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TREY: Ok, now that we’re in this beautiful area in Olympia with all the mountains around -- and there’s a little… [monitors issue] Soon as he gets this -- I’m gonna tell you about this song that I’m singing right here and some of the songs that we already sang before this tonight, so I can clue you guys all in on exactly what’s going on. And I know that some people, some people already know about this but... Kind of like Jim Page [songwriter of Pacific NW] before us, you can think of as troubadours. This is from a different place though. Now that we’re in the beautiful Northwest over here and the beautiful mountains around, it kind of brings us back. This other place is a place called Gamehendge.

Gamehendge, if I take you back to the beginning, is a beautiful, peaceful, land that was inhabited by creatures called the Lizards -- of course, which we do in another song -- and these people lived in peace and harmony with nature in this beautiful land with the mountains in the distance and fields and trees. They were very peaceful people, and their god was a man called Icculus or a guy called Icculus. He lived on top of the mountain, and he had given them, thousands of years earlier, a book called the Helping Friendly Book.

And, the Helping Friendly Book contained all the knowledge inherent in the universe. It helped them govern their way of life in peace and tranquility with the land. Until one day, this guy came, a traveler came to Gamehendge. His name was Wilson, and that’s the second song that we sang, “Wilson, I lay this hate on you.” That song was written by the revolutionaries in Gamehendge who were trying to overthrow Wilson because Wilson had stolen the Helping Friendly Book from these people and hidden it and enslaved them all. Without the book, they couldn’t remember really how to do their thing, and they ended up becoming slaves of this tyrant Wilson who had taken over.

So, at this point in time, what I was just singing about in the last song is this guy called Colonel Forbin who has also come from another land and he is gonna try to help the Lizards get the book back so that they can regain control and hopefully go back to living a life of peace with the land. So the way that he’s… Yhey’ve been trying throughout the story to do this a lot of different ways, and it hasn’t been working. So, what at this point, Colonel Forbin, who’s the hero of this song, has decided that there’s only one last hope, and that is to climb up the mountain and see if he can find the great and knowledgeable Icculus.

No one has ever seen Icculus before. No one really knows if he exists. He may just exist in the imaginations of the people, but he’s gonna find out. So, he climbs up the top of the mountain thatI just sang about, and as he climbs up, the mountain begins to quake and crumble, the boulders falling down all around him. The actual mountain turns into the essence of Icculus. His face comes out of the mountain; he’s one with the mountain. And, Colonel Forbin is looking up at this thing, terrified. Icculus says, “I’m gonna help you because I know your cause is good. I’m gonna call on my friend the Famous Mockingbird. He’s gonna fly down out of the sky and I’m gonna send him to Wilson’s castle and he’s gonna go into the castle, steal the Helping Friendly Book and bring it back to the people of Gamehendge.” So at this point in time, here comes the Famous Mockingbird...

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