. Some of you might know about later… Wilson, the Evil King Wilson, The Helping Friendly Book, Colonel Forbin, blah blah blah, all that. But this song that we’re gonna play right now, people have probably heard it, but I don’t know if people know what it’s about, so I’m gonna tell you.

Gamehendge is a beautiful, serene, green, pasture-like land. It’s got a huge forest stretching out into the distance on one side, an enormous mountain rising off from the forest on the other side., and then way off in the distance on the left is a vast green field. Now, for thousands and thousands of years the people of this land, the Lizard people, lived in peace and harmony with nature. Until, of course, the Evil King Wilson came along and enslaved them all. But that’s a different story so I’m not gonna talk about that right now.

Just picture, if you will, you’re floating above this huge, beautiful, serene vast forest. Floating above it, and there’s a mountain over there rising in the distance. And as you kind of cruise above the forest, you come to the edge of the forest and it opens up into this field. The field goes off as far as you can see into the distance and in every direction.

You step out of the forest and then when you turn around again the field is in every direction. The forest is gone. You’re standing in the middle of this green field. And you see off into the distance three lizard people walking slowly. Trudging with large sacks on their backs across a big green field. Walking slowly across the field, you kind of get in behind them, and now you’re walking across this field with three lizard people. You’re walking along, and you don’t know where you’re going.

But, suddenly off in the distance, you see a tiny, tiny speck. You keep walking towards it. As it grows, you see it’s a black something, something black, in the middle of the field, and you’re walking closer and closer. It starts to take shape until you walk up to it, and you see that it’s a huge… black… rhombus. It’s a huge, black rhombus, ladies and gentlemen, floating in the middle of the green field. You get up to it, and you can’t believe how big it was because there is no reference points because the field goes off in every direction and you couldn’t see from a distance.

But, you keep walking, and you keep getting closer and closer until you see that it’s a huge black rhombus floating in the middle of a vast, green field. At which point, you open up the back of your pack next to the Lizard people, and you take out your three pronged climbing utensil and you begin to swing it around. [Band plays “swinging” sounds]. You hook it on top of the rhombus, and then you slowly start to climb until you get up on top of the rhombus. From up on the rhombus, you can see off in miles in every direction. With the three lizard people next to you, you realize that you’re involved in this prayer that’s a yearly ritual. Singing to the night, the gods of the night sky and thanking them for all the forests and the trees. They look up in the sky, and they begin to sing this prayer.

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